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Working Girl: the complete set by Polly J AdamsBeth Masters is a young intern on a voyage of sexual exploration and self-discovery. A good girl from a small town family, Beth is seduced by her wealthy boss on her first day. The loss of her virginity is the first step on a journey that leads her to discover a totally unsuspected side to her nature. A story full of sex with her wealthy bosses and complete strangers, a world of cuckoldry and sexual adventure as Beth discovers what kind of a girl she really is.

Working Girl: One woman’s journey from small-town virgin to high-class hooker to the billionaires. From the bestselling author of The Billionaires’ Sex Club and The Wings of Desire.


This time, though, it was different. This time he turned her so that she was against the window and then he dropped to his knees. She eased her legs apart and arched her back, anticipating that first wet pressure of his tongue parting her lips. Sure enough, there it was, that first touch, the pressing and parting, and then his tongue pressing inside her. His hand was there, too, the thumb pressing gently on the hood of skin covering her clit, rolling from side to side as he fucked her with his tongue.

God that was good! Even now, when they’d fucked and played in so many different ways, he had plenty of new things to do with her, and now, within only a few rolls of his thumb across her clit, she was right on the edge.

Sensing this, he eased off, then started to lick along the folds of her labia with long sweeps of the tongue, dragging right back across the sensitive skin of her perineum before starting again.

Each time, his tongue swept a longer track, until he was licking between her buttocks, his tongue following that dark valley, gentle at first, then pressing more and more with each stroke, until its tip was sliding right along the crack, gliding across the opening and then returning to swirl around it.

She’d never felt anything like that before. So unexpected, the delicious physical sensations mixed with a sense of taboo. This was somewhere you didn’t go – especially with your tongue!

Now he had her ass firmly in his grip, holding and parting her buttocks so that his tongue could flick and swirl and then, finally, press deep, slipping inside, fleshy and wet and hot and then sliding back out. Again, he pushed deep with his tongue and then he found a rhythm, and it felt like one long, continuous wetness, and God but he’d taken her right back to the edge of orgasm again in a way she had never anticipated!

That was when he stood and the length of his shaft pressed against her ass and it was wet and slippery. He had planned this, then… Either that, or he just happened to have some lube lying around his office.

He started to slide against her, his dick and balls following the crack of her ass, pressing between her buttocks, so slippery and wet against her.

“Now, babe,” he whispered into her ear. “I’ve wanted this since day one.”


Working Girl: the complete set is available from:

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Thankfully Naughty Giveaway blog hop: 22 Nov to 7 Dec

Posted 24 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

Don’t forget the Thankfully Naughty Giveaway blog hop, for a chance to enter lots of erotica giveaways and discover new authors:

Thankfully Naughty Giveaway

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Pollygraph (interviews with erotica authors): Willsin Rowe

Posted 23 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

Consummate Therapy box-setTell us about your writing. What kinds of erotica do you write?
On my own, I tend to write stuff that’s romantic without actually being Romance. So there’s often an element of the melancholy or the tragic in amongst it all. A little bit gritty on occasion, too. My collaborative writing with Katie Salidas is often more romantic. There are more happy endings, for one thing! But we always have more going on than just the sex. Phobias, challenges, assumptions and, in the case of our Consummate Therapy series, extreme bitchiness in our main character!

Why erotica?
Why not? But seriously…sex (when done right) is such a visceral interaction. It’s difficult to hide yourself when you’re both physically and emotionally exposed. I think written sex is a wonderful way to reveal character.

How did you get into it?
I entered a contest and won! The prize was to get my winning story published. That was back in 2005-2006. While my output has been intermittent since then, recently I discovered that by using Write or Die I could actually churn out great wads of text that I didn’t hate! So my output is growing rapidly.

Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?
Allowing myself time to write has been tough. I have two sons, the elder of whom is pretty severely intellectually-impaired. He needs a decent amount of attention every day when he’s home. And my wife works a busy job as well as running a business (and doing the books for all my ventures as well!). So it often feels like taking an hour away from the family is self-indulgent. But I take great comfort in the fact that my stories, when I do finish and submit them, are rarely rejected.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
Most of my family and my in-laws know. As far as I’m aware, none of them really give a hoot! My mother was a little shocked way back when my first story came out, but I think she just puts her fingers in her ears now and says “la la la la can’t hear you la la la…”

You write with Katie Salidas: how does collaboration work for you? Does collaboration on erotica add something extra?
Collaborating with Katie was, and is, simply the easiest thing to do. We’ve been reading each other’s work critically for years, having first “met” in 2009. We each found we had unfinished stories, or stories we’d finished and didn’t feel we’d truly nailed. So we kind of made a slush pile and picked out the ones that we felt we could work on.

