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Pollygaph (interviews with erotica authors): Alexx Andria

Posted 27 October 2012 By Polly J Adams

Why erotica?I have a naturally sexual nature and as my trad career progressed, I realized my love scenes were getting hotter and hotter. When my editor had to keep putting the brakes on my love scenes, I realized that perhaps I ought to try my hand at erotica and see where it takes me. This November will be my 1-year anniversary of writing erotica and I’m having a blast. I’m definitely in the right place.

What kinds of erotica do you write?
My tagline is, “From the mild to the wild and everything in between,” which is appropriate for my style. I like to experiment with different genres but I have noticed that I have a fondness for strong Alpha men who are just a little on the rough side. I like to mix in a light BDSM, nothing hard-core, but a nice slap on the ass is always nice.

Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?
What a blessing this has been…I truly believe I’ve found a good niche, one that I was born to write. In my trad career, I write contemporary romances for a major publisher and I love that, too, but erotica allows me to really stretch my writing talents. I’m still relatively new so I’m still building my fan base and testing the market but overall, it’s been such a wonderful ride. I think the biggest challenge is structuring a story arc within a tighter page count. I enjoy the short story format and serialized format, which requires a much tighter story arc than a 85,000 word novel but I’m loving it.

Do you write in other genres, too?
Yes, I write contemporary romance for a major publisher and I dabble in paranormal romance as an indie.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
At first I was very tight lipped about the fact that I write erotica, but now I don’t really care who knows. I’m proud of my work and love to share. As far as reactions go, everyone has been supportive and dare I say, no one has been really surprised! I’m a bit of a playful flirt and anyone who has partied with me knows that after a few drinks, I get a little touchy-feely. LOL (My husband keeps an eye on me when we’re out and about!) So, the reactions have actually been very supportive. I’ve even had a few of my trad fans cross over to my erotica pen name thanks to the popularity of 50 Shades. Everyone wants to read about Teh Dirteh.

Tell us about your most recent titles.
Currently, I have 36 titles, of which I have several series that are doing well; however, my best selling series is my Billionaire Brothers series followed closely by my Breeding Prophecy series. The Billionaire Brothers is a contemporary story about twin brothers who purchase a woman for their pleasure but nothing is as it seems in the Buchanan world. The Billionaire Brothers series is a hot, hot read but there’s a bit of a plot weaving its way through it, too. The Breeding Prophecy is about a werewolf clan and an epic prophecy that rules all their lives. It’s truly fun to write and I’m writing the final installment now.

Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?
Oh goodness…my favorite is always the one I’m writing right now 😉 (That’s Nora Roberts’ standard answer for that question and I think it’s pretty spot on!)

How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved…?
Life is research, isn’t it? 😉 And who doesn’t like researching anything that has to do with sex?

Do you have any favourite erotica authors?
I’m still new to the game but I’ve found a few authors that I feel are on top of their game who provide a good story, such as Katie Cramer, Christa Wick, Aphrodite Hunt, Kelly Haven, oh goodness…the list is ENDLESS! So many talented writers out there…I also enjoy contemporary and historical authors who can pen a hot love story such as Karen Marie Moning and Elizabeth Hoyt just to name a few off the top of my head.

And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?
I am very busy writing the final installment of the Breeding Prophecy, which is followed by the Billionaire Brothers and the final installment of my One Naughty Girl series. Then, it’s onto the next series, which I haven’t quite nailed down yet. The ideas are there but I have to do a bit more research before I commit.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with your readers. Anyone interested in learning more about me or my next release can go to my website at or sign up for my newsletter!

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Erotica extract: Lizzie and Cara Make Three

Posted 26 October 2012 By Polly J Adams

When Cara tells her best friend that her husband Steve has always wanted a threesome, she should have known what would happen…

Returning home from work, Steve finds Cara and Lizzie sitting out in the summerhouse, on their second bottle of Pinot Grigiot and talking about what they would do. It’s all a bit of fun, of course, not something they would really do – particularly because Lizzie’s husband is due home soon. But that doesn’t stop them talking, and when talk becomes act Steve finds that his birthday has come a week early.

Explicit erotica from the bestselling author of The Billionaires’ Sex Club, Bad Again, and the Danger Fucks series.


