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Extract: All Come Together, a tale of paranormal erotica

Posted 30 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

Back in the village… he hadn’t expected this.

The first streets had been quiet, but now… now a woman hung out of an upper-storey window, topless. Naked for all he knew. “Hey, lover boy,” she called to him, words slurring. “Come here, lover boy.”

Up against a wall, lovers tangled. Two women kissing hard, legs tangled, grinding. As he watched, one tore open the other’s top and dropped her head to suck and bite at a dark nipple.

He hurried on, only to find a group of women in the street near to the inn, blocking his way.

They saw him and it was as if a pack of predators had spotted prey.

“Hey, Saul,” said one of them, a woman he half-recognised. “Saul, you going to show us what you got? Where’s a man when you want one? Off fucking the witches of the Hall. Well we can all play at that now, can’t we? Saul? Saul? Come here, Saul.”

Buffeted from woman to woman, he tried at first to treat it as a joke and laugh it off, but they kept blocking his way and so he tried to force his way through.

Just a short distance to go to the inn and refuge, a door he could barricade himself behind until this madness evaporated.

One of the women caught his shirt and pulled, ripping it, and the sight of bare flesh seemed to drive them into a frenzy.

Another grabbed his belt, and then there were hands all over him, scratching and stroking, hands on his chest, on his arse, hands squeezing his cock through his trousers, hands buried in his hair. He would have fallen, but all the clutching hands supported him, and suddenly he was being lifted, carried at waist height in the middle of the throng.

Trousers parted, hands pulled at his hard cock and suddenly he feared they might pull it right off. Hands… hands… he didn’t know how many hands, pulling and squeezing and scratching as they carried him.

A gunshot froze the scene, and Saul was half-dropped, half-released so that he could manage to extricate himself, to stand.

He was wearing only open, torn trousers now, and one boot.

He forced his way through the crowd and there was Rosie, his saviour, standing at the side door of the inn with a shotgun pointed skywards, smirking at his rapidly dwindling erection.

“Get inside, Saul,” she said softly. “You really don’t want to be out on a night like this. Not if you want to stay in one piece. Not with half the village out for a revenge fuck while their men are up at the Hall with the sisters.”


All Come Together is available from:

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Whose story is it anyway? Point of view in erotic fiction

Posted 29 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

Some writers are chameleons, slipping smoothly from one viewpoint to another, finding the voice of diverse characters with the skill of the greatest mimics. Most of us, though, tend to find ways of telling stories that we know work, allowing us to concentrate on other aspects, such as characterisation, setting, atmosphere and the story itself. And, of course, in the case of erotica, allowing us to concentrate on turning you on, seducing you with our words.

When it comes to point of view, a lot of erotica is written first person: I saw this, I did that, I did him… It gets you inside your protagonist’s head, gives you an inside feed on what they experience as the story progresses. Third person viewpoint, on the other hand, gives you a little more distance, even though you can still get inside characters’ heads. It can make the whole thing a little voyeuristic, and it allows you to switch from character to character (although please don’t do this too much: it makes me dizzy!).


I write in lots of fields, under various names, and I love experimenting with ways of telling my stories. Erotica, however, is by its nature very intimate, very personal, and this tends to dictate how I tell my stories.

Until recently, I’ve stuck to the woman’s point of view. It’s what I know, so I can be authentic. It’s what appeals to me. It’s what turns me on. And I think it works for a lot of readers, too: female readers tend to prefer the woman’s perspective, and from what I’ve picked up on discussion boards and talking to male friends, a lot of men don’t want to get too intimate with a male viewpoint – they don’t want another man there, in their heads, when they’re getting horny.

My first erotic book, You, is a set of stories told first-person from the woman’s perspective; taking a rather unconventional twist, the stories are addressed to her male partner: I do this and this is how you respond, and so on. I found that a particularly intense viewpoint, and that book is still one of my most successful.

Subsequent books stuck to a more conventional woman’s tight third-person viewpoint: she did this, she did that – but allowing us still to get inside her head. This is what works best for me, as a writer and as a reader: it allows us to identify closely with the protagonist, without that protagonist being me.

