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Monstrous Obsession (erotic romance and horror) by Giselle Renarde
Artemis has never relied on a man for anything. When she moves in with her biker boyfriend Budd and his teenaged son Vincent, she worries she’s losing her independence. Little does Artemis know the moment she sets foot inside Budd’s big house, family dynamics will be the least of her worries. Something strange lives in Budd’s creaky old house, and it’s far more powerful than any human being. Artemis senses it watching her. She feels it when, out of the blue, a slimy monster tongue licks her neck. She watches it possess every man who looks her way. How could she anticipate the intense, horrific evil she would encounter in Budd’s home? To save her new family from an obsessive monster, Artemis must learn to accept help from the man who loves her. Can she swallow her pride… before it’s too late? An erotic novella with a generous helping of horror from award-winning author Giselle Renarde.
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Scars of Love (Love in a Small Town) by Sienna Stapleton
A second chance at romance in a small town… Seven years after their divorce Mac and Maureen seem to be closer than ever. From the beginning they vowed to do their best to be supportive parents. Who knew that vow would also lead to a deeper and more meaningful friendship. As lead Deputy in the Sheriff’s department of a small town, Mac’s cynical heart is beginning to believe in second chances when he looks into Maureen’s eyes and finds love staring back. When Maureen witnesses a crime and her life is placed in danger he knows he’ll risk everything to protect her. Will Mac convince Maureen to risk the delicate bond of friendship they’ve made for something more? Can he protect her from the danger that threatens to take her from him? One thing he knows for sure. No matter what happens, their lives will never be the same.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Shifting Fates: Betraya by Aubrey Rose and Nadia Simonenko
A soldier sent to destroy all shifters… including the woman he loves… Cage is on a suicide mission he no longer believes in. The connection he feels with Bindi draws him farther away from the military. Treason is unthinkable, but so are the crimes of the Lazaretto containment military… Bindi’s passion toward Cage is tested when his men invade the tunnels she lives in. And when someone she trusts with all her heart betrays her, hell breaks loose. Now she risks losing the children whose very lives depend on her. What will she do – what can she do – to keep her family together?
Amazon USAmazon UK

Four Play …at the Swingers’ Club by Polly J Adams
The Swingers’ Club: a place where no desire is forbidden. But when the club runs into trouble CHristina has to get together with the owners to try to save it, in a way only they could manage. First, though, Christina and her friend Selena must deal with the gangsters who have come to chase the club’s debts. A steamy story of cuckoldry and group sex.
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Master’s Exploits: Night One by Jessi Bond
Just one man, one woman, and a lifetime of steamy, heart-pounding memories. Welcome to THE MASTER’S EXPLOITS. Dalton Alexander: alpha male, experienced dominant, alluring Master. For reasons unknown, he wants to turn his memoirs into erotic BDSM fiction. And ghostwriter Grace Reynolds is just the woman for the job. Night after night, Dalton captivates Grace with sizzling, no-holds-barred retellings of his exploits. In NIGHT ONE, Dalton tells the story of Madison, a woman he met in a bookstore, who soon found herself kneeling at this feet. Grace finds herself wondering what she’s gotten herself into – and whether she’ll ever be able to stop picturing herself in Madison’s shoes.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Midnight Avenger: Midnight Special: Synne City Super Heroines in Peril by JK Waylon
Young, beautiful, and powerful, Midnight Avenger had a rough month since her capture by mobsters. When she spots one of her former tormentors at the scene of a crime, she follows him with hopes of catching him red-handed. Only she is the one caught. Super heroines are hard to catch, and harder to keep. Midnight Avenger quickly escapes, and calls in help. New super heroine Kunoichi is eager to get into the action so answers the call to battle. Together, they go after the mobsters. Two against a dozen. Sounds about right to them, but they might’ve bitten off too much. Will Midnight Avenger and Kunoichi triumphant and vanquish evil? Or will evil swallow them up?
Amazon USAmazon UK

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New erotica: Four Play …at the Swingers’ Club

Posted 28 May 2014 By Polly J Adams

Four Play the SwingersA steamy story of cuckoldry and exhibitionism in the Tied to Please Her series!

