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So where, exactly, do you like to do it?

What do you picture if you ever wonder where your favourite erotica authors do their work? Some exotic boudoir, perhaps? Or sitting on the sofa in an oversized t-shirt with Jeremy Kyle on in the background? I’m sure some of us do work in these settings.

I know writers who like to shut themselves away, and can only work in perfect peace and quiet. Some love to have music playing while they work – even particular playlists for each kind of scene or story; others find all that far too distracting.

Some have a separate office to work in, while others work at whatever the modern equivalent is of the typewriter perched on a corner of the kitchen table.

For me, one of the greatest changes in my writing practice came with the advent of wifi and cloud computing. Equipped with my laptop, I can work pretty much anywhere. If there’s wifi that’s great: I can check my email and chat with friends on Facebook whenever I take a small break from the writing. If there’s no wifi, then I can use my phone as a mobile hotspot and still have that connection to the outside world.

More importantly than staying in touch, having that connection means that I can back up everything to the cloud (Dropbox, in my case) while I’m working and so never have to worry about losing my work to a computer crash or a laptop thief.

I do a lot of work in my office space at home, of course, but I do like the freedom to roam, and in particular I like that it lets me feel a bit naughty when I’m writing. I love that when I’m working no onlooker has any idea what’s taking place on my screen. For all they know, I could be typing up the next church newsletter.

Sitting with my large coffee in a Starbucks or Costa, tapping away at my keyboard as the world passes by, I am most certainly not working on the church newsletter. As you walk past and maybe smile at me I’m far more likely to be writing about the feel of a cock as it goes from soft to hard (“Every cock’s different: the way it feels, the way it responds, how it changes as it gets hard.”), about stiff nipples being pinched and squeezed, about giving in to urges that most of us have but rarely act on (“Jess had this thing she did. Something she did when she just wanted cock. Different cock.”).

Sitting on the train, in my smart work clothes, typing on my iPad (“Do you like it rough? I think you do, don’t you?”) while around me people do the crossword, stare at the passing scenery, and maybe even crane to see what’s on my screen (“Consent? What does that mean when you’ve been chained and fucked for hours and you only want more?”).

So next time you see someone tapping away at a laptop keyboard in a public place, just think: yes, they might be writing the church newsletter, but more likely than that they’re writing about something hot (“She reached down and undid the tie at the side of her bikini bottoms”), something steamy (“Do you think about me when you fuck Susannah?”), something that’s turning the writer on as she works (all those little shifts in position, the hand in the lap, the slight flush to the cheeks).

I think “writing the church newsletter” will become my new favourite euphemism for writing erotica. There aren’t many church newsletters where you could write, “Like I say, I’m a bitch. A slut. Right then, I was his slut.” – but if you know of any, do please let me know.

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The Object of His Desire: a personal note

Posted 28 March 2013 By Polly J Adams

I don’t want to over-burden this blog (and therefore my mailing list, Twitter feed, etc) with posts about my series, The Object of His Desire, but I just wanted to add a brief note here about its personal impact.

As I’ve already commented, the last few months have been challenging for me, with illnesses and way too much hospital involvement for me and those close to me. This and the knock-on effects from this, have had an impact on my writing, both in limiting my capacity to work and in slowing down those I work with on the publishing front.

So reaching the end of a big series like this is a Big Thing in itself.

More than that, though, I simply loved writing this one. I got really wrapped up in the characters and the challenges facing them; I loved weaving together the various strands of the plot; I loved the twists and turns of the relationships between the main characters, Trudy, Will, Charlie, Ethan and Julie.

And, although I probably shouldn’t say this out loud, I love the way the story is continuing in my head. Volume 4, Her Desire, definitely brings together the strands of this story and provides a clear conclusion, but now that I’ve finished, I keep having what I think of as ‘writers’ moments’.

