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Half by Elise VanCiseYour erotic novel, Half, has an intriguing premise: “Guarding CEO Alex Blazen during a charity gala was an easy job for Valeska Gorstef…until all hell breaks loose…literally. Forced to face her own darkness, Valeska may lose her only chance to live a human life. Two sides of her soul will be at war. Which HALF will win?” Can you tell us more about Valeska’s darkness?
Valeska is born of two worlds human and vampire. Throughout the story she goes through a constant inner battle of the two. Long ago she tried to separate her self from her ‘dark side’ and live as humanly as she can. Now she has to face and accept that dark half or she’s going to lose those in both worlds she cares for.

Is it a standalone novel, or will we see more from Valeska and Alex?
There is definitely more coming, these characters still have a long journey to travel before a torn soul can be healed, if it can at all.

Why erotica? Why an erotic thriller?
Why not? : ) I love thrillers, most of my favorite books and movies are thrillers, the sensual elements are just icing on the cake. I think those scenes give a reader kind of a deeper look into the emotions and drive of the characters not just for each other but the heart of the character him/herself.

What is it about a story that takes you past that tipping point – from when an idea is merely interesting to when it becomes something that simply has to be written?
I think when it becomes more than just an idea. Some stories just take over and say Write Me!  Like the book I’m presently working on Outlaw Born. The idea popped into my head, next thing I knew I was researching history of railroads, rail conflicts and the Civil War if it coincided with the timeline I was thinking of for the plot. Everything just started rolling into a full character and plot full steam ahead. Yeah, pun intended 🙂

What makes you really care about a character, when you’re writing or reading?
I find the characters I most adore are the ones who I can most relate to. There’s just something about their personality or life that just rings a bell.

Tingle by Elise VanCiseHow did you get into writing erotica?
I really just write what the muse leads me to write. If the story needs heat then logs get tossed on the fire. lol

Tell us about your experiences as an erotica author. What have the big challenges and successes been?
I’ve had some wonderful responses from readers about the book and the way it’s written.  I think the biggest challenge is writing the intimacy with the right balance of sensuality and emotion.

Do the people around you know what you write? How have they reacted, or how would they react?
I think most everyone knows what I write. My writing spans so many genres and types besides erotic/sensual stories. I think there is something there for every kind of reader to enjoy.

What’s your perfect writing day?
Comfortable spot, the words flowing easily onto the page, with no interruptions but to refill the chocolate.

And your perfect day off?
A day at a museum with my son. We love to explore museums and historic places. Or a stack of my favorite dvd’s and a comfortable spot to relax and watch all day.

What will we see from you next?
Right now I’m working on about 3 projects at once lol. The main one is a western Outlaw Born.

The war forced Ben Mason into long separations from family and set him on the battlefield against brothers. His luck left him more often than it came to him. He fought through it all to rid himself of the tarnished name given to him by his father and return home safe to his family.

What he finds forces him to realize his battle has only just begun. When the law fails to offer justice, Ben embraces the legacy he had fought so hard to escape. Blood is the only path when you’re Outlaw Born.

And finally, back to Half: if you were on an elevator with someone and had a few seconds to convince them to read your book, what would you tell them?
Half is a different twist on the typical vampire romantic thriller. Valeska, Alex and the other characters are strong vivid personalities that pop off the page. If you enjoy action, romance, thrills and frights then this is a tale for you.


Don't Touch by Elise VanCiseElise VanCise, award-winning author, published in print and digital media. Elise is a Florida Cracker, with a love for adventure and historic places. NaNoWriMo Municipal Liaison for Lake County, Florida, Founder of Lake Writers of Lake County, Florida. Charter member of Authors in the Park, Member of Marketing for Romance Writers.Org, EPIC Public Relations Team, Member of Coffee Time Romance Brew Crew, Advocate for Public Libraries, Young Writers, Autism, COPD.

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