I think in our case, collaboration has worked extremely well. It’s given us both more impetus to write, and expanded our methods of thinking (not to mention our international knowledge).

Tell us about your most recent titles.
I haven’t released a solo title since March 2012. So my recent releases have both been short stories in anthologies. One of those was a paranormal erotic romance, called “Indigo”. It appeared in the “Scarlet Sins” anthology, and combined vampires, sex and music. That was a lot of fun to write!

The other story was called “Vanilla”, and it appeared in the Edible Delights Volume III anthology – an all-Aussie affair!

Do you have a favourite, or favourites, among your stories?
I still have a soft spot for my story “The Three-Day Hump”. It was my third published story, and my first with Excessica, though I’ve removed it from sale now. It’s a story of sexual obsession and addiction. The title refers not to the act of “humping”, but to the urban myth that three days of abstinence from an addiction means you’re over “the three-day hump”. It was the first story I needed to do actual research for, and it changed style and point-of-view several times before I was happy with it. A great learning process.

As well as your writing, you’ve also become something of a turn-to guy for erotica authors looking for slick covers. How did you get into cover design?
And I’m also a bass-player in a swampy blues-folk band! But I digress…

Cover art came about through Excessica (my main publisher). They were looking for people to try their hand at various tasks, and cover art was the one I was best suited to. At that point I’d been using Photoshop and Illustrator for well over 15 years, all within the graphic design industry (though not actually AS a graphic designer). The work I did seemed to resonate well with authors, and Selena Kitt (Excessica head-guru) suggested I should whore myself around. She may have used slightly different words than that…but essentially, that’s what I did!

Would you like to share some examples of covers you’re most proud of?
Sure! Here’s a selection from various genres.

Blind Attraction_480 Dark Salvation_480 His Go-To Girl_480 Occ Therapy_480 Lost Girls_480 Gritty Cover_480 Wanderlust_480 Devil's Icebox_480 Sterling_480


What are the key ingredients of top-notch art covers?
Very often (but by no means always!) it’s simplicity. Striking a balance between what absolutely needs to be on there, and what treatment you give it so the important parts stand out. Sometimes it’s making sure to put the text somewhere that it won’t interfere with the image. Sometimes it’s essential to use the text to intentionally block the image! Especially where nipples are involved.

Do you have any favourite erotica authors, either to work with or read?
For reading only, I’d say Krissy Kneen and Tobsha Learner top my list. For working with, there are soooo many! Katie, of course, but I’ve already covered her! Selena Kitt, Kenn Dahll, Michelle Fawkes, and J.E. Taylor are all excellent to work with. I’d also like to give an honorable mention to both Jason Halstead and Mark O’Neal – non-erotic authors who I’ve worked with many times and I feel like I gel with them very well. (Jason does have a couple of erotic titles, but he’s predominantly sci-fi/fantasy/thriller.)

And lastly, there are those who fit both categories – love to work with them, love to read them. Top of that list is the amazing Sommer Marsden, who seems to have a bottomless well of excellent heart-wrenching stories that keep pouring out of her! And what’s more, she’s a complete sweetheart as well.

And finally, in no more than 140 characters, tell readers about Consummate Therapy.
Consummate Therapy flips 50 Shades around – a despotic female billionaire learning the art of true submission at the hands of a steely Dom.

More from Willsin Rowe:

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Thankfully Naughty! Not to mention wicked… #shifter #erotica

Posted 21 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

Thankfully Naughty Giveaway blog hopWelcome to my staging post on the Thankfully Naughty Giveaway blog hop!

My take on the theme of ‘something wicked and naughty’ was to think about the areas of erotic writing I’ve not tried yet. Which boundaries have I avoided pushing in my career to date? Some of these are with good reason: while a good writer can make most things convincing, it’s so much more fun to write about a kink that works for me, too. So while the technical challenge of golden shower or foot fetish stories appeals to the writer in me, those are kinks that just don’t press my buttons so I’ve never gone there and probably won’t, unless a really good idea takes hold of me.

