Pollygraph (interviews with romance authors): Sienna Stapleton

Reckless Curves by Sienna StapletonIf you had to sum up your new novel, Reckless Curves, in a single tweet of 140 characters, what would it be?
Strong BBW meets Sexy alpha male. Emotionally injured, she tries to resist him but instead falls in love.

I’m hooked already – tell me more.
I hate the stereotype that seems to be attached to BBW that they are desperate and lacking self-esteem. My hope is by creating these stories I can help to erase that stereotype and give BBW heroines to be proud of.

Why BBW romance?
I’m always told to write what you know. I’m a big girl myself and it seems to be to be an under represented market. So who better to write BBW than a BWW?

For those who have enjoyed Reckless Curves, which other BBW authors should your readers investigate while they’re waiting for your next book?
Christa Wick for sure. I studied a bunch of her books while I was writing Reckless Curves. Michelle Fox’s Burlesque series is also really good.

Do you write in other genres, too?
I’m toying with the idea of trying my hand at mystery/suspense, but haven’t dove in yet.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
My family knows and my husband and kids are super supportive, though they do tend to forget that I actually need time to write.

What’s your perfect writing day?
I don’t have a perfect day, but my perfect time is early in the morning when everyone is still in bed. I’ll get up at 6am on a Saturday and write until 10 when everyone else stumbles out of bed. That’s when I get the most writing done. I work a EDJ, so writing during the week is difficult.

And your perfect evening out?
Just hanging out with friends, eating good food and gossiping. If I don’t have to dress up for it…even better.

What have you read recently?
I just finished a JD Robb book and am preparing to read Cherise Sinclair’s latest If Only.

And finally, a variant on that opening question: in no more than 140 characters, tell readers why they should buy your book.
Dominant male, strong BBW, lots of emotion and conflict, hot sex. A Great read, Reckless Curves has it all along with a great price.

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