With the Swingers’ Club Christina has found somewhere she can be herself, a place where she can relax and explore who she really is, a place where no desire is forbidden. But when the club runs into trouble she has to get together with the owners to try to save it, in a way only they could manage. First, though, Christina and her friend Selena must deal with the gangsters who have come to chase the club’s debts.

“Do you want to know what I just did?”
“Were you bad?”
“I was very bad. Do you want to know?”



She reached for her blouse, moved her hand up so she could trail her fingers down that deliciously soft skin to her cleavage. When she found a button, she released it with a deft flick of the fingers. Now, the cream lace of her bra was visible, and suddenly she was very aware of her own breasts: of their fullness, of the pressure of bra and blouse against them, of her nipples – trapped against her bra as they became hard.

“Could you be persuaded just to accept our good will?” Christina asked. Both guys stood transfixed as she found another button, and released it.

“We’re not easily swayed,” said the Italian-looking guy.

Christina turned and put a hand to Selena’s cheek, drawing her friend in to her kiss.

Her friend’s touch was nervous, uncertain, and Christina had to coax her, seducing her with her soft lips, with the gentle pressing of her tongue.

She ran a hand up Selena’s side, fingers tap-tap-tapping across the corset’s ribbing. The bra cup was made from the softest silk, a coarser tracery of lace running across it. Christina eased it down until a nipple popped free, hardening at her touch, then stiff as she flicked at it with hard finger-nails.

“But swaying you might be a possibility?” said Christina, batting her eyes at the two men, giving them her innocent hooker look.

She ducked her head and pressed her red lips against her friend’s breast, then extended her tongue and started to flick rapidly at that exposed nipple. And all the time, her look was locked on the two men. Unless they were packing more than just those shoulder holsters, the two were clearly very pleased to see this action unfolding before them.

She slid that hand down again, across the ribbing of Selena’s corset to the smooth skin of her ass, cupping one buttock, squeezing and stroking it. Then she moved her hand round to the front, cupping Selena’s pussy through the silk of her thong, caressing her, pushing the heel of her hand against that softness, and pressing her fingers back along the folds of her friend’s labia, barely contained by that flimsy material.

“We can be very persuasive.”

“Look,” said the Italian guy. “If you think–”

She took a step towards him and reached out.

His dick, through those stretched-tight pants, was fat and hard, still pointing downwards because of its constraints. Christina pressed her hand against it, the shaft against her wrist and her fingers wrapped around the bulge of its head.


She started to work her forefinger against that swollen head, and immediately she felt dampness through the fabric.

She dropped to her knees and pressed her cheek against that hardness, peering up at him with that look once again.

He stared at her, his expression still impossible to read. She started to rock her head, massaging him with her cheek, and now his eyes widened. When she turned and folded her lips around the bulge of his dick, he gasped.

Those pants… they had to go.

She reached up for his waistband, found a button and undid it. Then she pulled her head away so she could slide the zipper down.

His pants dropped easily, once they were past that bulge, and then she was pulling at his white shorts. The base of his shaft was broad, nestling in a dark tangle of body hair. She eased the waistband of his shorts further down, studying that fat shaft as it was slowly revealed.

Was it right that she should be so turned on right now? She didn’t know. All she knew was that she’d stopped worrying about right and wrong a long time ago.


Ebook available from:

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originally published as three separate novellas, and now rewritten to read as a single novel

to be published on 24th June in paperback and e-formats

Winner Takes All: the explosive bad boy romance from bestselling erotic romance author PJ Adams

WInner Takes All - the bad boy erotic romance thriller by PJ Adams

When a guy in a tux walks into a bar in the middle of nowhere, dripping wet from the storm, and pulls out a sodden roll of hundred dollar bills, you just know he’s going to be trouble.

Denny McGowan has lost his girl, his best friend and millions of dollars. All he has are the clothes on his back, the money in his pocket, an easy, wise-cracking charm that could melt the hardest of hearts… and two gangsters on his tail and out for revenge.

Cassandra Dane is down on her luck, and on the run from a father fresh out of jail, she’s probably the last girl you’d expect to hook up with someone as hot and exciting as Denny – and she knows it. But things are not always what they seem and sometimes you’re just on the tail-end of a string of bad luck and worse decisions.