Other areas I haven’t dipped into include things like pseudo-incest – all those step-mom and step-sibling tales that take up a big chunk of the bestseller charts, if you know where to look. Again, it doesn’t work for me, but more than that, it makes me uncomfortable. I know there’s nothing illegal about step-cest, but one of its appeals to its many fans is the proximity to real incest fantasies. So… while I have a lot of friends who work in that area, but it’s not for me.

What does interest me is the idea of pushing against at least some of those boundaries, the extra buzz an erotic story can get from playing with the rules of society. I have a big interest in the overlap between thrillers and erotica. Books like The Object of His Desire can be read both as thriller and erotic romance: the sex is explicit, but the story is driven by a romantic relationship and it’s given an edge by that frisson of danger.

I’ve always been drawn to the paranormal, too, and I’ve written a number of erotic stories involving witches and ghosts, collected in Seduced by Moonlight. Up to now, though, I’ve stayed away from werewolves and vampires. I think that partly I had a sense of an over-saturated market, and partly I lacked the confidence that I could add anything new to such a heavily-explored field.

And then three things came together and I found myself able to set all those reservations aside. Over the past couple of months I’ve been working with a group of authors putting together big boxed-sets of our stories; for the next round of boxed-sets one of my friends asked for a shifter theme, and that set me wondering how to approach the field. Then, along came the Thankfully Naughty Giveaway blog hop with the theme of something wicked and naughty, and what’s more appropriate for this than diving deep into an area of erotica I haven’t tried before?

And the third thing? As always, it was an idea, the spark for a story. In this case, it was an image of a lone woman living in a ruined house in the middle of a forest, surrounded by a world destroyed by plagues and change… a world where you can’t trust anything, and where some humans may be something more, something different.

That image became my story Lone Wolf, and I’m offering an advance copy of that story to someone randomly drawn from those who comment on this post (or, if you prefer not to publicly comment on an erotica blog, I’ll include you if you mail me at The deadline is the end of the blog hop.

The trouble is, though… once an idea takes such a strong hold in my head it often leads to more. In this case, my protagonist’s story goes on from this opening tale, and already I have at least two sequels in mind; ultimately it’s likely to become a full-length serial novel. And if I’m publishing a serial novel in a new genre, perhaps I should consider packaging it all under a new pen-name, just for my paranormal erotica and romance? After some discussion with fellow authors and the team at James Grieve Press I’ve decided that I’ll do exactly that: this series will appear under the new name Ruby Fielding, and I’ll also be adding this pen-name to my existing paranormal stories to tie them all together and give Ruby a bit of a head start.

See? Sometimes pushing at the boundaries can take you to altogether new places, and sometimes it’s fun to visit places you’ve never been before.

And now for the rest of the hop:

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All I want… more erotic box-set recommendations

Posted 16 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

So Wrong: The Ultimate Taboo Box-set by Cheri Verset and friends
You can’t help who turns you on, who you lust after. Some people just don’t understand the power of taboo relationships. But sometimes… it’s so wrong and yet SO RIGHT!
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Erotic Authors Collection 2 by Carl East and friends
Another big bundle of explicit smut from the fabulous Carl East.
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Smutastic Collection of Beast, Fantasy, and a Little Bit o’ Romance Erotica by edited by Christie Sims and Alara Branwen
This is a collection of some of the hottest monster, fantasy, and romantic erotic fiction from some of today’s hottest authors. This group of ten short scorching stories comes in at 73,000 words and costs just as much as a single story would! That means you get ten sizzling, tantalizing stories for the price of one! Each story in this anthology is as exciting as the last. You’re innermost desires will be unlocked and will take hold. Be careful when reading these stories. You’ll unlock a world of erotic fantasy so sexy and satisfying that you’ll never want to leave!
Amazon USAmazon UK

Down and Dirty: The Ultimate Erotic Box Set by Ellen Dominick and friends
Who says that girls don’t like getting down and dirty? Ellen Dominick and 8 of her friends have come together to create the ultimate box set filled with all your dirtiest and kinkiest fantasies. Take a peek and you’ll find books by authors Angel Wild, Carl East, Polly J. Adams, Jade K. Scott, Virginia Wade, Alara Branwen, Cheri Verset, and Ellen Dominick.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Naughty Groups and Gangs by Jade K Scott and friends
This is a collection of nine (9) extremely explicit erotic stories from some of today’s hottest erotic authors. Almost 40,000 words of uncensored smut featuring tales of sexy groups and gangs, ménage a trois and multiple partners galore!
Amazon USAmazon UK