Writers’ moments? Those times when you get a fragment of dialogue popping up in your head out of the blue, when you close your eyes and you’re witnessing a scene from a story yet to be written. When you find yourself tailing off in mid-sentence and reaching for your phone or your notebook or a scrap of paper so you can hurriedly write down the idea that’s just come to you about where Will and Trudy go next…

The Object of His Desire 4: Her Desire is available from:

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“How do you measure a moment like that? When a man you have every reason to doubt, a man you should never even be giving another chance… when he can look at you like that and you start to melt from the inside, when your heart jackhammers inside your chest and you have to concentrate really hard just to remember how to breathe…”

Murderous intrigue and dark secrets from the past conspire to make falling in love the hardest thing Trudy Parsons has ever done. How do you love a man if you can never, fully, trust him? A man whose ex-girlfriend has been murdered and who may have used you as nothing more than an alibi?

Trudy has been wowed and wooed by Will Bentinck-Stanley. She’s been flown to the Alps just for dinner. She’s seen sides to him that he would normally keep well-hidden. She’s been handcuffed to his bed and been used and abused until she ached more than she has ever ached before… ached from the handcuffs and the sex, ached from the intense need for more…

Will she fall, or should she just walk away? And does she have any say in the matter?

The fourth and final part of a passionate erotic romance, where scandals buried away in the past lead to murderous intrigue in the present, in the intensely steamy world of the super-wealthy and powerful, from the bestselling author of A Dangerous Passion and The Wings of Desire.

The Object of His Desire 4: Her Desire is available from:


It’s all the silly little questions that run through your head…

Like was he a hand-holder, or did he prefer to avoid such public shows of affection?

I didn’t know the answer to that, even though Will and I had got together several times, including one rather awkward date in London, lunch at the House of Lords, and the most romantic evening of my life when he flew me out to his hotel in the Austrian Alps just for dinner.

Are you a holder of hands? I’d have to put him down as a very probable ‘no’ for that. Too many barriers. Maybe somewhere deep inside the real Will was a hand-holder, but the public Will would never show that kind of vulnerability.

Do you wear anything in bed? Well no, not that time when I’d slept over in Austria, but that was hardly typical.

Do you leave the seat up after you’ve peed?

Do you like animals, or funny birthday cards, reality TV?

What’s your favorite movie, your favorite color, your favorite member of the Beatles?

Trivialities; silly details. These are the things that you might find running through your head as you lie there on that wide bed in your lover’s penthouse apartment, your body aching from sex, and from the need for yet more sex, because you can’t get enough of him… lying there with your arms stretched wide up above your head, and your wrists secured to the bed frame with heavy-duty metal handcuffs.

Now, with morning light slanting in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, he lay on the bed by my side, Will Bentinck-Stanley, his body half-curled, one leg drawn up tight to his body, his breathing steady, quiet. He looked good like that: peaceful, slim, supple; his body hard with well-toned muscle. He looked so at peace, sleeping the sleep of the innocent.

I hurt. Oh my but how I hurt!

I’d never had a lover like Will Bentinck-Stanley. He was strong, and he had so much stamina… He could switch from hard, fast, urgent, to tender and attentive; he could keep you right on the edge, taking you to the brink so many times before finally pushing you over. He was skilled with cock and fingers and tongue, with all the surfaces of his body and yours; going from another man to Will was like comparing an inept lover’s clumsy massage with the attentions of the most skilled masseuse.

He’d done this kind of thing before. I knew that. The handcuff bracelets were lined with soft leather to prevent chafing and pressure sores – this was serious kit. None of those flimsy cuffs you get from a High Street adult store for Will. The leather was worn thin in places, and scuffed pale; these cuffs were clearly well used.

And of course there had been Sally Fielding, may she rest in peace.

They called it the Stockholm Syndrome. When a kidnap victim becomes so attached to her captors that she adopts their mindset and becomes one of them.

I was no kidnap victim.

