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It started as All I Want for Christmas, a selection of recommended erotica and erotic romance books for Christmas 2012, posted on Facebook. As the title suggest, I hadn’t anticipated continuing beyond that Christmas, but the enthusiastic response persuaded me otherwise, so I kept going. Now I have a list of over a hundred recommendations, so I thought I’d upgrade the whole thing.

We still have our Facebook page, where new all new entries appear, but with such a long backlist of suggested reading Facebook gets a bit unwieldy, so we’ve added a full┬á listing on my website (did I mention that I have a shiny new website?).

And just to make it easier to handle recommendations there’s a form where you can recommend a book.

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All I want… erotica and erotic romance recommendations

Posted 20 August 2013 By Polly J Adams

Suspiciously Obedient by Julia Kent
From USA Today Bestselling Author Julia Kent comes the second book in her “Obedient” trilogy: After a billion people watch you make love, where do you hide? A fake persona with very real emotions… A best friend with deeper intentions… A woman torn by desire…
Amazon US Amazon UK

Found by Nadia Simonenko
The sequel to Nadia Simonenko’s February new adult bestseller Lost is finally here! All it took was one phone call to tear Owen’s life apart. All it took was one phone call to shatter Maria’s happily-ever-after and bring her nightmares back to life. Will the love and happiness Maria and Owen found be enough to hold them together as their lives fall apart around them, or will their relationship slip away and be lost forever?
Amazon US Amazon UK

Thrown by Tabi Wollstonecraft
Amy Anderson arrives in Promise Cove attempting to rebuild her shattered life. She moves into the house on the cliffs left to her by her recently dead aunt and tries to forget the ghosts of her past. When she meets Dean Stoker, the handsome broody town mechanic, Amy reveals more of herself to him than she ever has to anyone. But she wonders if Stoker is somehow involved in the mystery shrouding her aunt’s death. Thrown is a complete New Adult Romance novel. It does not have a cliffhanger ending.
Amazon US Amazon UK

The Neighbor and the Rooftop by Simone West
What happens when two broken hearted neighbors have a midnight encounter on the rooftop?
Amazon US Amazon UK

Sexy Little Cheerleaders – #3 Tumbling The Cheerleader by Hannah Hale
Ashley and Cami are having a blast at cheer camp while hooking up with lots of boys, but Ashley knows she
Amazon US Amazon UK

Ms Amazing: Super Heroine Gambit by JK Waylon
Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest! Young, beautiful, and powerful, Ms Amazing is Synne City’s premier super heroine. Ms Amazing answers the call in a deadly hostage situation. The escapees are all desperate men sent to prison by her. Seeing the poor hostage is in grave danger, Ms Amazing has no choice but to attempt the dangerous Super Heroine Gambit and exchange herself for the hostage.
Amazon US Amazon UK

The Seductress: Trash Day by Kirsten Rose
The St. Lustonia Chronicles continue in The Seductress: Trash Day. The Seductress gets a new man in her life in the form of Trash Man, a superhero who’s new to the city and eager to rid the city of criminal scum. She’s forced to take the good with the bad, however, as she finds out the hard way that someone’s out to get her. (You don’t have to read St. Lustonia Chronices: Ruby: Taking Off Her Tights to follow this book, but it’s recommended that you do.)
Amazon US Amazon UK

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Spotlight: Keeper of My Pleasure by Kayelle Allen

Posted 12 August 2013 By Polly J Adams

Rai trusts Koo to submit. To keep him, she must trust her heart.

A Romantica┬« BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
This book is in the Taboo line — one of the Ellora’s Cave Quickies

Keeper of my Pleasure by Kayelle AllenA recent college graduate, Koo hires Rai as his attorney after thieves total his car and then dare to sue him. She wins, and takes him out to celebrate. Dinner leads to the hottest sex in his life, and a long-term relationship as her submissive. He adores the way she makes him feel, and the way she makes him burn. He longs to show her he has more to offer. He has a heart, and it’s hers, if only she’ll let him give it.

A successful attorney in her late thirties, Rai has a penchant for handsome young men with long hair. Koo, her newest client, becomes more than her usual boy toy. He likes being tied up and whipped, and he yields the way she’d always dreamed. But he has a future ahead of him, and she’s a jaded lawyer. He wants sex, not love. Right? He wouldn’t stay with her forever. She trusts him to submit. To keep Koo, Rai is going to have trust her heart.


This scene takes place in Rai Whethen’s estate home. She and Koo Ayakura have spent the evening enjoying dinner, flirting, anticipating their session, and now it’s time for him to perform for his mistress.

In Rai’s bedroom, Koo stood before her. She’d stretched out on the bed and was watching him, hands tucked behind her head, legs crossed at the ankles.

“I’m ready to see you strip, Koo. Do you need music?” She lifted one eyebrow.

“No, mistress, but if you want music, I’ll use it.”

“Hmm.” She picked up a remote and pointed it. A dance tune started, and she skipped it, listened a moment, and skipped again. Two more songs and she turned it off. “No. I only want you. No distractions. Strip for me.” She tucked her hands behind her head again. Quite unlike her, she added, “Please.”

