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Why erotica?

On a whim, I decided to write a smutty story to see if it would sell. I had already published a vampire romance and a romantic thriller, which sold modestly. When Seducing Jennifer (now known as Jennifer’s Anal Seduction) hit the erotica top 100 several weeks later, I knew I was onto something.

What kinds of erotica do you write?

I adore erotic romance and fantastic erotica, where the heroine is thrown into extraordinary circumstances or kidnapped by giant walking carpets with twelve-inch cocks. The crazier the idea and the wilder the characters, the better.

Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?

I believe that when we are on the right path and following our bliss, the challenges are minimal. The first hurdle was letting go of my fear and publishing. The rest has fallen into place almost effortlessly. I write consistently, I publish frequently, and I love the process. My biggest success is that people seem to enjoy reading my stories. If I’ve entertained someone for a few hours, then I’ve done my job.

Do you write in other genres, too?

I read romance novels voraciously when I was younger. I would skip through the “filler” to get to the hot sex parts. I tried my hand at several historical romances, but they never saw the light of day. Three years ago, I wrote a vampire romance, which I self-published. This was followed by other non-erotic books, which sell anemically.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?

I come from a creative family. My mother is a painter, and my father teaches English. They know all about my sordid career, and not only do they support me fully, but my dad proofreads all my smut. Oh, dear.

Tell us about your most recent titles.

I’m working on Cum For Bigfoot 7 now, which continues the lusty Sasquatch saga, and I have just published Billionaire Kink. The latter is a tale about a woman who agrees to an unethical business arrangement with a charming, yet enigmatic, man, who enjoys watching her having sex with other people. She develops an infatuation with him and fatefully decides to take matters into her own hands, with erotic consequences.

Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?

I will always have a soft spot for Jane’s Playmates. It’s a throwback to my romance novel days, with larger than life characters, an innocent, yet horny heroine, wild adventure, and the steamiest jungle sex ever.

How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved…?

I write whatever I fantasize about or from personal experience. The rest is purely imagination. I research places, clothing, food, BDSM equipment etc., and the correct meanings and spellings of things, because I am the worst speller ever. I also habitually abuse commas, as my proofreader can attest to.

Do you have any favourite erotica authors?

I don’t discriminate in my reading. I’ve indulged in the cheesiest of romance novels to classics by E. M. Forster and Edith Wharton. In the erotica spectrum, I enjoy Selena Kitt and Nancy Madore among many others. I should also mention that I’m a huge Jackie Collins fan. I read Chances and Lucky on family vacations, and the sexy, raw qualities of her characters still influence me to this day.

And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?

Continuing the Bigfoot saga is on the agenda. Porsche and Leonard will have some unforeseen challenges thrown at them. Cum For The Viking is in the pipeline, with brilliant cover art by Adelaide Cooper already in place. As for the future, I have notebooks filled with ideas. I want to continue the Jane character from Jane’s Playmates, with her arriving in America and encountering the Indians. I also have a western erotica I would like to write, and then I want to take a trip to another planet. It might be time for some out of this world sex.

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Girl Talk: Sex by the Pool – an extract

Posted 25 May 2012 By Polly J Adams
She shifted weight again, pressing against those hands, turning that light touch into something more positive. One hand moved down her thigh, caressing the smooth skin.
“Oh, Stacey… You don’t know how many times I’ve thought about this.”
“Oh yes.”
She pressed back and her arse met hardness, his erection stretching his swimmers tight.
“Oh god, Stacey…”
“Tell me,” she said, sliding her arse from side to side against him. “Tell me what you do when you have these thoughts.”
“Do you masturbate? Have you wanked off over me?” She was still in a state of shocked surprise at all this. Robbie. His hard cock against her, his hands now holding her tight so he could control their grinding. The thought that he’d fantasised about this. For how many years? That he’d wanked himself to climax thinking about her.
“Do you think about me when you fuck Susannah?”
His silence spoke more than words.
She reached down and undid the tie at the side of her bikini bottoms.


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Why erotica? I think the reason that we read is to tap into feelings and experience something emotionally. There are few stronger feelings than the delight of sex and so both reading and writing in ways that tap into our sexual side feels great!


What kinds of erotica do you write?
I write a few different things, but mainly I do cast bondage stories. What that means is they are stories where the titillation is less from the sex and more from one of the characters being heavily bandaged with broken bones and unable to move. It’s pure fantasy, no real life in it!


Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?
The challenge for me has been the introspection. I write these stories because they turn me on, so I had to look closely at what it is that turns me on and I was surprised by what I discovered! The biggest sense of success is knowing that other people out there are turned on by the same things and that I’m giving something to them.


Do you write in other genres, too?
I do. Under another name I write romances. I’m all about the love stories.


Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
Most of my friends and family know what I write. One morning my boyfriend said, “I’m donating my body to literature.” I thought that was hilarious.


Tell us about your most recent titles.
I’ve been stretching myself and expanding my boundaries. I love to challenge myself. I’ve always been turned on by men in plaster casts, but I realized that a lot of the material on the Internet has women in the casts, so I gave that a try and found that it turned me on just as much! So I’ve done one story with a casted female (Home Alone) and I’m working on a couple more.


Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?
I’m very partial to Bound. It was my first in the cast bondage theme and the amount that it turned me on while I was writing it really blew me away.


How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved…?
Definitely research. That’s the best part! What I usually do is work myself to orgasm and then go back and start writing out what fantasies and images were in my mind. Those get developed into a short story.


Do you have any favourite erotica authors?
I was quite prudish when I was young and erotica really changed me. The first thing I read was Selena Kitt and it was great. I also love the description and balance of sex and story in Terry Towers’s work.


And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?
Creating these stories is such a rush, there will be many more to come. I want to write in a number of different themes and I’m looking at expanding into images and text together. I plan to develop an erotic manga-style story soon and I’m very excited about that.


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Massage Party: an extract

Posted 22 May 2012 By Polly J Adams
I turned over, clutching the towel to my breasts. For some reason I hadn’t expected one of the masseurs to be male and I was suddenly self-conscious.
Callum had no such issues. He casually rolled over, his body dragging the towel with him, exposing his neat little arse to the world.
Lenny didn’t seem to mind at all. He just whipped the towel away altogether, so that my husband lay there naked while the masseur rubbed oil into his hands in preparation.
I lay more demurely on my front, with the towel covering me from the waist down. With my head to one side, I watched as Lenny started to work Callum’s back and shoulders. The masseur was good to watch, I had to admit. His short-sleeved white top did little to conceal the rippling of his muscles, and those black trousers hugged him tight in all the right places.
Abbi’s touch was light at first. Too gentle. But then she became a bit more positive in her movements and her fingers started to plough through my muscle tissue, so firmly it almost hurt.
Standing at the head of the bed, she worked at my shoulders and then pushed down towards my waist, her hands pushing beneath the towel and reaching the top of my arse. Starting at the top again, she pushed down, and this time a finger traced the crack between my buttocks before pulling away.
It was so relaxing… I could have fallen asleep, but every so often something pulled me back again: a hand sliding over the swell of a breast, a finger teasing my arse crack again and then withdrawing, the brush of a breast against my head as she leaned over me.
I was reading far too much into it. I knew I was, and I was enjoying it, imagining that every stray touch was deliberate and would lead to more. Abbi was cute, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to kiss her, to feel her mouth on me as well as her hands.
No harm in a little idle fantasy when a beautiful young woman is rubbing your body with luxurious scented oils.
Over on the other bed, Lenny had moved to Callum’s legs, and was working up them with powerful surges, his hands wrapped around first one leg and then the other.
Just then, Callum shifted position, parting his legs a little, and the next surging movement from Lenny took him up to the top of my husband’s thigh to his backside, kneading the tight muscles there.
The visual was really working for me, combined with Abbi’s intimate touch…
She’d moved while I watched the men, and was gently pulling at my toes and massaging the balls of my feet. Suddenly it was as if every sensation in my body was focused there.
One hand on my left calf, sliding up, teasing every trace of tension out of the muscles. Then the other joined it and they slid up the back of my thigh.
I realised then that Abbi had pulled the towel away altogether and I hadn’t even noticed.
Lenny was watching, grinning, as was Callum.
Soft hands, sliding up the back of my thigh, reaching buttock, sliding over me. She must have used so much oil!
And again, this time with one hand on the inside of my thigh.


