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Why erotica?
I guess there’s really two ways you could take that question. I’ll take a bye on the obvious one (there’s a lot of money in it for not a lot of work), and look more to the question of why writing this sort of thing is important.

So, at least coming from the North American perspective, we’re in an interesting time as far as sexuality goes. Society is becoming more and more aware of sexuality and the nuances thereof. We’re also hearing a lot more about opposition to this sort of thing, which is a two-edged sword, I think. I hate living in a world where something like slut-shaming exists, but as we hear about it, we as a society are coming to the slow realization that this is a bad thing.

So how this ties in with erotica, and why I’m proud to be writing it is that I’m really the sort of person who sees something wrong and thinks she should be doing something to fix it. While this might naturally give itself over to activism, on the first hand I am more than a bit shy in person, and for another I don’t live in a place where there’s a lot of opportunity to get involved.

The shyness kind of works against me in other ways, too. I’m keenly aware of my own privilege, as far as sexual matters go. I’ve never been assaulted or even had my own consent impinged on in the slightest. And as a cisgendered bisexual woman, that’s pretty much peak privilege on the rainbow, too. No one has ever said a bad thing to me about it. I feel awkward putting myself in the same groups as people who every day have to deal with the fact that their rights, rights about things so intrinsic as what they’re attracted to, are completely being challenged. When I’ve never personally been marginalized in my life.

So writing erotica helps me feel like I’m standing up for the expression of sexuality. I don’t know if I’d feel this way if there hadn’t been the debacle back in February or so, but you know, a lot of the sales outlets out there were going above and beyond to try and shame both authors and readers for producing material for titilation. But there’s nothing dirty about it. I own my sexuality, and I’m not ashamed of it. And you know what? If I’m turning other people on through my writing, I’m making them happy. And that makes me happy.

What kinds of erotica do you write?
No matter what I write, there’s always a BDSM element, even if it’s not at the forefront. That’s largely because there are certain things that I just take for granted as being a regular part of sex. It always gives me a bit of pause when I’m setting out tags and the like and I remember that for a lot of people, a spanking is something wild and kinky. I trend towards elements of sex slavery, too, and, you know, for all the way I just railed against it above, I love the role shame plays in arousal.

I do a lot with school or fantasy settings and I’ve churned out a few werewolf stories in the names of blatant commerciality. I’m not a huge fan of those generally, so I’m kind of happy that the current trend is more in my field of interest. I mostly work with heterosexual pairings, mostly as a matter of preference. I do the odd gay story but I never really feel like I capture that kind of, well, maleness all that well. It doesn’t seem to matter a whole lot to the buyers, but it’s harder for me to get those sorts of stories off the ground.

Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?
Honestly, the biggest challenge for me is in the vicinity of writing what arouses me. I really like things like degradation, humiliation, sex slavery, really rough sex, and for me, the less consensual the better. This is awkward on a couple of fronts. For one, I’m always kind of thinking that one day someone’s going to call me as an obvious man writing unpleasant male power fantasies that no woman could ever be aroused by. But, no, I really am a woman, and this really is what I like, and I have female friends with similar tastes, too. So I think it’s important to realize that yes, women can like this sort of thing and write it too. I’m not really bothered by enjoying this kind of fantasy, but it is wholly a fantasy. I don’t want real women to get boxed up, shipped to who knows where, and enslaved. Hopefully this is obvious.

Which ties into the other challenge I have. I know the difference between fantasy and reality. And I’m writing this sort of thing for people who know the difference between fantasy and reality. I don’t know what I would do if I found out that my work was being used by someone who really believes that this is the way men and women should behave to each other in real life.

I don’t think I have an answer for that kind of thing.

Do you write in other genres, too?
Not professionally, at least not yet. My first love is fantasy, and I’ve always wanted to be one of those writers with the giant doorstopper trilogies, but we’ll see what happens with it. I wouldn’t publish under this name, however.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
Man, talk about privilege. I talk with people whose lives would be over if they got found out. I told my family I was writing erotica at dinner. My stepmother said it was wonderful (a direct quote), and I could see dollar signs in my dad’s eyes. For all I know, he could be doing it myself. People at my day job know about it and think it’s cool, and a friend is going to translate a story to French for me.

Tell us about your most recent titles.
Well, right now I’ve just finished off the Grade Slut trilogy, which is the story of a college student finding herself trapped in a deal with her professor to get a passing grade in his course. And he really puts her through the wringer there. My most recent story is called The Shaming of the Warrior Princess, which has, well, a warrior princess who needs to satisfy an evil prince in order to keep her stepsister safe. And I’ve also got a story called Alyssa’s Capture out, where a young woman awakes in a shipping crate, to find out that her now-ex boyfriend has sold her into sex slavery.

Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?
Probably it’s Gangbang for Grades, which I always wished would sell more. It’s got some of the hottest – to me, anyway – sex I’ve ever written in it. I also have a pretty soft spot in my heart for my very first story, Date Night Slut, which is a bit more tame than a lot of my others, but it hinges on a neat perspective trick that gives it a bit of an unreliable narrator. It was a fun thing to write.

I also really like Spanking the Princess, which is a story about… well, spanking a princess. It’s more lighthearted than a lot of my other stuff, since there’s no consent issues or anything. It’s just some good old-fashioned spanking and buttsex, which are two of my favourite things ever.

How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved…?
Well, I’m pretty conversant with a lot of sex acts, and why they’re sexy and so on and so forth, so it’s not like I’m sifting through porn for ideas as to what to come up with. Generally if I’m watching or reading something for my own interests, it might get my mind on a given thing or not, but not in that regard. But sexual topics are pretty interesting to me in general, so it’s the sort of thing I look into regularly.

It’s a lot more about creating a scenario for me. I’ll be walking to the bus, or in the shower, or whatever, and I’ll come up with a premise. And I’ll throw it on my pile of premises and then flip through it later.

Do you have any favourite erotica authors?
Honestly I’m going to skip listing the usual names here and call out someone in specific and one specific story. She’s written all of five stories and not since March, but the one I read was great and I hope if lots of people buy her stuff so she gets back to writing. Her name is Evelyne Crimson and is crazy good. It’s an erotic retelling of an old testament bible story, and it’s really, really good. It’s not a trashy take on it at all, it’s just really good. Just buy it. Make her get back into writing by showering her with money!

And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?
Probably I’m going to be looking at the sequel to Alyssa’s Capture, which will detail her training and transformation into a proper sex slave. From there, I haven’t any real plans. I tend to decide pretty much right before I start what’s coming.
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Posted 18 June 2012 By Polly J Adams

It’s funny this erotica business.

Amazon have a single category: erotica. Everything goes in there. It’s a perpetual complaint of erotica authors and readers that we have so many different tastes and kinks that we desperately need some kind of sub-categories. Someone who’s into a bit of BDSM isn’t necessarily going to want to wade through all the lactating alien gangbang stories, for instance.

It’s a learning curve for the writers, too.

I know what I like.

My stories tend to feature strong women who know what they want, or at least, women who discover their strengths and tastes as a story develops (as in the Knee-tremblers and Indulgence series, where a woman goes on a journey of discovery involving a passionate affair with a friend’s husband, stranger sex, and gangbangs at a sex club). I like group sex, public sex and edgy sex, I like sex where it doesn’t really matter whether your partner is male or female, straight or not – you’re fucking a person, not a type.

I’m getting distracted…

Learning curve, yes.

Sometimes you discover there’s a category already out there that fits the things you like and do. Cuckoldry, for example. According to Wikipedia, cuckoldry is “the sexual fetish of … in which a male gains sexual gratification from his partner’s having sex with other males”. Wonderful authors like Katie Cramer write cuckoldry stories, among other things, and that’s what made me realise that cuckoldry is a recurring theme in some of my work.

The obvious example is Jess, one of the women in my Girls’ Club series. My latest book, Danger Fucks: The Half-minute Pick-up, goes back to how it all started: a business trip, a bottle or two of wine with a colleague… When Jess gets home she decides that honesty is the best policy and so she confesses to her husband, Adam:

“I was bad,” she said.
“You can tell me,” he said. “You can tell me everything.”

And so she does, and when she notices that he’s got a hard-on she decides to go into even more detail. Soon Adam is encouraging his own cuckoldry, helping Jess to plan her pick-ups, on the condition that when she returns she will tell him all about it:

“I came,” she said later, her hands tight on Adam’s throbbing cock. “He fucked me from behind… kept hitting my G-spot, and it was so exciting, so risky, that I came so fucking hard, and he carried on fucking me until he came too.”

I like Jess. I think she’s a lot like me: she loves to experiment, she has a husband who encourages that, and above everything else, she loves to fuck. In Three Times a Virgin Adam gets to take part, taking Jess’s arse while her fuck-buddy screws her. It works for him – big time! – but I think he likes to hear about it and watch just as much.

Does cuckoldry go both ways? Is there such a thing as a female cuckold? There certainly should be: a woman who gets turned on by watching her man with someone else. It happens (and believe me: it’s hot). My Knee-tremblers and Indulgence stories cover this territory: a woman who helps plan her partner’s affair.