Koo began by unfastening his hair. Straight, healthy, it reached halfway to his waist, and shone like raven’s wings. He’d inherited it from his Japanese father. His Irish mother had imparted the splash of freckles across his nose and shoulders, and grey eyes. Rai liked his hair down, and he ran his fingers through the long tresses, shook his head, and let it fall.

Rai’s eyes gleamed, and she licked her lips.

He lifted one foot at a time to unfasten the plain black shoes, and slipped them off, pulling off each sock. He crossed his arms over his chest, slowly opened them, and pulled his tuxedo coat down his shoulders. It slipped down his arms, and he caught it, held it, and then slid it all the way off and tossed it over the hassock.

He reached up to the front of the vest, unfastened it one button at a time, doing it as slow as he could, taking care to keep her gaze on his hands. He pulled it open, let it slip down his arms, and then caught it at his elbows. He crossed his hands over his chest, hands spread.

Rai pushed herself up, hands braced on the bed.

Koo opened his arms, and let the vest fall. He caught it, tossed it after the jacket.

He opened each button on the shirt with the same slow care. Rai tugged up her skirt, and sat with legs folded, watching him like a cat in front of a mouse hole.

He opened the cufflinks, slid them into his pockets, and then shrugged out of his shirt. He held the collar between his teeth, folded the sleeves, and laid it aside.

Rai chewed on a knuckle, but didn’t speak.

He reached over his back, pulled off the T-shirt in one move, and cast it onto the pile of clothes. Bare from the waist up, he tucked his hands behind his head, lifted his hair, and let it fall over his shoulders. He’d always worked out; he also ran, and swam. He knew his body pleased women. But the way Rai looked at him, as if he were a tasty treat she craved… that made this more than a strip show. He was preparing himself for his lover.

Koo unfastened the waistband of his trousers, lowered the zipper, and then eased them partway down.

He’d worn nothing underneath.The tuxedo’s material against his cock had aroused, and he’d been semi-erect all night. Knowing what Rai planned, he’d been hard from the moment they’d left the club and headed home. Now, as he dropped the pants and stepped out of them, his cock stood upright, ready to play.

“Oh, baby.” Rai held out her hands to him. “Come here, Koo.”

He walked over to the bed, and stood with hands behind him, offering all he was. Please let her see how much I love doing this. How much I love her.

Rai reached out and fondled his cock, sliding a hand along his length. “You’re beautiful, Koo. I can hardly wait to get you tied up.” She climbed off the bed. “Come with me.”

Inside Scoop: Our hero willingly submits to his Dom lady love and all her toys in their BDSM play, including whips and bindings and more.

Buy links:

Word count: 7170
Genre: BDSM Romance
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Trailer for Keeper of My Pleasure
Image credits: Cover, Ellora’s Cave


Inside Peek: Keeper of My Pleasure
This free, illustrated eBook provides insight about the book, its characters, and its creation. When you click the link, it will either offer you a download, or open in a new window, depending on your settings. To read it, you need Adobe Reader, available free.

About the Author

Kayelle Allen is a multi-published, EPIC Award winning author. She writes Contemporary Romance, Gay Romance, Erotic Science Fiction Romance, Mainstream Fantasy, BDSM, and non-fiction. She likes to attend Science Fiction conventions, and has been a speaker at DragonCon, Outlantacon, and Gaylaxicon. Kayelle is the founder of the author-mentoring group Marketing for Romance Writers, and manages the successful Romance Lives Forever blog. She is a US Navy Veteran, and founded the graphics and eBook conversion company The Author’s Secret. Kayelle is married to her personal hero, and makes her home in the southeast.

Unstoppable Heroes Blog
Romance Lives Forever
Marketing for Romance Writers
The Author’s Secret


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My shiny new website!

Posted 6 August 2013 By Polly J Adams

At last, I have my very own website, over at!

As part of that, this blog has moved from its old home, and all the old content has moved here, but I’ll be leaving everything at my old Blogspot site, too, as there are so many links and bookmarks pointing here. All the new posts will appear here only, though.

So how about a quick guided tour of the new site?

Well there’s this blog, for starters, and I’ll be continuing with the usual extracts, author interviews and news, but there’s far more. I have to say that it looks great, and I’m hugely grateful to my support team for their efforts.

There are lots of ways to explore the site. The home page will always feature my latest books, but you can also click through to see all of the erotic romance books by PJ Adams, and all the explicit erotica by Polly J Adams. You can see a fab cover gallery: all the covers displayed in a random order each time you visit – roll over the images to see them in all their glory. You can view books by categories, including bondage and rough sex, suspense, and foreplay and seduction. One of my favourite features is the word cloud of keywords associated with each book.

As you might be able to tell, I’m very excited by it all!

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We’ve moved!

Posted 5 August 2013 By Polly J Adams

I’ve been over at Blogspot for a year and a half, but with the launch of my shiny new website we’re moving the blog, too.

I’ll leave the old blog up, as there are so many links to it, but from now on this is where I’ll be posting previews, extracts, author interviews and more.

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