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Three Times a Virgin: extract

Posted 30 January 2012 By Polly J Adams

The room had been carefully chosen. Jess had scoured hotel-booking websites and even visited before making her final selection.

The bed had to be big, of course.
The headboard needed to be solid, and it needed to have somewhere to attach the handcuffs.
She hadn’t been sure about the footboard. Being able to tie the ankles might be an advantage, but it did limit access.
The bed in this room was king-sized at least. The headboard was made of chunky, pale wood, with solid posts and a horizontal bar running across the top of the main wooden panel. No footboard, so easy access. The complimentary robes were a bonus. Handcuffs could get uncomfortable for any extended period. She had decided to tie him with stockings instead, after she had peeled them from her long legs, but she knew from past experience that nylons could easily cut into the wrists when they were tied tight enough, and the knots were impossible to undo again afterwards. The belts from the complimentary robes were the perfect alternative.
The room was just right. Just as she had imagined.
She stood at the foot of the bed, in stilettos, black hold-ups, a tiny thong and a lacy balcony bra.
Before her, Adam lay spreadeagled. His arms were stretched wide above his head, each tied to a bedpost by a length of terry-towelling belt. His legs, although not tied, were spread.
Just then, his body gave a little twist, as if he was testing the restraints.
His body was lean, fit. He had the physique of someone who worked out but didn’t go silly with the weights. His belly was flat, with just a hint of a six-pack ripple. His cock lay flaccid for now, flopped over to one side.
“You okay there, Adam?” she asked. “You sure you want to go ahead with this?”
He tipped his head up as if trying to see, but the black blindfold meant he was in darkness.
“You still haven’t told me what we’re going to do,” he said.
“We’re going to fulfil one of your fantasies, Adam. We’re going to live out one of your dreams. Are you ready?”
Tentatively, he nodded, and so she turned, went to the hotel room door and opened it. A man was waiting there. Rick. An old flame, an occasional hook-up. She nodded and stepped aside to let him in.
“Okay,” she said. “Let’s get started.”

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This story is also available in the bundle of four Girls’ Club stories, Bad Girls 2, available from:

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    Soundbite review: Four Play by Sophia Vale

    Posted 22 January 2012 By Polly J Adams

    Jana wants to give Dane a special birthday gift, something he’s always wanted. When they go away to a cabin in the woods for a weekend with best friends Chloe and Matt she finally plucks up the courage to raise the subject. Who would have realised there are so many ways for four to play when all barriers are dropped? Sizzling, sexy storytelling from one of the best.
    Available from:

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    Soundbite review: Three is not a Crowd by Sophia Vale

    Posted 19 January 2012 By Polly J Adams

    When her mother married Derrick, suddenly Amy found herself with two strapping step-brothers, and before long one thing led to another. And another. Now, grown up, this very modern family get together for the first time in years, and the three have a chance to pick up where they left off and move on to explore things they never tried all that time ago. At times tender and sensitive, at times downright horny, three will never be a crowd in Sophia Vale’s skilful hands.

    Available from:

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    Extract: Sleeping with the Past (an erotic gothic romance)

    Posted 17 January 2012 By Polly J Adams

    “Mr Huxley? Is that you?”

    Estella sat at the end of the four-poster bed, wearing only a pair of knee-length white bloomers and a whalebone corset pulled tight, emphasising her narrow, waspish waist. Her dark hair was bundled up at the back of her head and held in place with a long pin. Her skin was almost as pale as her underwear, so much so that it appeared to glow luminously in the dim light from two candles and a small oil lamp by the bed.

    The door, which had opened a crack and then stopped, now opened fully and a tall man entered the room. He had thick, salt and pepper hair and bushy mutton-chop sideburns, and his eyes burned passionately, like black coals.

    A sheen of sweat on his brow caught the light and she saw that he was breathing heavily. He held a riding crop in one hand, and his cream riding breeches were spattered with mud from his ride.

    “Mr Huxley,” she said again, no longer a question.

    “My dear Estella,” he said in that knee-trembling baritone. “I fear we do not have long.”

    Her father was out, but Estella’s maid Hannah must have seen Mr Huxley’s arrival. Estella would have to have words with Hannah later; she must impress on her again the importance of loyalty.

    “Then be quick, Mr Huxley,” Estella said now, looking back across her bare shoulder at him, knowing the effect that exposed skin would have on a man accustomed to far more restrained behaviour from a lady. Glancing down his body again, she saw the telltale bulge in his breeches and smiled.

    “Come to me,” she said. “Now.”

    She remained sitting, so that when he came to stand before her that bulge was at the level of her head. She reached out, took the crop from his hand and rapped it lightly against his groin, smiling again as the bulge continued to grow.

    “Expose yourself, Mr Huxley. As you rightly say, we do not have long…”

    The riding crop continued to rap gently against Mr Huxley’s steadily growing erection as it strained against his riding breeches.

    Tap, tap, tap.


    Tap. Tap. Tap.

    He had one hand on a bed-post, his grip tight. She could see his fingers flexing and suddenly thought that this might be all he needed, that he would come right now like this if she carried on.

    Tap. Tap. Tap.

    She paused. He looked down, she smiled, and then she hooked her fingers into the waist of his breeches and drew him close.