When a one-night stand looks like becoming something more than that, Cassie must decide whether she can trust a complete stranger like Denny, and what is he really after? When matters of the heart become matters of life and death, Cassie has some tough choices to make.

And foremost among these: just how many chances do you give a guy like Denny McGowan?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Winner Takes All by PJ Adams

Winner Takes All

by PJ Adams

Giveaway ends June 24, 2014.

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Dark Passions: Dark Romance Boxed Set by Skye Eagleday, Abby Weeks, Savannah Reardon and more
Ten dark romances from Terry Towers (writing as Elixa Everett), Skye Eagleday, Aya Fukunishi and more. They make their own rules. They obey no one and they have no interest in allowing a woman to change them. They are the men you’ve always been warned about. They certainly have no interest in love or relationships, but they do want to control you – body and mind. They have complete disregard for your feelings and yet possess irresistible charm; they are the very definition of an alpha male. And they will make you swoon.
Amazon USAmazon UK

A Sweet Life Boxed Set (Fourteen Contemporary Romances by Bestselling Authors to Benefit Diabetes Research) by Bella Andre, Julia Kent and many more
Have your cake and eat it too–your purchase of A Sweet Life helps fight against diabetes! You can make a difference while you read! All proceeds from the sale of A Sweet Life will be donated to the Diabetes Research Institute via Brenda Novak’s Online Auction for Diabetes Research. 1500 pages / 675 000 words of contemporary romance.
Amazon USAmazon UK

All Tied Up by Polly J Adams
When Christina wants to find a new lover her husband Adam couldn’t be more supportive. All she must do is tell him all about it afterwards. But when Christina’s perfect online date turns out to be a man who likes to be in control, have things gone just one step too far for the adventurous couple? “He hurt me,” she tells her husband later. “He hurt me and I liked it…”
Amazon USAmazon UK

Fertile Curves by Michelle Fawkes
Curvy Katherine Eastman has a problem. The family business has failed, she’s been laid off from her job, and now faces a financial nightmare. Jeffrey Cameron Westbrook, III also has a problem. He has to get married and produce an heir within one year to receive his grandfather’s inheritance. Are they the solution to each other’s problems or is this little marriage of convenience a disaster waiting to happen? Approx 7600 words
Amazon USAmazon UK

Bikini Curves (Sunnystone Bay) by Charlotte Summers
When magazine layout artist Maddy Davis hits the beach at the Shark Festival, she doesn’t expect the huge t-shirt she wears over her bikini to almost drown her in the sea. She doesn’t expect the lifeguard who saves her to be womanizing Hollywood actor Alex Stone or for the embarrassing event to be aired live on TV. Alex is on the beach researching a role for his next movie but when fans want to see more of him and the curvy girl he rescued, a PR stunt is arranged to improve his tarnished reputation. But how much of Alex’s interest in Maddy is a role he’s playing for the media and how much is real? She doesn’t know who or what to trust anymore. And she certainly doesn’t expect to fall for Alex.
Amazon US – Amazon UK

Mercy’s Master by Gia Vanna
The wild young men of London’s gentlemen’s clubs knew no boundaries; money and influence meant they could take whatever – and whoever – they wanted. When powerful, arrogant Robert, Lord Rollinson sees a dark-haired beauty in a tavern, he decides he will take her. But Mercy is a woman with a high-born past, and she’s running from men even more dangerous than Lord Rollinson himself. One chance meeting puts them both at risk, and when Lord Rollinson is challenged to a duel, his choice changes their lives. Mercy is afraid of the brooding man but who better to protect her from a killer – than another killer? However, Lord Rollinson demands utter submission and Mercy walks a fine line between trust, and self-preservation. When the past catches up with her, it ties them together in a way they both try to resist… This is a long novella of 32,000 words with graphic, adult scenes that some readers may find triggering. In 1800, it was perfectly acceptable – even expected – for a man to discipline his wife. She was simply his possession.
Amazon US – Amazon UK

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New release and extract: All Tied Up by Polly J Adams

Posted 13 May 2014 By Polly J Adams

All Tied Up by Polly J AdamsAn explicit erotic story of cuckoldry and spanking in the Tied to Please Her series!

