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What to read after Fifty Shades…?

Posted 23 July 2012 By Polly J Adams

A few weeks ago the fabulous Summer Daniels set up a Facebook page called What to read after Fifty (50) Shades of Grey, which does exactly what it says in the title.

I’ve written elsewhere on this blog about the challenges of finding erotica at the various booksellers – not necessarily finding erotica, as such, but finding your kind of erotica. Summer’s Facebook page is an excellent example of one way readers can club together to help each other out: with more than 7,000 likes and a heavy flow of traffic, the page has clearly provided a valuable resource for many, and I’d recommend that any erotica fan should keep an eye on it.

The whole Fifty Shades phenomenon has been fascinating to follow. Who would have thought that we’d suddenly be seeing erotica titles displayed face-out on supermarket shelves, and topping all the charts?

Some of the reader comments have been intriguing. There would appear to be a lot of readers who are unaware of the wide range of erotica and erotic romance available: Fifty Shades is visible, and so that’s the one they read. Many talk about it in terms of being naughty reading it, which is quite a surprise to me: the sex – in the first volume at least (I haven’t read the others yet) – is a long time coming, and even in the later stages forms only a tiny proportion of the book. The BDSM gives it a naughty frisson, too, but it’s still relatively tame.

Other comments I’ve seen have been along these lines: they’ve heard all the buzz, but is that it? That Mr Grey’s a bit saucy, but does it get any hotter than this?

To be blunt, there’s far better erotic romance out there: better stories, better characterisation, naughtier and simply more erotic. Sara Fawkes’ hugely popular Anything He Wants series, for instance, is the first that springs to mind; Summer Daniels’ Facebook page links to many more, selected by readers.

And if you’ve read Fifty Shades and been disappointed that it just wasn’t rude enough, maybe you should be looking on the erotica shelves, rather than erotic romance. Here, there’s more emphasis on the sex, and the language tends to be more explicit.

You want to get naughty? There’s a whole lot more than fifty shades of naughty out there, just waiting for you to explore.

From my own backlist, I’d offer the Knee-tremblers and Indulgence series: one woman’s journey of sexual exploration and her relationship with the rich, enigmatic owner of the sex club, Indulgence.

Available from:
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Anyone tried Kobo for erotica?

Posted 22 July 2012 By Polly J Adams

With remarkably little fanfare, another ebook platform has made a signficant push into distributing indie ebooks. As a large part of the erotica market is independently published this is very relevant to what I do.

Having opened up their publishing system to indies earlier this month there’s been a rush of erotica, with excellent writers like Katie Cramer, Sara Fawkes (of the massively bestselling Anything He Wants series), Imogen Linn and many more among the first to join in.

Needless to say, my books (mostly published by James Grieve Press) are now starting to appear at Kobo. It’ll be interesting to see how things develop: Kobo are serious contenders in a field dominated by Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Apple, and they have a particularly global perspective. Here in the UK, they’re in partnership with the high-profile national chain WH Smith.

There have been a few grumbles amont authors. While the publishing system is great, there are still few options to categorise our work and help potential readers find books that might interest them. All erotica is dumped into a single category, for instance, with no opportunity to differentiate between all the various preferences, kinks and sub-genres. Immediately, we can see that publishers are trying to get round this by loading their titles with keywords, which ends up cumbersome and ugly.

While Amazon only have one category for erotica, they do have two further layers to help readers find books: first of all, the publisher can add hidden keywords to a book’s profile to help with searches; and secondly, anyone can add tags to a book’s Amazon page, or agree/disagree with existing tags. Barnes and Noble don’t allow user-tagging, but they do allow publishers to tag books with a few keywords, and they have a far richer set of sub-categories, rather than merely ‘erotica’.

I’m sure Kobo’s sales platform will improve as it matures: it looks good now; all they need to do is to start looking at ways to help people find books more effectively through search optimisation, tagging and categorisation.

In the meantime, for anyone who wants a look, here’s a link to my titles at Kobo.