My current paranormal series, The Touch, has drawn me away from this storytelling mode, though. The opening story had to be told from two perspectives, and so it opens with the story told third-person from my male protagonist’s viewpoint, and later switches to my female protagonist. It’s been an interesting challenge telling an erotic story from a man’s point of view, and I can tell you I’ve had to pay particular attention to the research to get it right! An unexpected bonus is the realisation of how erotic it can be to describe a single encounter from both sides: I know what it feels like to be fucked, but what are the physical sensations of the man fucking me? How does he feel when he comes? What works for him?

Having opened the series in the heads of both characers with the first volume, Touched, I’ve stuck with this approach for the second, Touched Again, and the story is told from both perspectives. With two more volumes to go, I’ll stick with it. I like this approach and it certainly suits the story, which is a bit more fully developed than with shorter pieces: while there’s still an awful lot of sex in this series, including two large-scale gang-bang scenes (another first for me), the four stories are driven by the back-story of two lovers and the magic that contains them. To hold serial fiction like this together over several instalments, you need more than just hot sex. No, really you do. Alternating perspectives is one way of both building the story and hotting it up!

After this series, though, who knows? As I say, I’ve found it quite horny getting into both partners’ heads, and experiencing the sex scenes from both sides, so it’s a technique I’m sure I’ll use again. And if it works for me, I hope it works for my readers, too!
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Extract: Touched Again, a tale of paranormal erotica

Posted 28 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

Saul woke late, exhausted. He felt as if he hadn’t slept at all.

He’d dreamed in the night, a broken, disturbed dream that fled from his memory even as he came fully awake.

A dream of sex. But… there had been nobody there. The feel of hands on his dick. Stroking, pulling, rubbing. The feel of a mouth sliding down around his shaft until he hit tight, resistant throat; a slight scrape of teeth along his length. And then, later, a different warmth, a different wetness engulfing him.

In his dream he had woken, although now he understood that he could not have actually woken and it had just been the dream taking a different turn. He had looked down his naked body, then, and seen his cock standing proud, pulsing and jerking to the invisible movements of his phantom lover.

Finally: a hot jet of semen, spitting into the air and landing on his belly and ribs in a long, slick streak.

A dream. A dream of sex. A dream unlike any he had known before. 

Touched Again, second volume in paranormal erotica series The Touch, is available from:
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New cover for Easy as One, Two, Three

Posted 24 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

I like the old cover for this one, but didn’t think it quite fitted with the story, so after discussions with my publishing partner we’ve changed the cover. A young woman in the shower is perfect for the first episode of the story where J is in the shower fantasising about the new gym instructor. What do you think?

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Sample Sunday

Posted 12 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

Sample Sunday: when writers send tweets with links to free samples of their work, and retweet other writers’ Sample Sunday tweets in order to share audiences around. I’m not sure how effective it is: at worst it’s just a handful of indie writers tweeting to each other. But hell, I’m going to give it a go.

Anyhow… What I propose is that I’ll list below the tweets of my own titles I’ve scheduled. I wouldn’t expect anyone to retweet them all, but it’d be great if anyone who reads this would be willing to retweet one or two. And I’ll keep an eye on those who retweet so that I can return the favour. Also, if you’d like to comment here with your Sample Sunday tweets or contact me through other means, I’ll tweet those too.

Note: I’m trying to stick to erotica for now, so won’t retweet anything that doesn’t fall into the erotica/romance categories.

Sample Sunday tweets should include:

  • your tweet name (eg, @PollyJAdams)
  • the #samplesunday tag
  • your genre tag (eg #erotica )
  • a URL to link to your free sample
  • if you have room, a snippet to give a flavour of your work
So here are mine:

“And then you’re going to have to watch me play…” You by @PollyJAdams #samplesunday #erotica #kindle #sex

“What was his cock like? How would it feel in her hand? How would he taste?” Easy by @PollyJAdams #samplesunday #erotica

Letting Go: a ghostly story of love, loss and sexual abandon by @PollyJAdams #samplesunday #erotica #paranormal

“If you win, I’m going to have to undress you and handcuff you to the bed…” You by @PollyJAdams #samplesunday #erotica

