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The missionary position

Posted 25 February 2012 By Polly J Adams

Erotica has many sub-categories, and I write and read quite a few of them.

Some categories just don’t do it for me and even make me uncomfortable. Pseudo-incest (that is, sex between non-blood related family members – adult step-siblings and so on), bestiality, non-consent, barely legal… I don’t write these, and I don’t read them. As I say, they leave me uncomfortable.

In the last week or two, some booksellers have started to clamp down on these categories of erotica: All Romance eBooks, Bookstrand and others have been affected. Much of this seems to be driven by PayPal telling them they can’t use its services for products it doesn’t like.

That a private company can effectively ban sub-genres of literature worldwide, regardless of the fact that they are legal, makes me far more uncomfortable.

We can argue the fine points. On bestiality, for instance, it appears that erotic stories featuring werewolves are banned if sex occurs while the protagonist is a beastie, but not when it’s in human guise. The fact that it’s still a werewolf regardless of how it looks doesn’t seem to matter. Vampires and aliens appear to be safe, for now, too. Maybe it’s the fur that offends the moral police?

This may seem a trivial example to highlight, but I did so to illustrate how arbitrary the dividing line can be. And none of us have any say in the matter: the suits behind a payment company are drawing those lines on our behalf, deciding which of our perfectly legal kinks are acceptable and which are not.

So far, my work hasn’t been affected, but I’m waiting.

I don’t write much BDSM, for instance, but what will happen when the rules are rewritten to deal with that rather large set of sub-genres?

And what if our moral superiors decide that gay sex, or group sex are similarly beyond the bound? That really will screw with some of my subject matter!

It scares me.

This really isn’t the kind position I like men in suits – or anyone else – to be taking about my work and life.

There really are alternatives to the missionary position, you know. Perhaps if they read some of our books it would open their minds?

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Special offer at All Romance eBooks

Posted 24 February 2012 By Polly J Adams

24th February 2012: There’s currently a special promotion on for three of my books at All Romance eBooks:

Stacey’s Sleepover $2.99 > $2.00
When Stacey checked on her house-guest she didn’t expect to find him lying there with the covers pushed aside, stark naked and clearly very aroused. She didn’t expect to suddenly want him so much. The question is, what should she do about it? An explicit contemporary adult story featuring a variety of sexual acts, including a threesome with one woman and two men.

Raising the Dead $4.99 > $3.34
A collection of three explicit stories that tread the fine line between paranormal erotic romance and explicit erotica. Each story is a ghostly, gothic tale about connections with the past; each centres around a strong romantic story; and each story is crammed full of explicit, horny sex.

The Touch $5.99 > $4.01
A novella made up of four previously-published stories, exploring the relationship between Saul and Ruth, and the dark, paranormal currents that control the people of Ruth’s home village. A story of sexual magic and exploration, a tale to grip you and turn you on with explicit scenes of couples, group sex and more.

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New: Raising the Dead – a collection of paranormal erotica

Posted 23 February 2012 By Polly J Adams

A collection of three explicit stories of paranormal erotic romance from the bestselling author of Bad Girls, Letting Go and The Touch:

‘The Lady in White’
When Lily and Denny decided to spend their wedding night at Clovely Hall they didn’t bargain on an encounter with the ghost of a murdered Victorian bride. A passionate gothic tale of love and sex, and putting old tragedies to rest.

Read an extract.

‘Letting Go’
She almost turned and left, but she couldn’t.
She was drawn to him.
She had to be here.
She had to join him.
She couldn’t let him go.

Intensely passionate and erotic… a story of love, loss and sexual abandon.

Read an extract.

‘Sleeping with the Past’
Estella Haynes is an architect specialising in the restoration of historical buildings, and she uses her work to help escape from her stifling, dull marriage. But when an overnight stay in Copford Hall leads to a steamy erotic dream encounter with the dashing Mr Huxley her life and lusts are reawakened. Can passion resonate from one century to another? And can her intense sexual adventures with Huxley set her on the course to fulfilment?

Read an extract.

Raising the Dead is available from:

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Soundbite review: Locker Room Gangbang by Alexx Andria

Posted 19 February 2012 By Polly J Adams

There’s just something about football players that really turns my clock, you know? I mean, they work out religiously, they understand discipline, and, if they’re any good, they work well as a team.

The footballers in Alexx Andria’s Locker Room Gangbang certainly work well as a team. Cheerleader Lindsey has already worked her way through most of the jocks at high school, but now she’s at college she realises that she wants more than that. She wants them all, one after another. She wants an “epically dirty gangbang”…

How to make this happen? Well, the one place the footballers will all be together, and in various states of undress, is the locker room, so one day after training Lindsey sneaks in there, strips and… well that’s what this sizzling ebook is all about. Needless to say, she gets far more cock in one go than she’s ever had before, and she loves it. And so too, I reckon, will you.

Available from:

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Extract: Stacey’s Sleepover

Posted 15 February 2012 By Polly J Adams

At the foot of the stairs she paused.

The living room door was half-open. She leaned around the door and peered inside.

Saleem was lying there on the sofa-bed, flat on his back. The duvet was in a tangled heap, only partly covering his lower legs.

His eyes were closed, thank god. He was still asleep.

He would never need to know that she had just looked in and seen him lying there naked, his long cock lying flat against his belly with a very impressive morning erection.