When Christina wants to find a new lover, her husband Adam couldn’t be more supportive. He helps her with the adult dating site, he chaperones her to the first meeting, and then he stays behind at the bar when she goes off with her new lover. For theirs is a very open relationship, with no secrets. Adam would do anything to please her, after all, even if it means she has to find another man to satisfy her needs. All she must do is tell him all about it afterwards.

But when Christina’s perfect online date turns out to be a man who likes to be in control, have things gone just one step too far for the adventurous couple?



He lies, stretched out on the bed, bound at the wrists and ankles, secured to iron loops set into the heavy frame of the Elizabethan four-poster. A slim, forty-something man, his dark hair is silvering at the temples and even for a younger man this position must hurt, stretching joints until they must feel close to popping, putting unnatural strain on the muscles and spine.

The strain on his body is increased by the slim honey-blonde woman straddling him. Her weight is not great, but even so… She bears down, her knees drawn up to either side of him so that the wet softness of her sex presses against his limp penis. As she grinds down, she sees the muscles of his arms tightening in response.

She leans forward and kisses him chastely on the mouth, her hair tumbling forward to form a curtain around his head. “I’m hurting you,” she says softly. “I hope you don’t mind.”

And then she straightens so that her full weight bears down into his lap and his body is stretched even tighter.

He responds…

A filling out, a swelling of that limp dick, so that now it nuzzles into her wet folds.

“You like it when I hurt you?”

She gives a slight twist of the hips so that she can put even more weight on him. He’s stretched so tight! Surely something must break?

He gasps, tipping his head back but still keeping those sharp blue eyes locked on hers.

Another subtle shift, a rolling of the hips so that his semi-hard dick comes to press up against her wet opening, its base against her clit.

“That guy I was with,” she says. “Fraser.” That was the name he’d given, although Christina is sure it’s not his real name.

A raised eyebrow: Adam’s way of inviting her to go on.

“He hurt me, too.”

Another nudging, a hardening. She slides against him. So wet!

“Are you sure you want to hear? He hurt me and it turned me on…”

With that, she reaches forward and puts her hand on Adam’s chest. Then, fingers clawed so that her long red nails bite into his skin, she drags that hand down his chest, leaving angry red welts in her wake.

In immediate response, Adam’s whole body presses upwards. His dick, fully hard now, pushes against her, engages with her wet opening and as she presses down he slides into her in a single, long movement.

Now it’s Christina’s turn to arch her back, to cry out in response to being so full, and when she finally looks down at Adam, he says, “Tell me, darling. Tell me how he hurt you.” A twitch of his dick, then, deep within her. “Tell me everything.”


All Tied Up is available from:


The Tied to Please Her series is a set of four stories about Christina’s sexual explorations, supported by her husband Adam. The stories feature all kinds of activities, including group sex at her friend’s swingers’ club, bondage, spanking and inter-racial encounters, and Adam loves nothing more than to be tied up and told all about his wife’s latest adventures.

The series order is The Swingers’ Club, Unfinished Business, All Tied Up and Four Play, but they can be read in any order.

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Kinksters: 12 Stories of Wild Group Sex, Bisexual Fun and Kinky Pleasures by Giselle Renarde
Kinky couples are great, but nothing beats a big group of kinksters! In this anthology by kinky queer Canadian Giselle Renarde, a Domme and sub share their anal fetish with an old friend while a sword collector pays five young men to fulfill her sex swing fantasy. Geeky grad students chase tornadoes and tail while an unapologetic cougar gets licked by three college girls. There’s an all-girl waxing session, a vintage clothing enthusiast who’s shocked to discover her lover’s “other woman” is actually a man, and a bureaucrat whose male escorts happen to be angels. To top it all, a room full of lesbians lose it over a tattooed femme in Lesbukake. All this, and so much more! Twelve sexy stories are ready and waiting. On your mark… get set… KINK!
Amazon USAmazon UK