As I say, I like sex where it doesn’t really matter whether your partner is male or female, straight or not – you’re fucking a person, not a type. The same applies to cuckoldry: anyone can be a cuckold, and it’s fun!

Sex is a very visual thing. It’s hot to watch other people fucking. It’s hot to hear their stories. Watching your partner fuck someone else? What’s not to love?

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The Half-minute Pick-up: an extract

Posted 17 June 2012 By Polly J Adams
Jess looked around. Could she really pick someone up in half a minute? And just how far did she have to go for it to count as a pick-up?
Most of the guys here were kids. Nineteen, twenty, out with their mates. They may be out on the pull, but it was the girls at the bar they would have their sights on, not Jess.
She couldn’t do it. Not in half a minute, not in half an hour.
Plucking up her courage, she stood, and looked around again.
There was a group of guys at the bar. Or the girl in the mini-skirt. Maybe she should pick up where Jenny had left off, see just how far the girl would be willing to go.
She headed for the bar, was just about to say something to mini-skirt girl – close up, she was actually quite cute, with big, full lips and glossy black hair. Then one of the guys – tall, close-shaven blond hair, a white t-shirt clinging to his athletic body – turned and caught her eye. He had a dazzling smile, and he was so her type, and then one of his mates poked him in the ribs for some reason and he stumbled back into Jess’s path.
She braced herself for the impact that never came.
“I… erm… Sorry,” he said, glaring back at his friend, and then turning those sharp blue eyes to look at Jess again. “I…”
“It’s okay,” she said. “It’s fine. I wanted to talk to you anyway. I had something to ask you.”
Now puzzled, he said, “What? What’s up?”
She beckoned him and his face came close to hers. He smelled of spices, a citrus fragrance she recognised as Hermes, one of her favourites. So close, she could have kissed his ear, she said, “It’s okay. I just wanted to say that I want to fuck you. Now. So what do you reckon?”


Danger Fucks: The Half-minute Pick-up is available from:

All four Danger Fucks stories are also collected into a single volume:

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Why Erotica?

I have wanted to be a writer for as long as I can remember and I have dabbled in several genres, but erotica is by far the most liberating for me. I don’t feel boxed in, not in the slightest. I can write about anything that pops into my dirty little mind. Oh, and because I absolutely love sex.

How did you get started?

A longtime friend of mine who must remain anonymous read some of my short stories and pushed me to submit them. While surfing erotica sites looking for places that were accepting submissions, I came across Luckily, my story was accepted and I was hooked! After that, I submitted a few more stories, received positive feedback, and discovered the world of self publishing.

What kinds of erotica do you write?

I write whatever strikes my fancy at that given moment.  I have a mixture of older man-teen girl, pseudo-incest, one fairy tale and several stories that include women in their 30’s and 40’s. Most of them are around 3-4k words and get straight to the good stuff!  I also have a few that run longer.

Tell us about your experiences as an erotic author. What have the big challenges and successes been?

I have only been at this since September 2011 so I still consider myself a newbie to the self publishing world, but I have to say I love it! I love running my own small business and being in charge of my day. This has all been a wonderful learning experience and I have met so many wonderful people online that I never would have met had I stayed in my shell and remained unpublished.

Hmm, some of the challenges I have faced….Working from home. It is a gift and a curse. There are times that I can’t focus on writing because something domestic needs to be attended to. Then after the distraction I can’t seem to get back into writing mode. Another challenge I face on a regular basis is my struggle with making a decision. Choosing a title, choosing a cover….I can spend days on these details if I don’t make myself focus!

As far as successes…Knowing I can do something I love and make money at it. Before I started this little journey I was headed for a job that would have made my life hell. But the best has to be getting a message from someone that has enjoyed one of my stories! It really makes my day!

Do you write in other genres, too?

I have a super secret identity that published a romance novella.  I use her for those times when someone asks what I write. I can send them directly to a book that won’t make their jaw hit the floor when they read the title. I plan to do more with my other pen name some day, but for now I am having way too much fun as an erotica author.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?

There are a handful of family and friends that know of my writing. All have been very supportive and I am grateful for that. I actually use one of my sister-in-laws as a sounding board for a lot of my stories.

As far as neighbors or regular acquaintances, well I like to keep them in the dark in case of a bad reaction.

Tell us about your most recent titles.

The most recent is My Dirty Little Secret, a pseudo-incest story involving a horny girl who manipulates her stepbrother and stepdad into a naughty ménage.

Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?

It’s hard to choose….But I suppose it is a tie between While Mommy’s Away, my first self published book and Banging Kevin’s Mom because I had a blast writing it.

How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved… ?

I generally just get hit by an idea out of the blue and start writing. If for some reason I am having a difficult time getting in the right frame of mind, I watch a little porn online to get the umm, creative juices flowing.

I have discovered that I truly enjoy research! There aren’t many jobs out there where you get to sit around watching porn and Google-ing sex terms…and my partner has yet to complain when an assistant is required.

Do you have any favourite erotica authors?

I have always been drawn to Anais Nin and the Marquis de Sade. I enjoy reading darker erotica.

And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?

Currently, I am working on a lactating gangbang titled Drinks On Me that I hope to have finished soon. It involves a woman in her forties that has continued to keep her breast milk flowing due to it being something she and her husband enjoy in the bedroom. When he leaves her for someone else, she has no choice but to find a willing party to drink her milk. That just so happens to be a group of young studs in a bar.

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Just out in a single volume: Girl Talk: A collection of four Girls’ Club stories – a collection of four explicit stories of sexual adventure from the bestselling author of Bad Again, Private Party and the Knee-tremblers series

The Girls’ Club: a group of friends who meet to share stories. Intimate stories. The kind you only share with close friends.

Girl Talk: the stories they share over a drink or two at Ringo’s Wine and Cocktail Bar – sizzling and very explicit stories of sexual exploration and adventure. Some of the facts have been changed. But most of them haven’t.


It’s late in the evening and the cocktail bar is almost empty. When Jackie gets talking to the barman she doesn’t expect to start sharing stories of her exploits with Mel and Neil… she doesn’t expect the barman to tell her about some of the things he’s seen here at the bar. But once you start that kind of conversation it’s a slippery slope and it’s not long before Jackie and the barman are inventing an altogether new cocktail of their own.

Massage Party
You know how it is when things take an unexpected turn, right? Like when you go for a day at the spa with your husband and things get a bit steamy between the two of you. And when your full body massage turns out to be a very intimate kind of massage while your husband watches. Sometimes these things happen, and when they do you just have to roll with it.

Sex by the Pool
When Stacey takes her new boyfriend on holiday with a group of old friends she realises pretty quickly that it’s a mistake. She doesn’t want to be stuck on an island hotel with a man who is rapidly becoming her ex. But when one of her friends shows a surprising level of understanding and sensitivity, she learns that he’s always had a thing for her. Maybe this holiday hasn’t been such a mistake after all.

Make-up Sex
Karen hates it when they fight. But afterwards… well, that’s something else altogether. That’s when things get lively and Karen learns that she likes it rough, and that she will always give as good as she gets.

This collection contains scenes of explicit sex (lots of them!), including oral sex, group sex, rough sex and ice-cube sex, and is for an adult audience only.


These four stories are now available in a single volume, Girl Talk: A collection of four Girls’ Club stories, from:

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New erotica at Barnes and Noble

Posted 6 June 2012 By Polly J Adams

After a bit of a bottleneck, there’s now a rush of Polly J Adams titles at Barnes and Noble, with more to come! Just out:

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Girl Talk: Make-up Sex – an extract

Posted 2 June 2012 By Polly J Adams

Karen hates it when they fight. But afterwards… well, that’s something else altogether. That’s when things get lively and Karen learns that she likes it rough, and that she will always give as good as she gets.

An edgy, explicit story of passionate, rough sex from the bestselling author of Bad Girls, Taken at the Club and Three Times a Virgin.


Steve had always been a volatile man, passionate and explosive. That mix was one of the things that had drawn Karen to him.

He never hit her, though, apart from during sex.

That was different.

That was when it was okay to explore the uncertain line between pain and pleasure, that point where passion reaches a new level and anything might follow.

The first time was early in their relationship, before they were married or even living together. Steve had been away on a course – a whole week away. When he was back he’d gone to her flat and when she opened her door and saw him she just fell into his arms.

That first tender kiss had become intense, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth, teeth clashing, lips, and then… a taste of blood. Hers or his, she didn’t know. Just a trace of that sweet metallic taste, and she’d grown wet instantly.

And he had grown hard, and started grinding against her.

They tumbled into the front room and onto a sofa, and then he’d yanked her trousers down and smacked her, hard.

Her first reaction was surprise. He’d never done anything like this before. And then, as the sharp pain transformed into a numb tingling sensation, she recognised that melting together of pain and pleasure for the first time.


Girl Talk: Make-up Sex is available from:
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