Caught In The Act: Stories of Passion by Virginia Wade and friends
A heated glance. A stranger’s touch. A moment of surrender are all… Caught In The Act: Eight Sizzling Stories Of Passion. This boxed set is a collection of stories from best-selling authors Ellen Dominick, Carl East, Virginia Wade, Cheri Verset, Angel Wild, Lainey Price, Polly J Adams, and Jade K Scott.
Amazon USAmazon UK

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The Thankfully Naughty Giveaway Hop

Posted 12 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

I’ll be taking part in another erotic authors’ blog hop later this month – a great way to discover new authors, not to mention plenty of opportunities to win free books!

My offering will be an advance copy of my new werewolf erotic romance story – so new that, although I’ve written it, I haven’t settled on the title yet. The winners of the story will be drawn randomly from everyone who either leaves a comment on the post I’ll be publishing on 22nd November, or subscribes to my mailing list during the hop.

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All I want… more erotica and romance recommendations

Posted 11 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

Leverage by Alexx Andria
Get ready to immerse yourself in the wealthy life of Boston Kincaid, the newest billionaire romance from best-selling erotic romance author, Alexx Andria. A Man Who Believes Money Can Buy Anything… Boston Kincaid is ruthless when comes to getting what he wants – and from the minute he sees Julianna Holly, he wants her in his bed — no matter the cost. Will Discover Something Priceless. When Julianna finds herself within Boston’s crosshairs, she doesn’t stand a chance. Boston knows just how to tighten the screws so that she’ll agree to anything. But while Julianna will allow him her body, she vows he will never have her heart. But neither realize how one indecent proposal will change their lives forever. This is the first installment of a three-part serial.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Western Kisses by Carré White, Anya Karin, Kirsten Osbourne, Flora Dare, AnnMarie Oakes
Kick off the holidays with five heartwarming romances from bestselling authors Kirsten Osbourne, Carré White and more! This fantastic collection of novellas is available for 99 cents for a limited time.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Lost & Found: The Complete Series by Nadia Simonenko
Lost & Found: The Complete Series is now available as one book! Get nearly 500 print pages of heart-wrenching contemporary romance at a bargain price for a limited time only. Lost: 115+ reviews, 4.5 stars. Found: 61+ reviews, 4.7 stars.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Adventures in Fetishland by Slave Nano
In this BDSM reinterpretation of the Alice stories Kim’s life takes an unexpected twist when she is taken from the massage parlour she works and introduced to a fetish fantasy world, ruled over by the Red Queen, a powerful dominatrix. There, an intense psychological drama is played out between the two women as Kim enters a journey into submission. The Red Queen assumes different characters who torment Kim in a series of trials ranging from the funny and strange to the sadistic and erotic. Kim is lured deeper into this world by hints the Red Queen knows something about her past. Why has she been chosen to serve this powerful female? Why is the Red Queen so interested in her? When Kim finally finds out the truth, it is shocking and bizarre.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Dark Pirate by Christina O’Neil
Connor McDuff, a modern day pirate, is plundering on dry land these days. His mission? To take a wealthy man’s daughter for ransom. There is however a very tempting flame haired wrench thrown in his plans, the troubled daughter, Catie O’Halloran. Catie challenges the very few morals Connor didn’t know he possessed. He’s never wanted anything more, and their sexual chemistry is undeniable. A man who is tortured by demons, as love grows he leaves, thinking she’s safer without him, but he couldn’t be more mistaken. Fate keeps bringing them together only to cruelly rip them apart time and time again. There is danger, and a sinister presence hidden in a world of deception, where nothing is as it seems, and in the end, can Connor save Catie from imminent peril before she is out of time? Erotic, dark and suspenseful, it will draw you in and shake you to the core.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Bite of the Vampire by Emmie Udall
After feisty Allison Stark is signed for the leading roll in the movie, “Bite of the Vampire” she’s overjoyed and thinks it will be all fun and games, not to mention, a giant boost to her career. As filming begins in the old mansion in upstate New York, Allison’s romance life is turned upside down by the handsome and magnetic owner of the mansion, Kurt von Metzer – a real vampire and he wants to make her his own. Can Allison resist the steamy sexual intensity of this supernatural creature and save herself, or will she succumb and turn into a vampire princess?
Amazon US Amazon UK