I was here by choice. I’d called him. I’d come here of my own free will. I’d let him sweep me off my feet, and carry me to the bedroom. I could have said ‘no’ when he’d said to me, “You like it a bit rough? You do, don’t you. You know what you like, what you want. Don’t pretend that you don’t. You like the thrill as much as I do.”

I didn’t have to nod when he produced those handcuffs, looked at me with those dark, predator eyes, and said, “You like danger?”

I am a successful professional woman. I am strong. I am not the brainwashed victim of some syndrome or other.

I was here by choice.

Here, with my body aching, and my shoulder sockets on fire with pain from being cuffed all night.   

Here, in a semi-dream-like state where nothing existed for me beyond this room, this man… where the pain I felt was transformed into something else, an intensity of sensation, a deeply sexual thing, a different kind of ache, a need.

I was here by choice.

“Do you need to stop? Do you need a break? Just say the word, and I’ll unlock you.”

This was attentive Will, sensitive Will, a side of him that rarely broke through his many protective layers.

“Make love to me,” I said, meeting that dark look. “Now. I’m not done with you yet.”


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“How do you measure a moment like that? When a man you have every reason to doubt, a man you should never even be giving another chance… when he can look at you like that and you start to melt from the inside, when your heart jackhammers inside your chest and you have to concentrate really hard just to remember how to breathe…”

Murderous intrigue and dark secrets from the past conspire to make falling in love the hardest thing Trudy Parsons has ever done. How do you love a man if you can never, fully, trust him? A man whose ex-girlfriend has been murdered and who may have used you as nothing more than an alibi?

Trudy has been wowed and wooed by Will Bentinck-Stanley. She’s been flown to the Alps just for dinner. She’s seen sides to him that he would normally keep well-hidden. She’s been handcuffed to his bed and been used and abused until she ached more than she has ever ached before… ached from the handcuffs and the sex, ached from the intense need for more…

Will she fall, or should she just walk away? And does she have any say in the matter?

The fourth and final part of a passionate erotic romance, where scandals buried away in the past lead to murderous intrigue in the present, in the intensely steamy world of the super-wealthy and powerful, from the bestselling author of A Dangerous Passion and The Wings of Desire.

The Object of His Desire 4: Her Desire – published 26 March 2013.
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For some time now, I’ve taken part in a couple of Twitter hashtag memes, #novelines and #samplesunday. The idea with both of these is that we tweet a teaser and a link to a book, in the hope that people will click through and maybe even buy the book.

For novelines, I post a single sentence or so from the story; for samplesunday, you don’t need to tweet an extract as long as your tweet links through to an extract. As my part in both memes, I also retweet other people’s posts that use either tag, as long as I think they’re appropriate for my followers. (I like to retweet anyway, as long as I find tweets that I think might be interesting to my audience.)

It’s actually quite a fun thing to do, spotting sentences that would work in this way. Here’s a selection, and here’s hoping they hook and intrigue and make one or two people click through and maybe even buy the book.

“With semen for lubrication, I started to grind against him.”

“She slid a hand in, and he felt her fingers run along his shaft, enclosing it, easing it free.”

“He came to me, then. Stark. Connor Stark. A man accustomed to always having whatever he wanted.”

“Taking his other wrist, I pinned him to the bed as I slid against him, my movements deliciously slow and intense.”

“Here I am: the sexual servant of some of the richest men in the world…”

“I realised then that she’d pulled the towel away and I hadn’t even noticed.”

“He started to thrust and she would have cried out again if his hand hadn’t been over her mouth.”

“I tried. I tried really hard to be good. But I’m just not that strong. And I’m a bitch.”

“I think he was turned on by making me choke.”

“I hated it when we fought, of course. But afterwards…” Make-up Sex by Polly J Adams

“So… what would you do if you walked in on someone having sex?”

“Every cock’s different: the way it feels, the way it responds, how it changes as it gets hard.”

“Like I say, I’m a bitch. A slut. Right then, I was *his* slut.” 8 stories in one book

“Was she really going to play here in the shop while the gorgeous young assistant stood outside?”