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Extract: Cocktails

Posted 17 May 2012 By Polly J Adams

“We came here for drinks, then went on to Steve’s place. It was my first time with two guys. I made them strip for me, then I went down on my knees, sucked one and then the other. Am I telling you too much? Are you wishing you didn’t have that visual? Me sucking one guy deep while my hand’s wrapped around another guy’s cock, pulling and twisting, my thumb working round and round its head. Is that the visual you have? Should I stop…?”

Shane shook his head. “As long as you don’t mind me standing here with one hell of an erection, carry on,” he said. “What happened? Was it as good as the fantasy?”
“It was so much better. Every cock’s different: the way it feels, the way it responds, how it changes as it fills out and gets hard.”
She couldn’t believe she was doing this, telling him so much, in such detail! But she’d started now.
“Having two men at once,” she continued, “well, it satisfied me in ways I’d never been satisfied before. They took it in turns to fuck me. We did it every way you can imagine. I called in sick at work the next day and so did they.”
His face was so close to hers now.
“You still hard?”
He nodded.
“Show me.”
“You mean…?”
She nodded. “Show me your cock, Shane. Show me what you’re made of.”
They both peered around the bar. There was just the couple by the window now. Shane reached down, unzipped himself, and pulled his cock out.
“Oh my,” said Jackie. “Don’t you just wish I was sucking on that right now?”
His cock was broad and long, the foreskin rolled back from its shiny purple head.
After a few seconds, he tucked himself away again. “There was a woman once,” he said. “Here.”
“At the bar?”
On the bar…”
She looked down. “Right here?”
He nodded. “I sat her on the bar, went down on her till she came. Then she sat on a stool – maybe even the one you’re sitting on right now – and I fucked her hard up against the bar until she came again.”
“Sounds like fun.”
“It was. You see there’s this thing I like to do. It really cranks everything up. You know?”
As Jackie reached this point in her story she paused to take a long drink, sucking one of the ice cubes into her mouth and swirling it around.
“What is it?” asked Mel. “What’s his thing? You have to tell us!”
“His thing?” said Jackie. “He’s the cocktail man. There’s an ingredient he always has close to hand…”


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A collection of eight explicit stories of sexual exploration from the Amazon bestselling author of Bad Again, Private Party and the Knee-tremblers series.

The Girls’ Club: a group of friends who meet to share stories. Intimate stories. The kind you only share with close friends. But aren’t those exactly the kind of stories you get a kick from sharing with others? Particularly sharing them with strangers.

Polly J Adams: an author who also happens to be a member of the Girls’ Club. The woman who has been given permission to write these stories down, as long as she changes enough facts so that her friends can’t be identified.

The Girls’ Club: sizzling and very explicit stories of sexual exploration and adventure. Some of the facts have been changed. But most of them haven’t.


Selena does Porn

Always the quiet one, always the voyeur, when Selena starts to explore her sexuality in a porn cinema in Soho she discovers the thrills of turning the tables – not watching, but being watched. When all the men in the cinema ignore the screen and watch Selena instead, she realises she has found the biggest turn-on ever.

Easy as One, Two, Three

J fantasises a lot. About the hot new instructor at the gym. About a female friend. About having sex with more than one man at a time. And sometimes she just can’t help getting carried away.

Private Party

When Jack’s stag party is cancelled, his new bride Mel is determined to make it up for him. So she arranges a private party: a quiet night in, some drinks, and a stripper for just the two of them.

Bad Again

Away from her husband on a business trip, Jess bumps into an old flame. When he promises to make up for his previous bad behaviour, Jess is skeptical. But when the offer involves not just the old flame but one of his colleagues too it seems rude to refuse… Having sex with two men at once is a fantasy for lots of women, but for Jess it is about to become a reality.

The Rules of the Game

Jack and Karen live complicated lives and rarely get time alone together. So when Jack is called away on business on their anniversary there is a price to pay. Karen sends him a series of messages on his phone and he has to follow her instructions to the letter if he is to win – he has to play by the rules of the game.

Three Times a Virgin

Jess likes to explore her sexuality; she likes to play and she’s a girl who finds it very hard to say “no”. Her husband Adam is less adventurous. He likes to fantasise. He encourages Jess in her sexual adventures and loves to hear about them afterwards. Then, chatting one night in bed, Jess realises that Adam might be open to a little more than just planning and hearing about her exploits. Maybe it’s time for Adam to get a little bit more involved.