All Shades Of Passion Volume 2 by R. Ali, V. Bruiss, L. DeLaney, Sophie Stevens
These imaginative erotic romance stories include: Mandy and I by Rachel Ali: When Amanda left her loving boyfriend at home and planned a night out with the girls, she knew she wanted to have fun. However, her idea of fun wasn’t to test the boundaries of her sexual attraction, and that too towards her best friend, Mandy. Crimson Rose on the Pavement by Vilhemina Bruiss: Revenge is a dish best served cold… Ice cold. Coconut Bay by Layla DeLaney: Clint and Theresa Money have been waiting for weeks since they got married to embark on their honeymoon adventure. Heat Wave by Sophie Stevens (story 2): Jack and Haley are still a little high from their mid-traffic tryst when they finally reach the secluded cabin, which was to be the setting for their five-year college reunion. Off the Road by Sophie Stevens (story 3): In the third and final part, Jack and Haley are on their way home, when Haley decides to have some fun… Content warning: content intended for adults only.
Amazon US Amazon UK

Curvy Girl Blues by Michelle Fawkes
When curvy girl Kathy Morris goes on vacation to a wilderness ranch resort, she discovers being alone with beautiful scenery, river rafting, and horseback riding are the only adventures around, at least for a girl like her. That is, until a meteor falls near the resort. Kathy joins the searchers setting out to find it, only to realize the hottest cowboy on the ranch has a crush on her. Can they avoid the government thugs threatening them and find a piece of the stars and can a curvy girl find happiness with a cowboy?
Amazon USAmazon UK

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Reckless Curves by Sienna StapletonIf you had to sum up your new novel, Reckless Curves, in a single tweet of 140 characters, what would it be?
Strong BBW meets Sexy alpha male. Emotionally injured, she tries to resist him but instead falls in love.

I’m hooked already – tell me more.
I hate the stereotype that seems to be attached to BBW that they are desperate and lacking self-esteem. My hope is by creating these stories I can help to erase that stereotype and give BBW heroines to be proud of.

Why BBW romance?
I’m always told to write what you know. I’m a big girl myself and it seems to be to be an under represented market. So who better to write BBW than a BWW?

For those who have enjoyed Reckless Curves, which other BBW authors should your readers investigate while they’re waiting for your next book?
Christa Wick for sure. I studied a bunch of her books while I was writing Reckless Curves. Michelle Fox’s Burlesque series is also really good.

Do you write in other genres, too?
I’m toying with the idea of trying my hand at mystery/suspense, but haven’t dove in yet.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
My family knows and my husband and kids are super supportive, though they do tend to forget that I actually need time to write.

What’s your perfect writing day?
I don’t have a perfect day, but my perfect time is early in the morning when everyone is still in bed. I’ll get up at 6am on a Saturday and write until 10 when everyone else stumbles out of bed. That’s when I get the most writing done. I work a EDJ, so writing during the week is difficult.

And your perfect evening out?
Just hanging out with friends, eating good food and gossiping. If I don’t have to dress up for it…even better.

What have you read recently?
I just finished a JD Robb book and am preparing to read Cherise Sinclair’s latest If Only.

And finally, a variant on that opening question: in no more than 140 characters, tell readers why they should buy your book.
Dominant male, strong BBW, lots of emotion and conflict, hot sex. A Great read, Reckless Curves has it all along with a great price.

More from Sienna Stapleton:

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More big erotic bundles!

Posted 6 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

Last month I got together with a group of friends to put out seven erotica box-sets at knock-down prices. Bought alone, the stories in each bundle would cost around $25-30, but these books were offered at introductory prices as low as 99 cents before reverting to the still-bargain price of $2.99.

It was fun to do, and I hope it brought a lot of new readers into contact with our work. The bundles did well, and their success played a big part in me reaching the dizzy heights of the top 25 of all erotica writers in Amazon’s author rankings.