“When she came to the neck tie she followed it until she was kissing his lips around the gag”

“‘What won’t you do?’ he whispered in my ear.” Captive at the Billionaires’ Sex Club

“Ricky has this thing… a power thing. A control thing. He likes to make women come.”

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Why erotica?
I read many things. I love to read, and erotic romance is just one of the things I read. I write primarily erotic romance because I want to explore how people feel and react in different situations. My first novel, I Met My Old Lover…, was inspired by a dream about an old friend. I had long wondered what it would be like to run into her again. That idea consumed me so I wrote about it to live out the fantasy in a harmless manner. Once I did write the story, I found I no longer spent time wondering what it would be like. I had lived out the meeting in a fictional manner. Years later, when I did run into her, it was a friendly meeting but not something I obsessed over. We’d both gone on with our lives, and found others to love, though we do get in touch with each other from time to time. Ours was a nice friendship when we were much younger, and that friendship continues today.

How did you get into it?
I had read erotica and erotic romance for years. I was reading Summer Camp by Nick Scipio and started by creating some of the supplemental materials for his books. Later, he asked me to proofread for him. That is something I still do for him today. Later, I wondered if I could write so I tried it, hoping eventually a hundred people might read the story I wrote. I hit that goal within hours of the release. The number of readers grew to hundreds by the next morning and they clamored for me to write more. I was hooked, and it also gave me a chance to give back for all the stories I had enjoyed over the years.

What kinds of erotica do you write?
I write mostly erotic romance. The stories usually involve a man and woman in love. They are typically either married or get married by the end of the story, though sometimes I vary from that. I like to think outside the box and give my stories an unexpected twist, like for example Yellow Lambswool. I often get inspiration from interesting places I’ve visited. Most of the settings are based on real places, or combinations of real places. Very few involve totally fictional settings.

Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. 
What have the big challenges and successes been? One of my biggest challenges was writing The Cuba Stories series. Originally, I planned a short story about a man going to Cuba illegally and falling in love there. The story would end with him going home, leaving his love behind and promising to return one day. I released that story a chapter a week as I wrote it.  Past the halfway point, my readers began to see how the love was doomed. They demanded a sequel where the characters could get back together. I hadn’t planned to continue the story, but I caved into the demand and figured out a way of continuing the story. I had a lot of help from my readers, many of whom had been through the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. In the end, the original story (Havana Club) turned out to be the introduction to the real story (After Fidel).

Another was writing Secrets Revealed, which uses a non-linear timeline. The narrator relives memories in the order they come back to him, rather than in chronological order. Time shifts happen mid-sentence as one thing in the present meshes with a memory of something similar in the past. Readers report being confused the first time the timeline changes, but by the second shift are able to follow the story as it skips forward and backward between his present day experiences and his memories of his past.

Perhaps my single biggest challenge was writing Paddling Upstream, which involves a man working through the death of his wife and learning how to love again. For this one, I had the help of a good friend who is a psychologist. He helped me understand how the man’s recovery would go. In the end, it was a success, based on all the fan mail I got from readers who had lost a spouse. They without fail assured me that I had exactly captured the recovery process. The book is one of my longest, and took over a year to write. I enjoyed writing it, and find myself reading it again from time to time.

Do you write in other genres, too?
Yes, I write in other genres. I use different pen names (and keep the different identities separate) so I can write with a different style in each. I have one mainstream novel out now and am about to release a second one. The mainstream novels are written under my real identity. Most of the people who know I write have no idea that I also write anything besides mainstream. I’m always careful when doing interviews and appearances for the mainstream work to not mention that I write other things. When I have multiple books out, I will be able to refer to multiple works. The mainstream writing is a front for the money and success I have enjoyed writing in the other genres. The third pen name has also done well and involves e-books only slightly similar to the Strickland stories.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react? 
Because I publicize my mainstream works under my real name, many people know I write. The fact that I write in other genres such as erotica and erotic romance is told on a need to know basis. Besides my immediate family, only people who serve on my editorial team know the other names I write under and what kinds of other books I write. This is to protect me from the celebrity or notoriety of my other stories, and to protect my wife’s career. People are always pleasantly surprised when they learn that I write.