Stacey’s Sleepover

When Stacey checked on her house-guest she didn’t expect to find him lying there with the covers pushed aside, stark naked and clearly very aroused. She didn’t expect to suddenly want him so much. The question is, what should she do about it?

Jenny Goes Dogging

Jenny’s marriage has gone flat – her life has gone flat – and she’s determined to do something about it. When she stumbles across a group of people having sex in a local car park one evening she realises there might just be a way to bring some fun back into her life. At first she watches them from a distance, but when she realises she’s hooked there’s only one thing for her to do…
The stories in this collection were previously published as standalone ebooks, and in two shorter collections, Bad Girls and Bad Girls 2. And they contain scenes of explicit sex. Lots of them.

Bad Girls … All Together: a mega-bundle of stories from the Girls’ Club

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Group sex: you know you want to…

Posted 11 May 2012 By Polly J Adams

Gangbangs, threesomes, orgies… The various forms of group sex are among the more popular sub-genres of erotica. So what’s the appeal?

It’s a question I’ve been thinking about recently, triggered by working with two other fantastic authors on the Clusterfucks anthologies and then when a new story shifted while I was writing it from an innocent tale of fucking your daughter’s teacher on stage at school to a threesome. It’s a subject I come back to again and again.

One thing many successful erotica stories have in common is the sense of breaking rules, transgression. We grow up in a world where we’re expected to find our one true love (heterosexual, of course) and settle down for life with the same person in the same bed every night. Any man who breaks these rules is a bit of a lad; any woman who does so is a slut.

But breaking those rules is a big turn-on. An awful lot of the women who read erotica want to be that slut, at least in their heads. And an awful lot of the men who read erotica would really quite like to meet them!

To Sir, with Lust

Many are happy to keep the idea of group sex as a fantasy, just to think about, read about, maybe talk about. That’s great. Fantasy is healthy. My professional life revolves around spinning those fantasies for my readers.

Some take it further: in real life they’ll break those silly rules we grew up with. But in truth, even for those of use who have indulged with multiple partners, the opportunities can be few and far between. Reading and thinking about it fills the gaps.

Bad Again

But what’s the appeal, apart from merely breaking a few rules?

For me, one big attraction is the sheer physicality of it. Two cocks at once, double penetration, so many cocks you can’t handle them all… two mouths… many hands. There are things you can do with multiple partners that you just can’t physically do when there’s only two of you. Even better: being blindfolded so you can’t see who is doing what and everything is suddenly intensely, deliciously focused on the physical sensations of multiple touches.

Another attraction is the ego-trip, the vanity angle. I’m insecure. I love it when a man tells me how attractive he finds me. I love it when I can see just how attractive he finds me – there’s no better compliment than a solid hard-on!

Lots of hard-ons, a woman wet for me while someone else works at my pussy with tongue or fingers… Being wanted by many: it’s an ego-trip, one of the biggest ego-trips you can have, but boy does it work for me!

Knee-tremblers and Indulgence

There’s the visual, too: I like to see people having sex; I’m turned on by people watching me. Group sex is the logical conclusion of that desire.

More than anything, though, the biggest attraction for me is that sense of total abandon. Shucking off the restrictions of conventional life and simply indulging. Enjoying my body without caring about anything else; enjoying other people; enjoying their responses.

When I said before that there’s no better compliment than a solid hard-on I was wrong. What beats it is lots of hard-ons, lots of orgasms, the looks on people’s faces when they suddenly notice you and want you, the looks on their faces when they come: that kaleidoscope of sexual activity that you only get when a party takes a turn for the interesting.

That’s what works for me. And that’s what I try to capture when I write about it.

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Extract: Danger Fucks: To Sir, With Lust

Posted 11 May 2012 By Polly J Adams

They were on stage in the school auditorium. Karen stood at the piano, bent at the waist, her face pressed up hard against the polished wood and her black lace knickers discarded nearby. And… her daughter’s teacher… he was on his knees behind her, his face pressed against her, his tongue making long sweeping movements starting at her clit and working up over the folds of her labia to her arse.

She stifled a groan as his tongue slid across one buttock and then moved down to drive deep into her pussy. They had to stay quiet. They had to hope that no-one wandered in to see why there were people still here.
Each time he drove his tongue deep he sucked on her pussy lips and a surge of intense pleasure flowed through her and it was all she could do not to cry out.
They shouldn’t be doing this. They shouldn’t be doing this here.
She should stop him, stop him now.
She knew she should.