This month we’ve put out another batch of erotica box-sets. Unleashed - paranormal erotica by Polly J Adams and Multiple Partners

Of these eight new bundles, I personally compiled this one:

Unleashed: explicit stories of wild love and magic by Polly J Adams and Multiple Partners
Red-blooded werewolves, witchly enchantments, ghostly seductions… explicit adult fiction about things that bang and howl in the night. Eight sizzlingly sensual stories and novellas from bestselling authors of paranormal erotica.
Amazon USAmazon UK

And I have stories in a further six:

So Wrong: The Ultimate Taboo Box-set by Cheri Verset and friends
(I don’t have a story in this one, as I’ve never written this kind of taboo erotica, but if you like the kind of stories that Amazon is currently trying really hard to hide away then this is the book for you!)
Amazon USAmazon UK

Forbidden Stories by Angel Wild and friends
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Erotic Authors Collection 2 by Carl East and friends
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Smutastic Collection of Beast, Fantasy, and a Little Bit o’ Romance Erotica by edited by Christie Sims and Alara Branwen
Amazon USAmazon UK

Down and Dirty: The Ultimate Erotic Box Set by Ellen Dominick and friends
Amazon USAmazon UK

Naughty Groups and Gangs by Jade K Scott and friends
Amazon USAmazon UK

Caught In The Act: Stories of Passion by Virginia Wade and friends
(coming soon)

Why not browse and pick the ones you fancy? Even better: grab them all while they’re available at introductory prices!

Caught In The Act: Stories of Passion (Virginia Wade and Friends

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All I want… more erotica and romance recommendations

Posted 5 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

The Wolf in the Neighborhood by Phoenix Johnson
Book One In The Wolf Smitten Series What do you do when your past comes back to haunt you? Could a dark secret revealed by a new lover be something you could overlook just to have him? What kind of secrets could you learn to live with for true love? Krissy has a hunky new neighbor with a dark secret; Derek is a vet with an interesting past. They hit it off quickly but when Krissy’s abusive ex, James comes to town, Derek shows a side Krissy never could have guessed, but James refuses to give up. Can Derek’s secret save them, or will James have his revenge?
Amazon USAmazon UK

Playing House by Abi Aiken
Lucy Featherstone, bookshop owner, tea drinker and borderline neat-freak, is in a spot of bother. First there was that trouble with her cheating boyfriend. Now her best friend Toni is moving out, and taking all that lovely rent money with her. The answer to her cashflow problem comes in the unexpected, but devastatingly handsome, form of Mark Hobson, Toni’s friend and workmate. With his silent feet, noisy ’66 Mustang, and his taste for boutique coffee, Lucy sees Mark as nothing more than a temporary solution to her troubles. But long months of loneliness have weakened Lucy’s resolve, and it soon becomes clear that the attraction she feels toward Mark is mutual. Still holding onto the pain of her ex’s adultery, she struggles to trust anyone male—a feeling that grows stronger every time Patrick the mailman delivers ham-fisted come-ons along with the bills. Will Lucy’s feelings of desire become too strong to resist? Does Mark want more from her than just convenient sex? And how far will Patrick go to get what he wants?
Amazon USAmazon UK

All Fired Up by Nikki Dee Houston
Fires aren’t all that’s sizzling at Hillwood Station… Cindy always wanted to be a fire fighter. When she tops the class in the rookie academy, she takes her first job at the small but busy Hillwood Fire Station—as their first female firefighter. Some of the crew don’t appreciate a woman trying to do a man’s job. But when the crew risks their lives in a series of factory fires, Cindy’s determined to not just keep up, but to excel. But the fires aren’t the only thing smoldering at Hillwood. When Cindy comes face-to-face with the real-life, fireman-calendar pinup, she’s left feeling shaky and gasping for breath. Their attraction is white-hot, the sex is sizzling, and there’s no such thing as enough when it comes to their lovemaking. But things turn nasty when a dark past comes back to haunt Cindy, jeopardizing her career before it’s even really begun…
Amazon USAmazon UK

Forbidden Stories by Angel Wild and friends
The “Erotic Touch” has come together to release a complete collection of scorching hot taboo erotic tales featuring some of the dirtiest, edgiest and outright shocking fantasies that have made these authors extremely popular within the spicy world of taboo erotica. With stories from top selling erotic authors: Angel Wild, Jade K. Scott, Virginia Wade, Ellen Dominick, Carl East, Alara Branwen, Polly J. Adams and Cheri Verset, you’ll be left very satisified with this brand new collection of forbidden sex stories! Over 80,000 words long!
Amazon USAmazon UK

Unleashed: explicit stories of wild love and magic by Polly J Adams and Multiple Partners
Red-blooded werewolves, witchly enchantments, ghostly seductions… explicit adult fiction about things that bang and howl in the night. Eight sizzlingly sensual stories and novellas from bestselling authors of paranormal erotica.
Amazon USAmazon UK

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