The friends who have been told about the other genres are always quite surprised. They think of me as reserved and don’t expect that I would be someone who would write the kinds of things I really write. In spite of their initial reactions, they are always very supportive of me and of what I write. Erotica and erotic romance have become very much mainstream and are more accepted now than they were just a few years ago.

Tell us about your most recent titles. 
Most of my writing over the last few years has been for the other pen names, but last year I released Can I Bring A Friend? under the Strickland name. This was based on an idea I had carried in my head for years, about a man in a long distance relationship. His girlfriend brings her friend along on one of her visits and initiates a three-way encounter. Most recently, I released Sharing A Boyfriend, inspired by a very short story I read years ago. It’s about a young woman walking in on her sister having sex. She joins them and the twosome becomes a threesome. The story is told by each of them, and this gets interesting because each knows something about what really happened that the others don’t.

Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories? 

Among the erotic romance, I have two favorites. One is Yellow Lambswool, of which parts are based on my own time in college spent touring Europe. Many of the characters are based on real people I met there, but the central plot is fictitious. I especially like the ending which came to me after I had written most of the story. I had another ending in mind, but when that one came to me I knew in an instant there was no better way to end the story. I believe the popularity of the story is due to how I ended it.

The other is Paddling Upstream. This is a long novel about an author dealing with his celebrity as well as moving on after the death of his wife and letting himself love again. The story is as much a journey of recovery as it is a great love story. Along the way to the ending he deals with many obstacles as he rebuilds his life. A unique feature about that novel is that the book is the story of how he wrote the book itself. Visiting the place that inspired the town in the story is always a special treat now. I see it in a different light. It’s almost like stepping inside my book.

How do you normally go about writing an erotic story? Is there much, ahem, research involved…? 
I don’t start writing a story until I can start to see it in my head. I start with an opening scene, have an idea of a few key things that need to happen along the way, and I know where I want the story to end up. From there, I start writing. I’ve often described it as being like sitting in the corner with a pad and pen, watching the characters act out the story. I feel like I’m just writing down what I see them doing as the story plays out in my head. When I sit down to write, I often don’t know what is about to happen until I write it. I’m as anxious to see what happens next as the reader will be.

Depending on the story, I often have to do a lot of research. I’ve had great success cold calling people and businesses to conduct interviews. I’ve done everything from calling a hotel front desk to ask the kind of floor in the lobby, to calling a small airport to ask what it’s like to hang out in the pilot’s lounge on a summer morning, to talking with an airline’s spokesperson to find out details of the interior of a particular aircraft and what their procedures are for dealing with a crash. People love to talk about themselves and their jobs. When I identify myself as an author writing a story that involves some aspect of their lives, they are always eager to speak with me.

Google Earth and Google Street View have been wonderful aids when I need to check what a detail looks like in a real location, or how it’s changed over the years.

One story that required a lot of research was King Size Bed. I’ve never had a threesome (my life is not nearly as exciting as my characters’ lives) but I interviewed a few people who did. When I wrote the story, one of them read it and told me how I had written it as a man’s fantasy. After listening to her comments, I rewrote it and she then told me it was perfect. I never expected that story to do well but wanted to try stretching myself by writing about something I hadn’t personally experienced. That story has gone on to win awards and be read by an incredible number of people. It is my most popular story to date, and was the first to receive inquiries about movie rights.

Do you have any favourite erotica authors? 
There are a few who influenced me, whose works I enjoyed, and who inspired me to start writing. I learned how to put realism in my stories from reading their works.