“I hate to be rude, but could we just go somewhere and fuck?” #samplesunday #erotica from @PollyJAdams

“The invisible hand still gripped his cock but now… wetness” #paranormal #erotica by @PollyJAdams #samplesunday

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Extract: Touched, a tale of paranormal erotica

Posted 12 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

He woke to hands on his cock, one gripping tight around the base, the palm pressed down on his balls, the other running lightly along his shaft, up and down, a light, delicate touch.
“Hnh?” he grunted, shifting on his small mattress and wondering how she had got in. “Rosie?”
For a moment longer, he kept his eyes shut, savouring the sensation, the hand sliding over the head of his dick, rolling his foreskin back and forth.
He opened his eyes. “Rosie… Oh, Rosie…”
The room was in darkness, the storm still blowing wild outside.
He hauled himself into a half-sitting position, her hands still working his dick.
He found a match, struck it.
No one there.
And still, the hands wanked him, his cock hard, as if carved from stone.
He struck another match, found the oil lamp on the floor, lit it.
As the dim light intensified and his eyes adjusted, he peered into the gloom.
He was alone. He looked down his body to where his erection tented the blanket.
Scared now, he tugged at the cover, pulled it aside.
His cock stood high and proud, pointing at the ceiling, everything about it defying gravity. As he watched, it jerked back and forth, side to side, and he could see the skin along his shaft rippling as the invisible hand pulled, saw the foreskin rolling over his shining wet glans, covering it, and then pulling back, exposing him again.
His heart raced as a surge of panic threatened to swamp him.
For long seconds all he could do was stay there, half lying, half sitting, staring at his dick as it jerked and twitched, as if possessed.
He waved a hand, down, over his crotch, but he encountered nothing, nobody. Yet still: the grip on his dick, the wanking.
He wanted to get up. Run.
But where? If there was still anyone in the bar what kind of reception would he get? Butt-naked, cock hard, gibbering and screaming…
A change, a shift, the invisible hand still gripping the base of his cock but now… wetness, firm pressure on the exposed head of his dick, the firmness sliding down around his shaft, wet warmth engulfing him.
He tipped his head back and groaned.
Touched is available from:

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Extract: The Virgin and the Three Brothers

Posted 11 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

Once upon a time there was a princess who learned that she liked to have sex, and lots of it.

In this contemporary fairy-tale, Jade Redfearn has led a sheltered life, but now must choose one of three brothers as her partner. Will it be athletic tennis coach Joe, shy genius Adam, or ultra-successful Luke? With the help of her wealthy father’s all-knowing PA Gwendolyn, Jade sets out on a quest to find out.

Extract: The Virgin and the Three Brothers

They talked for the entire evening, about their childhoods, their parents, the world, Adam’s brothers, about anything and everything. Jade hadn’t had so much fun in ages, and she couldn’t remember ever being appreciated and enjoyed as much as this.

At the end of the evening they were the last to leave the restaurant and it was an automatic, unthinking thing for Jade to coil her fingers into Adam’s as they emerged onto the city street.

They walked the short distance to the station and Adam took her other hand and kissed her tenderly on the cheek, and that could have been how the night ended. But instead, she turned her head slightly and her lips brushed against his cheek as he pulled away. He paused, turned, and their lips met, pressed, softly at first and then harder, more urgently.

“I… I have a place not far,” he said, when they pulled apart a short time later. “That is…”

They made it to his front door, pushed through, swung it shut behind them and then they were kissing, her hands on his face, his around the narrowing of her waist. She pushed him back against a wall, hooked a hand into the neck of his shirt, and held him tight while she kissed him again.

He pulled away, took her hand, led her through to another room, a bedroom. Light from the street gave the room a half-lit, shadowy appearance. She looked around and then he was holding her, hands running over her, a delicate, teasing touch.

He found the top button of her blouse, freed it, worked down. Pulling it open, his head moved down, lips and teeth working at the skin of her neck, her collarbone, the first swell of her breasts.

Her bra was loose. She hadn’t noticed him free it, had been lost to his touch.

He pushed it aside and his lips found a nipple, sending an almost electric thrill through her body.