Touch Of Heat: A Three-Part Erotic Suspense Serial by J. D. Foxx
Some guys sell stocks and bonds. Or cars and real estate. I sell three things: My time. My body. And my cock. I work for an exclusive escort agency in Los Angeles. The clients are wealthy women—single, married, divorced, lonely, lucky, sad and sultry. They’re all ages, from every part of the city, with every type of desire. Most importantly, they’re also ready, willing and able to pay $5,000 for safe, satisfying sex with no strings attached. To the clients, it’s a fantasy come true. To me, it’s just a job. And I’ve got a plan. I’ve given myself five years to work hard, fuck hard and invest well. And then, when my mother and sister are set for life, I’m walking away from the grind to open a boxing club at the beach. I’ll be thirty at that point. And with just five years to go, my plan is working perfectly. Until I meet Isabella. And then, with one smile, one choice and one twist of fate—everything changes. Touch of Heat is a three-part erotic suspense serial.
Amazon US – Amazon UK

All or Nothing by PJ Adams
Cassandra Dane has issues with Denny McGowan. He’s lied to her, he’s set her up, he’s abandoned her when the chips are down. But worst of all, he’s stolen her heart. It should just be a simple matter of trying to work out whether she can ever trust a man like Denny. But soon matters of the heart become matters of life and death, as the gunmen close in and Cassie has some tough choices to make.
Amazon USAmazon UK

RELATIONships Volume I by Michael Mechant
*** Amazon Best Seller *** Three of my popular pseudoincest stories combined for a special price. The stories are regularly $2.99 each. Get all three together for $6.99: A Gift for Uncle Bernie – A coed needed help paying for college. She asked her stepfather’s rich brother for a part time job, but he offered to buy her virginity instead. Caught by my Stepdaughter – His stepdaughter caught him looking at porn of a woman who resembles her. He thought she’d be mad when she saw what he was looking at. He was wrong. She wasn’t mad at all. Photo Shoot – His sister-in-law asked him to take pictures of her as a birthday present for her husband. He didn’t know until he got there she wanted to be photographed in her birthday suit. It only got hotter from there. How will he ever explain it to his wife?
Amazon USAmazon UK

His Absolute Insistence – Jessika’s Love Story: The Billionaire’s Continuum (#2) by Cerys du Lys
I married a billionaire and now I need to deal with the consequences… After a day where everything went from bad to worse, I just wanted to relax with Asher. I needed time to think, time to recover, some alone time with my husband. I know Asher loves me, and I love him; we would give each other anything. Unfortunately, neither of us can give each other more time and we’re running out of what little we have left. What comes after worse? I’m about to find out.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Lost in His Woods: The Complete Works by Penelope L’Amoreaux
How far would you go to get your memory back? Waking up in Siberia, only inches from death, Clare remembers nothing of her past. Nothing, that is, except the handsome, guarded stranger who saved her. Trapped in a land where nothing feels normal, Clare searches for any thread that could unlock her past. But she finds her focus shifting to Tolik, her reserved savior. He’s kind, gentle, and definitely a loner…with a secret. Tolik and Clare begin a perilous journey that will test their mental and physical limits in the most sensual way in this novel. This is a 50,000+ romance for mature audiences, 18+, who enjoy a little mystery in their men, a lot of curiosity in their heroines, adventure, mystery, and a dash of pain and kink mixed with their pleasure!
Amazon USAmazon UK

Tamed By The Cowboy by Terry Towers
She swore no one could ever change her… Samantha Wilkes is a socialite party girl gone wild. She’s envied by all her peers, who all wish to be her, and lives for two things: modelling and partying. When her behavior becomes too wild and out of control, her mother sends her to Connor Hudson’s farm in the hopes some time in a humble setting under the watchful eye of a strong, domineering man such as Connor will straighten her up. But Samantha has no intention of changing, not for her family and certainly not for some cowboy she doesn’t know. He swore he’d never fall in love again… As a favour to Samantha’s mother, Connor agrees to take in the young woman who has been making headlines, in a bad way. But the last thing he expected was that he’d fall for her. As the layers of Samantha’s personality are peeled back under his watchful eye, Connor sees so much more than a party girl. Deep down, he sees a woman full of pride, ambition and pain and despite himself, he finds himself falling. Can the hard-as-nails cowboy tame the wild Samantha, without doing the one thing he swore he’d never do and losing his own heart in the process?
Amazon USAmazon UK

Unfinished Business by Polly J Adams
Christina last saw Taylor three years ago, but there’s no harm staying in touch online, is there? No harm indulging in a little chat and flirting. No harm to meet for an innocent coffee… But when Taylor does that thing of his, making her go weak at the knees and wet most other places, should Christina back out, or should she go with it and give him just one night to remember?
Amazon USAmazon UK

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Unfinished Business by Polly J AdamsAn explicit inter-racial hot wife story in the Tied to Please Her series: cuckoldry, bondage, rimming, group sex and more!