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Three more at B&N

Posted 18 July 2012 By Polly J Adams

Continuing to play catch-up, here are three more titles, just out at Barnes and Noble:

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Taken to the Edge – an extract

Posted 14 July 2012 By Polly J Adams
The bed was so wide the mattress was square. The headboard was made of black wrought iron, good and sturdy. They had stayed here before, Karen and Steve, but they’d never made use of that headboard. Not in the way they were using it now.
Steve lay on the bed, his wrists cuffed to that iron headboard, while Karen straddled him, his cock deep inside her. Both bodies were sheened in sweat, and red welts ran in parallel lines where her fingernails had clawed down his chest.
She didn’t move. She just held it there – that moment – so she could feel every throb and pulse of his cock inside her.
It was so intense!
He was right on the edge. If she moved, she knew he would come. But if she stayed here like this, his cock throbbing inside her, it was a near certainty that she would come, and then she would have to move, and it would be too much for him, and…
He pushed against her, and she pressed her hands on his chest.
“No,” she said, with a slight shake of the head. “Don’t you dare come yet, babe. We’re going to make this last. I’m going to keep you right on the edge, and every time it slips away I’m going to bring you back to the edge. Don’t you dare come. Do you hear me? Don’t you dare.”
She saw acceptance in his eyes, and then, as the peak ebbed away for them both, she lowered her face to his and kissed along the line of his jaw, her lips soft against the rough fuzz of his stubble.
When she came to the neck tie that gagged him, she followed its line until she was kissing his lips, the tie pulled tight between his teeth.
He started to push against her again, and this time she matched his rhythm with that languorous swivel of the hips that she knew drove him wild.
God, she was close. She could feel that heat in her belly, the tightness, the way all her senses seemed to be concentrated below the waist.
She drove down hard against him, getting that delicious rasp of coarse pubic hair as it ground against her bare pussy.
And then the look in his eye changed again and she held still, squeezing her cunt tight around him.
That pulsing throbbing of his cock again!
“No,” she said once more. “Don’t you dare.”
The throbbing started to subside again. She wondered how long she could keep this going, how many times she could take him to the edge without letting him climax.
“Do you remember?” she asked him. “Do you remember the first time?”


Taken to the Edge is available from:

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Why erotica?

As awkward as it was initially to accept, it’s simply something that I found myself writing with great ease, it seems if I take the shackles off, I gravitate to erotica.


How did you get into it?
I’d been writing mainstream books for a few years and I wanted a bit of a change, something I could be more relaxed with and I thought I’d write something ‘steamy’ for some fun, it was a bit of a surprise just how much I do enjoy it.


What kinds of erotica do you write?
I’m still experimenting a lot,  I’ve written some very extreme (unpublished) works that will fall afoul with a lot of the publishing rules now, but I do enjoy a lot of of love triangles, for now it’s mostly M/F, with a bit of forced-seduction for more edge.  Some things I’m writing I like to keep it more on the romance-erotica side, but I do find I like to just “go hard” more often than not and let the explicit words spill out.


Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?
Coming to accept that I enjoyed and wanted to write erotica was a difficult thing, especially when I started writing some very dark stuff.  Admitting to those around me that I “also” write erotica was a difficult thing to do, but thankfully no one has yet ostricised me, at least not to my face.  So far as successes go, I think every time I get to the end of a book and submit it, I like to think of that as a success.


Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
A lot of people I know all react well to hearing that I’m a writer, almost all of them usually burst out with how they’re trying to write a book as well, seems there really is a book in us all.  While I do want to tell a few people of my Erotica identity, it’s still however something I’m keeping to myself.


Tell us about your most recent titles.
“Some kind of Freak” is the first part of a planned trilogy, it’s my first published work written from male first-person perspective, I wanted to ‘try something new’ as it were and I’m pretty happy with how it came out (hopefully the readers will be as well).  Essentially ‘Tom’ decides to try and awaken the sexuality of his room-mate’s shy/timid girlfriend, however what Tom doesn’t realise is that he’s possibly messing with something a little more dangerous than what the first impressions conveyed.


Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?
Not as yet, I enjoy them all and I certainly feel like each one is a milestone.


How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved…?
There is a mixed bag of research, between picking the brains of nearby males (which  can be amusing when they start squirming as I get into intimate details), to reading a lot of other material, to taking time out to get a more in-depth perspective on some matters that have to be written about 😉


And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?
The two follow-up books for the “Some kind of Freak” series, as well as another book I’m working on right now which is a reluctant/compromise marriage + true love mashup, maybe with some crazy graveyard antics as well (sorry, no necro).