    Discarding the crop, her hands stole round to his hips, his buttocks, and suddenly her mouth was on him. The fabric of his breeches was coarse, thicker than she had expected, and so she pressed hard, let him take the pressure of her face on his hard cock. When she started to rock her head from side to side the fingers of his free hand buried themselves in her hair, freeing the pin, letting her long locks tumble.

    She found buttons, freed them, peeling his breeches away to reveal his white flannel undergarment. The drawstring at the waist was easily loosened, the buttons a little stiff and hard to release, largely because his swollen manhood was placing them under such strain.

    Buttons finally released, the flap at the front fell open and with an almost animal twitch, his cock was free.


    Sleeping with the Past is available from:

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    Selena does Porn: an extract

    Posted 14 January 2012 By Polly J Adams

    Sitting here in a porn cinema, with men masturbating in the shadows and two girls sucking on a massive cock on the screen. She was the only woman here and… she was wet and hot. She squirmed in her seat, pressing herself against its firm, yielding surface.

    She looked around again and wondered just what the house rules allowed and what they forbade.
    She moved a hand to rest on Antonio’s thigh.
    He had his head back, a smile on his face, his eyes fixed on the screen. Brunette was sucking the guy’s balls now, while the blonde took him throat deep.
    Fingernails, dragging up Antonio’s thigh.
    He shifted, parting his legs. It was hard to see in the murk, but she knew his erection must be straining against his thin linen trousers.
    She moved her hand across to confirm this. So fucking hard!
    He dipped his head to the side, kissed her ear, lips lingering, sending little thrills coursing down through her body.
    He started to caress her shoulder, stroking and kneading.
    She glanced back over his shoulder again, but no one appeared to be paying them any attention.
    She cupped her hand around his shaft and pressed, then worked her hand along to the sensitive head and pressed again.
    Looking up, there was a woman’s arse on screen, a beautiful, flawless shape, and then the blonde woman’s head dropped down into view, her mouth working across one buttock.
    Antonio’s buttons were so hard to release, they were under so much pressure from his erection. He had to hold his cock down to one side so she could undo the buttons and then his trousers were open and she could slide a hand in, under the elastic waist of his shorts. Her fingers found that thin fuzz of hair and then the base of his shaft, and then she was running her hand along his length, teasing it upright, away from the confines of his clothes.
    Flat and hard against his belly, she took his cock in her hand and started to rub the head, lubricated by his pre-come.
    “Suck me, Sel, suck me hard.” His hand on the back of her head reinforced that command, and she lowered her head, his cock still in her hand.
    At first she tried to be discreet. She kept her head still, his cock barely in her mouth, and stroked his shaft. Then she switched to swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, with firm, swift strokes.
    When she sensed him starting to tense, she stopped. She didn’t want him to come so quickly. They could be playing here for some time yet.
    She glanced up, then, and saw that the seat across the aisle from Antonio was now occupied. Had someone new arrived, or had that middle-aged man in jeans and loose shirt with his long, thin cock in his hand just moved there for a better view?
    As she looked up, the man froze. Then, slowly, he drew his hand down the length of his cock. After a brief pause, he slid his hand back up and then he gave up all pretence and started to wank again.
    Selena watched, her tongue starting to flick at the tip of Antonio’s cock again, and then she ducked her head down, took him deep, and drew slowly, tightly back up. Again, she sucked him deep and pulled away, and then she found a steady rhythm of taking him deep and pulling away with tight lips and rolling tongue.
    She knew he wouldn’t be able to take much of that, but she carried on, taking him as close as she dared once again, and then she sat back up in her chair, long fingers wrapped around his shaft, holding him tight.
    She kissed him. She always liked that kiss after sucking cock, sharing the taste. It was one of her little things, a powerful turn-on.
    When she looked around the cinema, it was as if everyone had moved closer to them. Each man still had several seats to himself—wanking together was clearly not on their agendas, but they all wanted to be as close to Selena and Antonio as possible.
    Slowly, she pulled her fist up Antonio’s cock and then back down again.
    She didn’t know how much they could see—probably not much, apart from the man immediately across the aisle from them—but they were all fixed on her every movement. They might not see her hand on Antonio’s cock, but they clearly saw the movement of her shoulders as she slid her hand up his shaft again and then started to rub the head. They could all see Antonio’s head tipped back and knew what must be making him respond in this way.
    She dipped her head again, slid her lips down around Antonio’s cock until he was as deep as she could take, and then she pulled back up again until she was sitting, looking back around the cinema.
    All these men… they’d paid for an afternoon of solitary wanking, paid to watch this film, the two girls now riding one man, one on his cock the other on his face… and not one of them was watching the film.

    Selena does Porn is available from:

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    Cover preview: The Rules of the Game

    Posted 3 January 2012 By Polly J Adams

    Here’s a preview of my new cover.

    The Rules of the Game:

    Jack and Karen live complicated lives and rarely get time alone together. So when Jack is called away on business on their anniversary there is a price to pay. Karen sends him a series of messages on his phone and he has to follow her instructions to the letter if he is to win — he has to play by the rules of the game.

    An explicit adult story of phone sex on a plane from the author of Amazon erotica bestsellers Bad Again, You and Private Journey.

    The Rules of the Game is available from:
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