Adam really is such a very good husband, and Christina adores him. He would do anything for her, and he likes nothing more than to be tied up and told about his hot wife’s latest adult adventures. But when she hooks up with an old flame and the chemistry is still there, is this an adventure too far?

She last saw Taylor three years ago, but there’s no harm staying in touch online, is there? No harm indulging in a little chat and flirting. No harm to meet for an innocent coffee to catch up and relive a few old memories… But when Taylor does that thing of his, making her go weak at the knees and wet most other places, should Christina back out, or should she go with it and give him just one night to remember?



“Let’s just go for a drink,” he said, twisting in his seat to face her as the cab pulled out into the traffic. “I couldn’t just leave things like that. A drink for old times, okay?”

She opened her mouth to speak, then paused, and finally she said, “Okay. A drink. There’s no harm in a drink, is there?”

Minutes later, Christina sat at a table by a window that overlooked the river while Taylor went to the bar for drinks. He came back with a beer for himself, and a gin and tonic for her.

“That picture,” he said, with no preamble. “I took it two years ago. We hadn’t been married a year yet. We had some good times.” A pause, then: “Do you think it was a mistake to get married so quickly? Olivia and I had only been together for four months. We knew each other before that, but, you know…”

“Adam and I were only together for a couple of months before we upped and got wed. It just seemed right.”

“And are you happy?”


He looked down, away. Disappointed?

“He couldn’t make me happier,” she went on. “He trusts me totally. I tell him everything that I do.”

Eye contact. Did he understand what she was saying? For all that he often talked in cheesy one-liners, Taylor had always had a sharp eye for subtext.


The conversation wasn’t supposed to be going in this direction. This was supposed to be a drink for old times’ sake and yet it was back to the question of whether he was seducing her or vice versa. This was wrong. She shouldn’t be doing this.

“And does he like it when you do that?”

She nodded, head tipped down so that she was peering up at him through her lashes. Adam always said that was her perfect hooker look: a combination of shy innocence and very adult seductress.

Taylor shifted position in his seat, then, and his shin came to brush against hers, then stay there, pressing.

“That’s the first time we’ve touched in three years,” she said, then moved her leg away.

“Sorry, I…”

“I’ll have to tell Adam.” Again: that double meaning. Tell Adam that their shins had briefly pressed under a table in a public place? Or something else, something more?

“Do you play around?” she asked now. “With things being shaky at home, I mean.” She’d always thought he must be a player. A guy with such immediate charm, who looked as if he’d just stepped out of the pages of a fashion shoot in a glossy magazine. It would hardly be difficult for a guy like Taylor.

“No,” he said. “Not once. I never have. Until…”

It was Christina’s turn to raise an eyebrow.

He met her look, held it, then glanced away.

“You’re the only one,” he said, looking up again. “The only one who could ever make me feel like this. I’m a confident guy. Not uncertain. Not fearful of what people might think. But you… you make me feel that way.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“It’s a dangerous thing.”

“So it’s a good thing, then?”

His leg pressed again, and now she pressed back. Side by side, the soft flesh of her calf pressing against his.

She pulled away.

“You okay?” he asked.

“Yes. No. I don’t know.” She stared out of the window at the river. “So when did you decide you were going to talk me into bed? When you suggested we meet up? Before that, even? Or was this really an innocent idea and it’s only occurred to you while we’ve been talking?”

“Does it make any difference?”

He wasn’t going to deny it, then.

“I don’t want to do anything stupid,” she said. “I don’t want to hurt anybody or cause any damage.”

“So when did you decide you were going to seduce me?”

She looked at him, those big dark eyes, still trying to deny the inevitability of this.

“Oh,” she said, “on and off for the past three years, I’d say.”