More from Nicole Swann:

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Horny Hump Day

Posted 11 July 2012 By Polly J Adams

Participating authors in Horny Hump Day post three sentences from their published works or work in progress. This is the first time I’ve taken part, so I thought I’d offer up three sentences from one of my favourites – a story based on my own experience: XXX with my Ex.

So… what would you do if you walked in on someone having sex? What if it was your ex, a man who still had the power to make you wet with eye contact alone? What if it was your ex with – Mel… that was Mel!

So, what would you do if you walked in on your ex with one of your best friends? In this story bestselling author Polly J Adams revisits her own past and tells you exactly what she did.

XXX with my Ex is available from:

  • Amazon US
  • Amazon UK
  • Smashwords
  • Barnes and Noble
  • The story is also included in the four-story Danger Fucks bundle, available from:

  • Amazon US
  • Amazon UK
  • Please take a look at the Horny Hump Day blog site for the other sites featuring extracts so you can visit the other hot authors.
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    More erotica at Barnes and Noble

    Posted 9 July 2012 By Polly J Adams


    My publishers, James Grieve Press, have been playing catch-up with distribution at Barnes and Noble. The first batch went up in early June; another batch followed later that month, with more in early July.


    Here’s the complete set of links.


    Published at B&N in mid-July:

    Published at B&N in early July:


    Published at B&N in mid-June:

    Published at B&N in early June:


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    Why erotica?
    Erotica is one of those genres that can cover many topics.  There is Science Fiction, Horror, Humor, Historical, Romantic, Fantasy and the list goes on.  I love a genre that allows me that kind of freedom to play in different styles.

    Erotica has the intensity too that you don’t find in many stories.  Sex, whether good or bad, romantic or violent has its rhythms.  It’s a lot of fun to write the intensity and try to match the flow and feeling of the text to the action.  I like to to draw the reader in, give him/her the feeling along with the words.

    What kinds of erotica do you write?
    All of the above, really.  I mostly write in BDSM, as I am more comfortable there.  I have a historical book out called Allette, and am working on a dystopian horror called Sentence.  I have three others in the works too. I just need to learn to type faster.

    Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?
    There is a great stigmatism with erotica, one that says “in erotica, it doesn’t have to be good writing.”  I find this appalling that people would actually defend mediocrity.  The result of that is a general expectation that ALL erotic writing is flawed or bland, when that could not be further from the truth.

    I have had publishers and agents tell me that someone only writes erotica if they cannot write anything else.  As though it was the “special ed” of literature.

    Do you write in other genres, too?
    I do, but right now, I have so much on my schedule that is erotica, I won’t have time to write anything else for a while.

    Tell us about your most recent titles.
    I was honored to be part of an anthology with Sara Pierce, Delilah Fawkes, Victoria Foxxe, and Stella Kingston, called Some Like it Rough, which is free on Amazon.  I have a full length novel (almost, it tops out at about 47K) called Allette, about a girl in the late 1800s who is essentially sold to a Lord and learns from him and his very sensual staff.  It’s really a D/s BDSM historical romance, except it’s girl meets small community.

    Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?
    The one I haven’t written yet.  Perpetually.

    How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved…?
    Sad to say, but almost all of my stories manifest as dreams.  I have a constant barrage of erotic dreams, and on the occasion I have nightmares, there is still an erotic flavor to them.

    I have been in the BDSM lifestyle for a long time and so my dreams and fantasies will carry that too.

    Do you have any favourite erotica authors?
    Yes, I have many.  I will point out Virginia Wade because she is a great and wonderful person as well as author and has helped me get a toe hold, and Lacie Grayson because she is both talented and my publisher.

    And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?
    Campfire should be out by the end of June, it’s a short, probably 8K or so about a sexual slave in the current day that begs to go on a camping trip with her Master and be shared among his friends.

    Sentence I already mentioned.  I have Alice in the works which is a bizarre comedy horror mix of Alice in Wonderland.  I have Brothel which is an erotic ghost story, and Succubus, a sword and sorcery tale.

    More from Sir Jaerls:

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    The Flash Mob Gangbang: an extract

    Posted 4 July 2012 By Polly J Adams
    It all started with a simple message on Twitter.
    A spur of the moment thing. An idle Saturday, a bottle of Shiraz, an iPhone. Put those three things together and you have a dangerous combination.
    Kelly had them all, and she was bored, and so she sent that message:

    I need to be fucked.