“So yes, you’re right,” went on Lizzie. “Tim’s due home soon. It wouldn’t be good if he was to come out here and guess at anything, now would it? But there’s no harm in talking, now, is there?”
Steve took another sip of his drink, and Cara wondered what was in his head. Was he really thinking there was anything to this? And  if so, how did she feel about that?
There was, of course, nothing to it. It was just a bit of fun. A big old tease.
“Talking?” said Cara, now. “No, no harm in talking. So how would it go, this fantasy of yours, Steve?”
Poor Steve, bless him. He’d come home from work, done his best to seamlessly slot into a drinking session that had been going on all afternoon, and now he was being asked to talk about his horniest of fantasies when at any moment Lizzie’s partner was going to turn up.
“Erm… it’s never gone quite like this,” he said.
Lizzie did that thing again. She opened her eyes wide, turned them on him, and said, all soft and innocent, “You mean.. you mean you don’t fancy me? You fantasize about a threesome, but… but not with me?”
“I…” He didn’t know what to say. Unlike Tim, who would just blunder on, Steve knew when he was outnumbered, and he knew damned well he could be outnumbered by Lizzie alone. And he knew damned well when to shut up and not just dig himself any deeper than he’d already been dug.
“Are you saying you really wouldn’t be turned on if I leaned over now and kissed Cara, open mouths, one hand at the back of her head, the other running down over those stunning breasts, cupping them, squeezing them, my thumb finding a nipple? That wouldn’t work for you?”
Poor thing.
He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know where to look. He didn’t know how to hide the massive erection straining at his pants.
And he didn’t know that Lizzie and Cara had already acted out almost exactly that little fantasy only a short time before he’d got home from work.


Lizzie and Cara Make Three is available from:

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At last, with a few days away on vacation, I’ve had a chance to catch up with my reading, and top of the pile was the book so many people are talking about, Sara Fawkes’ Anything He Wants.

Why are they talking about it?

Well for starters, after dominating Amazon’s bestseller lists in its indie incarnation it was snapped up by a major publisher for print and a new e-edition.

And then, of course, there’s the whole Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon: erotic romance where a vulnerable woman gets involved with a super-rich alpha male with a fondness for a bit of rough stuff. But for me, that’s where the comparisons should end. While 50SoG is undoubtedly a page-turner, the characterisation is often frustratingly thin and the sex is pretty few and far between.

Fawkes’ characters, on the other hand, have greater depth, a young temp working two jobs to pay the bills, a powerful boss who is accustomed to getting exactly what he wants. And while the story works well as a developing romance with a darker twist, the sex… well, there’s plenty (more than I’d actually expected; not that I’m complaining), it’s integral to the growing relationship, and it’s hot.

There’s little wonder that Fawkes has become one of the most talked-about erotica/erom authors around. There’s the bestselling chart success, and the big book deal, of course. But, more than anything, we talk about her because she’s good. I can’t wait to get started on the rest of the series.

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Erotic romance extract: The Object of His Desire 2: Pursued

Posted 17 October 2012 By Polly J Adams

Trudy Parsons is in a good place. A young American, educated at Yale, now living in London where she’s a successful professional, working in one of the city’s oldest publishing companies. Not only that, she’s being pursued by two hot, rich and highly eligible bachelors, men accustomed to getting exactly what they want. Lavish romantic gestures, the finest in designer clothes, shoes and diamonds, private jets to whisk her off to foreign dinner dates… what more could a girl want?

But pursuit comes with a price, as Trudy finds out about the dark history her two admirers share. A history, it seems, they can’t escape.

Should she be drawn to men like this? Should she choose one of her suitors and succumb?

The much-anticipated sequel to the popular The Object of His Desire 1: Wanted.


“Just because… just because of what happened,” I said, over a cappuccino in a Caffe Nero just around the corner from my Covent Garden office. “Just because of that… well, don’t you start thinking that anything has changed, okay, Charlie? Don’t you start thinking there’s an ‘us’ again, okay? That’s over. That’s thirteen months over, okay?”

Charlie. I’d lived with Charlie for close to twelve months, in the small Islington apartment I still called home a little over a year later. The last I’d seen of him as he was leaving was that nimble sidestep and duck as the ashtray hurtled past his ear and made a nasty hole in the inner wood panel of the door.