Danger Fucks: To Sir, with Lust is available from:

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Why erotica?
It’s fun, naughty and it helps release endorphins. 😉

What kinds of erotica do you write?
Well my buddy and fellow author Brenda Cothern says it’s “emotional, hot, steamy, kinky sex” erotica. I’d agree with that.


Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?
I’ve written gay erotica since Dec 13, 2011 and it’s been an interesting roller coaster ride. As for success I’ve had several books break the top 100 and my blog is seeing an increase in web traffic since December. The biggest challenge is having a 100% complete to-do list by the time my head hits my pillow.


Do you write in other genres, too?
Right now I’m focusing on Erotica, but I am working on YA gay paranormal romance. I’m about 18k in to the story.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
I’ve told a few close friends but I haven’t provided them with my pen name. They’re very opened minded and are happy that I’m enjoying what I do.


Tell us about your most recent titles.
My most recent titles are:

Fucking Uncle Jed. It takes place in the country during a family reunion. Josh and his recently divorced uncle have found themselves bored with the scenery and decide to go have some fun.

The ‘L’. It takes place in Chicago. Zeddie has lusted over this guy who’s been riding the train to downtown Chicago. But’s he’s too scared to make his move for fear of rejection. An incident happens and Zeddie’s dream of hooking up with the hottie maybe become a reality.

Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?
Hmm. Roadside ASSistance and my Sin City Gay Erotic series.

How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved…?
Hmm, tons of research. I can’t do too much research for fear of sleeping too much. But I try to space my research breaks out throughout the day. I scour the internet looking at hot guys for inspiration or heading over to my favorite video site to see what the kids are doing these days in the bedroom or barn. As for the process, I tend to make my cover first and drop my earphones on, put on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. For the sex scenes Rihanna takes the lead followed by a playlist I created that includes a mix of Seether, Staind, Kings of Leon, and Janet Jackson.

Do you have any favourite erotica authors?
I don’t really read much erotica or erotic romance. It’s a time thing. My Goodreads to-read list is in the 60s I believe. I have a lot to catch up on.

And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?
I’m working on my gay paranormal series called Hot Head and more Stepcest titles of course.

More about Evan J Xavier:
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Time for an adult content filter?

Posted 4 May 2012 By Polly J Adams

Is it odd for an erotica author to be arguing for an adult content filter at all outlets?

Filtered by Amazon: is the cover too explicit?

It’d be nice to think we could just leave people to find what they want and avoid stuff that might offend them, but it doesn’t always work like that.

Our children search Amazon, for example. And they might find an apparently innocent title like Easy as One, Two, Three and click the link, unaware that the resulting page will the a description of a title full of masturbation, girl-on-girl sex in the gym shower and ending in a threesome between the protagonist and two men she met at the aforementioned gym.

So yes, I’d like to think that there are ways of preventing this from happening.

This year we’ve seen exactly that starting to emerge, but it’s been done in such a clumsy, reactionary manner that no-one benefits.

First we had PayPal. Their terms and conditions state that no-one should use their services to receive payment for pretty much anything they don’t approve of. So sites that sell adult material couldn’t use PayPal. Fair enough. But then they decided that this extended to sites like Smashwords for payments to authors – they might not be publicly taking payment for erotica via PayPal, but if they paid authors who included erotica in their output then PayPal no longer approved. This was a marked shift in the landscape and both a serious problem for companies like Smashwords, and for the authors and publishers they worked with – Smashwords is the main route into distribution through Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony and others for many of us.

While Smashwords fought this shift, and eventually won, others used it as an excuse to ‘clean up’ their act, either removing erotica altogether or sidelining it so that it was, effectively, hidden away from their customers.

Currently, we’re seeing a slew of emails from Apple informing publishers that titles have been removed from the iTunes bookstore on the grounds of ‘objectionable content’. Meanwhile, over at Amazon, an ‘adult’ filter has been applied by stealth. Suddenly titles are being marked as ‘adult’; this isn’t visible on Amazon’s pages, unless you look at the source-code, but it means that books marked up in this way will be hidden from some searches. Bizarrely, many clearly adult books, get marked as ‘not adult’ – there’s clearly a distinction being made between smutty and, you know, really smutty.