He started to flick at it with the tip of his tongue and it was as if she was transported from her body and there was just her nipple and that flicking, lapping sensation.

Lying back on the bed a little later, her breasts exposed, and his mouth on her smooth belly, she felt the heel of his hand pressing against the mound of her pussy. She reached down and freed her skirt, allowing him to pull it free.

Just in her delicate satin knickers now, she wriggled up the bed so that she could rest her feet on it, her knees up, legs parted.

For a moment, he paused over her and then he dipped his head again, gently biting and tonguing her belly, her hip, the outside of one thigh.

The Virgin and the Three Brothers is available from:

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Cover preview: Touched, a tale of paranormal erotica

Posted 9 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

Now this was nice to come home to! The cover of my next tale of paranormal erotica.

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What kind of erotica do I write?

Posted 6 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

Like most good things, erotica comes in many different flavours, and I’ve certainly turned my hand to more than a few of them.

One of the few guiding principles in my life is the belief that we should be open to experience and not judge those who behave likewise. I like to explore; I like to find out what works for me and doesn’t, without prejudging it first. In my erotica, I like to write about that exploration, but it’s also fair to say that I write about the kind of sex I enjoy, or at least have tried. Why would I do otherwise?

Areas like BDSM fascinate me, but aren’t really my thing. I like the occasional spank, and I like to tie and be tied, but the whole sub-dom thing doesn’t really float my boat. So while I have some lovely BDSM friends, I don’t tend to explore it too much in my fiction. Or, at least, I haven’t yet: as I say, I’m open to experience, and who knows where curiosity might lead me one day?

I like couples sex. I like the challenge of writing erotically about people who are in a relationship. I like illicit relationships, danger, people coping with being judged and living their lives accordingly. I like sex with men and women; I like group sex, but I’m not really that interested in boy-boy. As far as group sex goes, while two girls can work wonders on one man (and on each other!), there’s nothing like one girl and two men, as featured in my story Easy as One, Two, Three.

And of course, where I say “I like…” this also means “I like to write about…”

I love to talk with my friends about sexual experiences, too, and where I feel able to I write about these (this mostly comes out in the Girls’ Club series, and in my first collection of adult tales, You). I’m very lucky to have friends that not only like to talk about the things I do, but encourage me to capture some of the anecdotes in stories.

Recently, my work has taken a surprising turn, too. With Letting Go I found myself writing a paranormal story about a woman who can’t let her man go, even after she has died. I had never intended to write that kind of story, but it just came to me and demanded to be written. I’d like to write more of these: intense, steamy stories with a paranormal, gothic vibe.

And now, with The Virgin and the Three Brothers (coming soon), I’ve written a contemporary story based on classic fairytale ingredients: the rich daughter/princess having to choose between three suitors, guided by her father’s PA/good witch. It’s fun, and while lighter than some of my other stories it’s still as explicit as ever.

In fact, explicit sex is one thing that is common to all of my stories. Some are simply stories about sex; others are more fully-developed stories, but still revolving around sex. I make no apologies for that: I write about sex. It’s what I enjoy doing, and it’s what my readers enjoy reading. Maybe that’s one reason why my work seems to appeal to both men and women. I write what turns me on, and I’m a woman, so I assumed that would be my audience, but so far there seems to be a fairly equal split, which pleases me.

Might that change if I start to write stories that are tradionally more the preserve of female readers? All of my stories so far have been about relationships, and in my non-erotic writing I always tend to return to relationships. I can easily seem myself writing stories in the future that balance the two: erotic love stories.

Will these stories continue to work for men as well as women? I hope so. As I say: I’m open to experience. I hope my readers are too.

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Private Party: another preview

Posted 4 November 2011 By Polly J Adams

Here’s another cover preview, for a new Girls’ Club story. This one’s the story of a friend of mine who arranged a private party to make up for her husband’s cancelled stag do.

I appear to be on a little roll at the moment. Having decided not to take part in NaNoWriMo (the national novel-writing month, where authors set out to write at least 50,000 words of a novel during November), I seem to be doing it in short stories instead. It won’t last, though: I have too many other deadlines coming up soon. But it’s been fun!

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