She checked again. Eyes still closed, face slack with sleep.

That cock was a beautiful one. Not the longest she had ever seen, but still a good size, and broad. She could imagine what it must feel to be filled with that. It lay against his belly, its base in a knot of dense black hair, his balls big, nestling between parted thighs.

Saleem was a footballer, and it showed in his physique. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. His belly was flat, with the slight ripple of a six-pack even when he was relaxed, asleep. His legs were lean and well-muscled. An athlete’s legs.

Other than that dark tangle of hair at his crotch, and more under his arms, his body was virtually hairless, with only a few sparse hairs even on his legs. She wondered if he waxed or if this was a natural thing. She didn’t really care, just admired the way it emphasised the definition of his muscles.

Her eyes were drawn back to that hard cock and she realised she was getting wet.

She shouldn’t be studying him like this. She shouldn’t be imagining what it would be like to straddle him and guide that meaty cock inside her. She shouldn’t be standing here so wet and so horny that she could almost feel her clit throbbing with desire!

She backed away, unsteady.

In the shower, she leaned against the cold wall. Her headache had gone. Everything had gone in the presence of that sudden need to fuck her boyfriend’s best friend.

She tried to put it out of her mind.

She tried to think of bland things, everyday things, and when that failed she thought of Mark, of how she was going to go back up to their room and suck that gorgeous cock of his until he was about to explode, and then stop him, lean up against the full-length mirror and have him take her from behind while she watched. That way, there would be no bed creaking to disturb Saleem.



Available from:

This story is also available in the bundle of four Girls’ Club stories, Bad Girls 2, available from:

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    Private Party: free at

    Posted 14 February 2012 By Polly J Adams

    Great news: my Girls’ Club story, Private Party, has just gone free at!

    When Jack’s stag party is cancelled, his new bride Mel is determined to make it up for him. So she arranges a private party: a quiet night in, some drinks, and a stripper for just the two of them.

    A Girls’ Club story from the author of Easy as One, Two, Three and Letting Go.

    Note: this story contains explicit adult content. Lots of it.

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    New mailing list

    Posted 4 February 2012 By Polly J Adams

    I’ve just started a new Polly J Adams mailing list to keep readers up to date with my writing.

    I won’t be flooding people’s in-boxes; it’ll just be occasional emails with news about my books as they come out, previews and extracts, special offers and occasional freebies.

    Explicit smut in your in-box, but always with a discreet subject line. What more could you want?

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    Extract: The Lady in White – a tale of gothic erotica

    Posted 4 February 2012 By Polly J Adams

    That first night with Denny Slater. She had him. Hard and fast, just as she had imagined.

    She’d told her friends she felt unwell. Denny had crashed their group by then, joking and laughing along with them, cashing in on the fact that although this group of girls out on the piss might not want a man butting in he was a Slater, so none of them would dare say so.
    He’d said he would walk her to a cab, and he stood aside like a gentleman to let her through, then followed her to the door.
    Outside, he took her hand, turned her, put his free hand to her face and kissed her. She didn’t know if he hadn’t believed that she was unwell or just didn’t care. The kiss was long, probing, exploring and left her barely able to stand.
    She pulled away, took his hand, and led him around to the alley that ran to the side of the pub. As soon as she paused he was on her again, hands on her breasts, his whole body grinding against her.
    She shifted, parting her legs so that his thigh was pressed hard against her pussy. She started to roll her hips, working her clit against his leg, then somehow he had turned her and was pulling her leggings down to her knees.
    A hand found her bare arse, gripping so hard she was sure she would bruise. Then there was the rattle of a belt buckle and the rustle of clothes before he was pressing against her again, his hard cock sliding between her buttocks.
    She pulled her thong down and he eased himself lower and then the head of his cock was sliding between her pussy lips, pushing at the opening, entering her.
    With her leggings still around her knees, her legs were forced together, so that she squeezed his cock as it drove into her tight opening.
    One hand on her hips, his other moved up to the back of her head and seized a fistful of hair, pulling her head back so that her spine arched. Twisting her head round, he kissed her hard, while his cock thrust deep and fast inside her.
    His other hand left her hip and then came down with a sharp, stinging slap on her arse. Her first reaction was surprise, her second anger, her third a slowly building heat in the depth of her belly.
    He smacked her again and the only things she could feel were his tight grip in her hair, the sting of the slap and his cock driving deep in her pussy, hitting her G spot again and again.
    She realised she was groaning and tried to stop, but everything was too intense. The pounding of his cock, the pulling at her hair, the other hand now inside her top, inside her bra, a finger flicking at the nipple.
    Her pussy tightened as the first wave of climax took her, and then her cunt was pulsing over and over as she came.
    In response to her orgasm, he started to fuck her even harder, even faster, and then, as her climax finally started to subside he spat his seed deep in her cunt and the grip in her hair eased and then released, and he slumped against her so that her legs could barely take the weight.

    The Lady in White is available from:

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    Two cover previews

    Posted 3 February 2012 By Polly J Adams
    This will be the cover of a collection of three tales of paranormal erotica, due soon from James Grieve Press: Raising the Dead.

    And here’s my next cover: The Lady in White, a gothic tale of newlyweds and the ghost of a murdered bride. And some sex.
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