So what kind of things are the distributors objecting to?

As far as content goes, they seem to be targetting barely legal and what’s become known as pseudo-incest. Under the distributors’ terms and conditions, erotica about under-age sex or incest is clearly prohibited. To cater for audiences who are attracted to the borderlines of the taboo, the genres of barely legal (not underage, but pushing the limit – often babysitter stories and similar), and pseudo-incest (Daddy stories where the daddy in question is a step-father and the kids grown-up, and similar) have emerged, to huge commercial success.

It’s risky stuff, and we could argue about the rights and wrongs of this kind of material, but that’s another blog post entirely. The underlying point is clear though: these stories are neither illegal (or about illegal activities) nor breaking most distributors’ terms and conditions.

Filtered by Amazon: is the cover too explicit?

And to me, if such stories are are not illegal, or breaking commercial agreements, then any behind-the-scenes attempts to make it difficult to find them are, to say the least, scary. One day, someone at one company decides barely legal and PI should be obstructed or removed altogether; the next, someone at another distributor doesn’t want gay erotica, or BDSM, or adultery, or any number of categories on a long, long list.

It’s a slippery slope, and one that exposes all kinds of topics to censorship by a powerful, unelected few.

Another thing they’re objecting to is some covers. I’ve had at least two books filtered by Amazon. There’s no PI or barely legal there – the books are explicit, but no more so than most erotica at Amazon. The filter, in these cases, is down to the covers: a bit too much flesh in one case, two many hands on the body in the other (is that a sexual act, or merely four hands covering the rude bits?).

These two books have suffered as a result. They’re harder to find and their sales have fallen.

So why am I arguing for a filter?

I don’t have a problem with filters in principle. In fact I’m all for it. I want my books to be found by adult smut readers, not kids – whether they’re searching for rude stuff deliberately or finding it through some more innocent search.

But applying filters on the quiet, in an arbitrary way that seems to depend on which poorly-paid bottom of the food-chain worker happens to be looking and applying their own interpretation of Head Office guidelines… that sucks big time.

It doesn’t work for anyone when filters are applied in this way. It makes publishing and writing in this field a lottery. On the forums we’re all trying to second-guess what it is, exactly, that gets a book filtered and what doesn’t. We know from experience that explicit covers sell books, and that pushing at taboos finds audiences, but now it’s a constant dance of trying to guess where those limits currently fall and trying to get as close to them as possible. Titles published a month ago without problem, may fall foul of changed guidelines if we so much as change a comma in the book’s description today, because that might trigger a check under the new regime.

Whatever the hell that may currently be.

So if the filters don’t work for us on the publishing side, do they actually work for anyone?

No, they don’t.

They don’t work for the distributors, for a start, which should worry them. Authors who have been earning significant money are suddenly finding their income bottlenecked by the filtering and blocks. If big-earning writers are losing out in this way, the distributors are doing so too.

And what about the poor readers?

Sex sells. People want to read about it. They like dirty stories. E-publishing has – and should still – make it easy for people to get their hots from a good story.

But these filters are invisible to most readers. As writers and publishers we spot what’s going on, but most readers aren’t even aware that it’s happening. They’re used to going to Amazon or iTunes, searching for ‘blowjobs’, ‘gangbangs’ or whatever, and finding a slew of books that will get them off. How many readers understand that searching for smut from Amazon’s home page now returns different results to when you do so within the Kindle store? (And why would Amazon think that applying a filter for general searches but not within the Kindle store would actually be effective in any way? But that’s one of the ways their new adult filter works.)

Filtering is good. Or it should be. A standard, sensible mechanism that is applied consistently, so that it effectively filters those who shouldn’t be looking (or, at least, finding!) but allows everyone else to find what they want… Wouldn’t that be good? Of course it wouldn’t be perfect (kids are great at finding ways around adult controls), but it has to be better than the ever-shifting lottery we have now (where kids don’t have to even bother getting round the controls, they just get the same fucked-up results as the rest of us).

I want my readers and potential readers to find my books as easily as possible; I don’t want kids (or, for that matter, reactionary prudes) to stumble across my work. I don’t want arbitrary, unclear policies to be applied behind the scenes, following rules we don’t understand, and applied inconsistently by people who really don’t have a fucking clue.

Is that too much to ask?

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