Charlie. Honey-blond hair, sharp blue eyes, and, as I discovered when I bumped into him again at Ethan’s wedding, a man who still had the easy knack of being able to wrap me around his posh little English finger. A man who knew all the buttons to press, all the vulnerabilities, all the weaknesses.

A man who could spend an hour seducing me and I’d only worked out that was what he was doing when he had me up against the church wall, his thigh hard between my legs, his hand crushing my left breast.

That was where the knickers came in, or rather where they left.

I’m a professional woman, a commissioning editor at a venerable British publishing imprint. I have a Yale education, I come from a respectable New York family that had moved out to a large Connecticut home when I was little. I had been brought up to be strong, and to know my place in the world.

So why was my self-esteem at such a low ebb that when I went to Ethan’s wedding I wore suck-me-in Magic Knickers to keep everything slim and firm? I’d felt safe wearing them because I just knew nobody would ever get to see them.

So… that grinding, the leg between the thigh, the rush round to the back of the church where we were out of sight, the wandering hands, the pressing bodies… that thing that happens when two people realize just how desperate they are for rude, raw sex…


Well suck-me-in knickers that go up to at least your second rib simply aren’t made for rude, raw sex. Too
much beige, for starters.

So I did what any resourceful girl with a good education would do. I pinned him to a gravestone, blindfolded him with his tie, then whipped off the Magic Knickers and hurled them as far away from us as I could manage.

And so it was that, some time later at the stately home where my brother’s wedding reception was being held, I found myself running away from the heir to the family estate in high heels and no knickers (not that Will knew that – I’d stopped his wandering hands before that point), feeling incredibly vulnerable and more than a little confused by the rush of events.

And now, a few days later, I found myself sitting in a Covent Garden coffee shop gently explaining to my ex-boyfriend that just because we’d got it on like wild animals at the weekend– “…don’t you start thinking that anything has changed, okay, Charlie? Don’t you start thinking there’s an ‘us’ again, okay? That’s over. That’s thirteen months over, okay?”

He sat there, both hands wrapped around his cup as if he was trying to warm them even though it was still August and in the mid-eighties outside, and he smiled that lazy smile of his, and I knew he wasn’t listening. Or, more likely, he was listening and laughing because, arrogant schmuck that he was, he simply chose not to acknowledge what I was saying.

You know that kind of conversation? I’d had so many of those with Charlie during our year together. All those trivial exchanges where he’d got his way and ignored anything I might want or think… That’s the kind of thing that almost always culminates in an ashtray flying through the air, or at least it does in my experience.

But Charlie wasn’t always like that, or so I was learning. On the day of my brother’s wedding I’d seen a whole new side to him. The man had hidden depths. He had, God damn it, sensitivity. Now how had I missed that before?

Since our folks had died eighteen months ago, Ethan and I had been the only family we had. We may not have been that close in the last year, but we were still family.

When I’d gone to the wedding I’d wondered why Charlie was being so attentive and why I was so edgy. It had taken a touch from Charlie, him leaning closer and saying, “I understand.” And then finally I got it: there was Ethan marrying into a family with a large network and ancient traditions – if he had found a new family did that mean I risked losing all I had left of my own?


Irritating, smug and surprisingly sensitive Charlie.

“There is no ‘us’,” I said again, as he sat there cradling his coffee and outside in the street London rushed past in all its glorious variety.

So… at what stage does denial become futile? And at what stage would denial get laughed out of any court in the country?

There is no ‘us’.


The Object of His Desire 2: Pursued is available from:

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"Hot Double Team Teacher Action"

Posted 11 October 2012 By Polly J Adams

How lovely to stumble across this review at Amazon, for one of my Danger Fucks stories: not only a great 5* review, but written by Terry Towers, a fab erotica author. Being praised by your readers is wonderful, but when the praise comes from a writer of Towers’ calibre it really makes your day!

Towers’ review is headed “Hot Double Team Teacher Action”, which says it all, really, as the story is based on a friend’s account of a situation she very nearly got herself into at a parent-teacher evening at her local school…

To Sir, with Lust is available from:

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