One was Nick Scipio, who encouraged me to start writing and showed me how to do it well. I’ve enjoyed reading everything he’s written. He wrote the foreword to the more recent editions of my first novel.

Another was Carree Wilson, who wrote the Carree Loves Billy series. Her stories were some of the last I read before I decided to start writing. When I had achieved success as a writer, I tried writing to her to thank her for her influence and learned that she had recently died. I wish I could have thanked her before her death because she influenced me greatly.

There are a few others, but these are the two who come to mind first.

What are you proudest about regarding your writing? 
That would be the other authors I encouraged to start writing. I believe everybody has a story to tell and I have often encouraged others to tell their tales. I enjoy being able to share my success by helping others realize their dream of writing.

What about frustrations?
I am frustrated that I have to hide my identity. It’s best for a number of reasons. One is because of the large number of fans. Based on e-mail I’ve received, it’s best that a small number of them can’t find me, for the protection of my family. I’ve met a very few in person, and spoken by telephone with others – mostly members of my editorial team. Another reason is because of writing Havana Club and After Fidel. The details in those stories makes it obvious I’ve been there. I’m not allowed to publicly talk about that experience. Writing a fictional story with a pen name allowed me to disclose some of what I learned on my visit. I’d love to be able to reveal publicly who I am, but various legal and personal reasons require me to keep this identity a secret.

Besides writing and reading, what do you enjoy doing in your leisure time? 
I enjoy hiking in the mountains and I enjoy running. Many of my plots were worked out while on long runs.

And finally, what can we expect to see from you soon?
I’m always writing, releasing several e-books a month, but usually under other names. When one of the stories fits the erotic romance genre, I release it under the Strickland name. I have a lengthy queue of stories to write and some of them will be Strickland stories, but I’m not working on one right now.

How can we connect with you?

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Now in paperback: The Wings of Desire

Posted 14 March 2013 By Polly J Adams
The Wings of Desire - explicit erotic romance by Polly J Adams

The paperback edition of The Wings of Desire, the complete set of eight stories in my explicit erotic romance Knee-tremblers and Indulgence series, came out in December. Due to my own lack of organization, though, I’d never seen a printed copy until today – even though I know it’s been selling steadily.

It was definitely worth the wait, though: a beautifully produced, volume, with a cover I love.

The Wings of Desire in paperback:

And in a range of ebook formats:

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    Delays, delays

    Posted 7 March 2013 By Polly J Adams

    It’s been a very up and down year for me so far. Hospital adventures for me, my father and my step-son have complicated life greatly over the past couple of months. The three of us are on the mend (my own was relatively minor, thank goodness – I really don’t like hospital stays!), but it’s certainly eaten into my writing time. And then there have been other issues with my colleagues responsible for the technical design and production of my books, which I won’t go into here otherwise this entire post will sound like I’m blaming other people…

    The long and short of it is that the book I’d promised for late February (the fourth and final episode in The Object of His Desire) has been pushed back two or three weeks. Given the way the third story left Trudy, we’ve reshuffled things so that this will be the next book out, while other stories that had been scheduled for March will drop back a little.

    Apologies for the delay, but we’re getting close to publication now!

    The Object of His Desire 1: Wanted
    When Trudy goes to her estranged brother’s wedding, the last thing she expects is one of those moments: a handsome stranger, their eyes meeting across a crowded room… a tempting, but dangerous stranger. Determined to find out more, she discovers that dark secrets bind him to her brother; she also learns that he’s the kind of man who gets what he wants, and what he wants right now is Trudy.

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    Price reduced at all major retailers for one day only!

    The full-length novel of the hit ‘Asteria’ series (108,000 words)

    This novel was originally released as the four part series: The Prince of Asteria, The Palace of Asteria, The Princess of Asteria and The Fall of Asteria.
    His Lover
    UN translator Lucy Snow sneaks into an embassy party and meets Prince Jagor, heir to the throne of the fabulously rich kingdom of Asteria. Their initial steamy kiss isn’t enough for the prince: he offers her a job as his personal aide and in the glamorous hotels and casinos of Monaco, they engage in a secret love affair.

