Top 40 erotica author – but can I shout about it? #writing

And so my crawl up Amazon’s erotic authors’ rankings continues:

top 40 erotica author

I’m a top 40 erotic author!

But can I shout about it? It’s difficult: you see, like the majority of erotica authors, I use a pen-name. It’s not that I’m ashamed of what I do. I use pen-names for my children’s fiction, too, and for other genres. It’s good business sense to segment a diverse writing career in this way, and many writers do so.

For erotica writers, of course, there are extra reasons for being discreet: it can cause complications if we have day jobs, or other professional or community roles. If you also write children’s fiction, as I do, you have to be especially careful about keeping clear boundaries between your areas of work, for good reason. On the whole, segmenting your writing in this way works well, and remains good business sense.

One down-side, though, is that it makes it hard to bask in the glory when things go well.

I’m a top 40 erotica author, for goodness sake, but can I shout about it?


PS (October 20th): And now I’ve hit the top 30!

top 30 erotica author

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