    That was all it said.
    She didn’t expect anything to come of it. She’d sent tweets like that before and they had sunk without trace. So she was quite surprised when this one was retweeted almost instantly by someone whose username she didn’t recognize. She was even more surprised when that message was retweeted by others, and when all the follow-up messages addressed to her started to appear in her Twitter stream.
    A simple tweet. What harm could possibly come from that?

    I’d fuck ya!!! 😉

    That was the first direct response she had.

    Any time hun


    Jus tell me where an when babe

    Three responses within a minute of sending her tweet…
    Kelly sat back in her favourite deep armchair and took another swig of Shiraz, swirling it around in her mouth before swallowing. In the time it took her to take that single sip of wine she received another response.

    u as hot as u r in yr profile pic?? yr makin me HARD

    At first, she felt a bit pissed with all the replies. She’d been bored, frustrated with life, and all she’d done was send a simple tweet. Now she had all these weirdoes hitting on her and telling her about their erections.
    Had that guy really gotten hard just from her message and looking at her profile? All it showed was a young, slim blonde, head and shoulders; nice eyes and a cute smile, she liked to think. There was a bit of cleavage in that shot, but nothing outrageous. Not exactly instant hard-on material…
    Kelly took another drink and wondered what the guy might be doing right now. Checking out her profile one-handed? Maybe sitting there, dick in hand, waiting to see if she’d respond.

    Hey horny chick I’ll give you some!

    There had been more responses and more retweets of her original message by now.

    Where r u?

    She checked to see how many and then nearly choked on her wine. Twenty-seven retweets in about ten minutes! Her simple “I need to be fucked” had gone viral…

    I’m hard and ready!

    That was the first one to include a link. She hesitated, staring at her phone and wondering whether she shouldn’t just turn it off and go and do something else.
    She thumbed the link and it opened an image of the purple head of a swollen dick. The shaft was wrapped in a man’s fist, the head shiny with pre-come.
    She took another sip of Shiraz. Without being conscious of what she was doing, she lowered her glass so that it rested in her lap, its hard base against her pussy. She shifted position, still studying the engorged, shiny dick on her phone, and the base of her glass pressed against her clit.
    She didn’t believe this was really happening. Strangers sending her dick shots. Turning her on! She worked the glass against herself again, and then pressed the reply option on the stranger’s message.


    Available from: 
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    New: Danger Fucks: the collected stories

    Posted 2 July 2012 By Polly J Adams

    We’ve all done it. That snatched blowjob on a quiet train, the bathroom knee-trembler in a house full of people, the car park quickie. Adrenalin sex… the danger fuck.

    Collected in this volume are four danger fucks: sex with teacher, sex with strangers, sex with friends and exes. Explicit erotic fiction from the bestselling author of Bad Girls, Three Times a Virgin and the popular Knee-tremblers series.

    The stories in this volume are:

    To Sir, with Lust
    Going back to school to talk to her daughter’s teachers triggered all kinds of memories for Karen. It made her feel like a teenager again. And it brought back the fantasies, the teenage crushes on some of the teachers. But what do you do when you get the opportunity to play out one of those fantasies for real? In a story based on a true encounter, Karen tells all.

    The Half-minute Pick-up
    Jess has this thing she does whenever that mischievous, horny mood steals over her and she just wants cock. Different cock. She calls it the half-minute pick-up. It’s such a thrill, that dangerous rush of picking a man out, approaching him, pausing, making eye contact, an innocent comment… Half a minute is all it takes. Jess is careful, she’s selective, and it has worked every time for her.

    Personal Service
    Jackie starts to fantasise about the hot young shop assistant while she’s trying on a new dress, but there’s no harm in that: Jackie is a daydreamer, she fantasises a lot. But sometimes she just can’t help getting carried away…

    XXX with my Ex
    What would you do if you walked in on someone having sex? What if it was your ex, a man who still had the power to make you wet with eye contact alone? What if it was your ex with one of your best friends? Concluding the popular Danger Fucks series, bestselling author Polly J Adams revisits her own past and tells you exactly what she did.

    Danger Fucks: the collected stories is available from:

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