    His Slave
    But in Asteria, women are ‘owned’ by their men, both in and out of the bedroom. Loving Jagor will mean accepting his collar…and his every command.

    His Princess
    Lucy must overcome the queen, the media and the will of the Asterian people if she’s to be accepted as Jagor’s bride. And when the royal family is plunged into danger, Lucy must become stronger than she ever dreamed…


    We stood there for a second, just looking at each other. I had time to notice things now, like how strong his hands looked. Or the way his pecs curved under his tailored white shirt. Or how the dark shadow of his stubble shone black in the warm light from the bedside lamps: again, I found myself thinking of an animal. If I kissed him, it would brush against me: would it be scratchy? It looked almost soft.

    Why was I thinking about kissing him?

    It occurred to me that we were both in a very dangerous situation here. Alone in a room with a closed door and the lights romantically low. If anyone should come in, it was going to take a lot of explaining to convince them it was innocent.

    Is it innocent? I asked myself. What the hell is going on here?

    “I should go,” I said.

    He just stared at me, the way a cat will stare at a mouse. My heart was thumping so hard in my chest, I was sure he must be able to hear it.

    “I really think I should go.” I tried to say it firmly, but my voice quavered. It wasn’t fear: or if it was fear, it wasn’t him I was scared of.

    He gave me another one of those looks. Then he took a step towards me.

    All I had to do was walk to the door and leave. Why was that so hard? But my legs felt like concrete. He took another step towards me, and now he was close enough that I could smell his aftershave. It was like nothing else I’d ever smelled: not like one of the scents you buy at a store, all alcohol and chemical scent. This was like open spaces and cold, hard rock and the wind: if the outdoors had a smell, this was it.

    “I really think….” I trailed off.

    He put one huge hand beneath my chin and used the edge of it, very gently, to tilt my face up to his.

    “Don’t think,” he said softly. I didn’t realize until afterwards that he’d said it in Asterian, because as soon as he’d said it, he was kissing me.

    His lips were warm on mine, sending a jolt of heat rocketing down through my chest, blossoming in the very core of me. He was bending down slightly to reach me, and I suddenly became aware that I was stretching up to meet him, my lips flowering open. I was kissing him back.

    His breath was hot against me as he parted his lips, his tongue greedily seeking mine. His hands were in my hair, stroking through the soft strands, his palms warm against my temples. Little shocks of pleasure were darting down through my body from everywhere he touched me, seeking my groin. He was starting something inside me, something primal and out of control, so strong it scared me.

    He broke the kiss and leaned back from me. “Tell me you want me to stop,” he told me. He said it in English, so there was no danger of me misunderstanding.

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    Here’s another round-up of new titles that have caught my eye.

    Summer’s Journey: Volume One – Losing Control by Summer Daniels – Free!
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    In Love with the Prince – the full-length novel of the hit ‘Asteria’ series by Tanya Korval
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Taking Robyn: Virgin Babysitter Breeding by Belle Hart
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Lily (A Novel) by Virginia Wade
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Big Girls Rock 2 (BBW Erotic Romance) by Danielle Houston
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Three’s Company – three stories of group sex and multiple partners by Polly J Adams (well of course it caught my eye!)
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    The Crusader’s Concubine by Natalia Darque
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Breeding for Vladimir: Russian Bred Submission by Arthur Mitchell
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Unmasked (New Adult Romance) (The Unmasked Series) by Anya Karin
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Luke’s Brutal Abduction V: The Wrecking Crew (Gay Kidnap BDSM Rough Erotica) by Brad Vance
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    From Oman with Love (The Spy and the Billionaire Part 2) (An Erotic Romance Spy Thriller) by Juliette Jaye
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

    Summer’s Journey: Collection One by Summer Daniels
    Amazon US | Amazon UK

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