Unfinished Business is available from:

The Tied to Please Her series is a set of four stories about Christina’s sexual explorations, supported by her husband Adam. The stories feature all kinds of activities, including group sex at her friend’s swingers’ club, bondage, spanking and inter-racial encounters, and Adam loves nothing more than to be tied up and told all about his wife’s latest adventures.

The series order is The Swingers’ Club, Unfinished Business, All Tied Up and Four Play, but they can be read in any order.

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Spotlight: Sommer Marsden’s The Accidental Cougar

Posted 1 May 2014 By Polly J Adams

Guest post by Sommer Marsden

The Accidental Cougar by Sommer MarsdenAbbey Admits…

In The Accidental Cougar Abbey admits to Charlie something she never expected to admit to anyone. Something she’d like, in bed, that she never anticipates sharing with anyone. A secret desire.

It’s amazing how ridicule from one lover (in this case her ex husband) can keep us from opening up to a new lover and expressing our desires. If we trust them. And that’s what this one scene—that sort of inserted itself into my narrative unexpectedly—was all about. Trust. It’s the first time I think Abbey really starts to understand the depths of her feelings for Charlie. Whether she likes it or not.

She trusts him despite the fear of ridicule. And then she trusts him to make her wants a reality.

From The Accidental Cougar by Sommer Marsden (NSFW)

In his sleep, he rolled to his side and threw an arm across my belly. A warm sense of satisfaction invaded me and I fought it. I would not get used to this. Trust or no trust. I sighed at my own mental battle with myself and he whispered to me. Not asleep after all.

“You liked that a lot.”

I jumped when he spoke and laughed nervously to cover it. “I thought you were asleep.”

His fingers trailed back and forth across my stomach, it almost tickled but not quite.



“You didn’t answer me,” he said.

“Liked what?” I was confused. “The sex?”

He leaned over me, propped up on one elbow. I couldn’t see anything beyond the shadowed outline of Charlie. But I could tell by his posture that he was looking down at me.

“Yes, that, but…” he chuckled in the dark. “You always like that. I always like that. What’s not to like?”

I joined his laughter but found I was holding my breath, waiting for him to explain. His hand slid up to trace the full outline of my breasts, he found my nipples and circled them too but kept moving. His hands slipped along my collar bone and then swept across my shoulders. And finally it settled, a heavy presence, on my throat.

“This,” he said. And then he very gently put a touch more pressure so I could truly feel the weight of his hand.

“Oh that.” I tried to brush it off. Even as I spoke and found my voice only barely impeded by his hand, I grew wetter between my legs. When Charlie’s in the vicinity I’m almost always aroused on some level, but this had me drenched. Ready for him. On the verge of begging him to take me. Just to let me have that release.

“Did you know that before?” he asked. He kept his hand on my throat and kissed me.

The kiss pulled a small groan out of me. I was so worked up just from the timbre of his voice and the feel of his fingers pressed there against my vulnerable flesh, that the kiss was the final straw. It was impossible to hide how turned-on I was when I made noises like that.

“Answer me, Ace.” He removed his hand and I felt the absence of the extra weight.

Those fingers appeared elsewhere when he slipped his hand between my legs and nudged my nether lips. He briefly pressed against my clit and I made another desperate sound. Then his fingers slipped inside me as easy as you please. He thrust deep, stimulating all the hidden nerve endings deep inside that were primed for any pleasure he delivered.

When he returned his hand to my throat I could smell myself on him. I could also feel the primitive sound of blood in my pussy, my temples, and my throat.

“Yeah, I’ve known.”

“So…” He moved slowly, in the dark, to straddle my hips. His cock pressed hard against my lower belly. His hand never moved. He leaned in and kissed me softly. I whimpered. “Were you not telling me because I’m new or—”

Before he could finish the sentence I began shaking my head. I wasn’t able to shake it much given his grip on me but enough to get my point across. “No, no,” I said. “I never would have told anyone.”

“Why?” Another kiss. Then he moved slowly from side to side on my hips so I could feel his erection taunting me.

“Because I told Jack once. It happened by accident. His hand there. And the same reaction…from me, I mean,” I stammered. “And he said…” I shook my head again, unwilling to continue.

He moved his hand and I swallowed a small cry. I refused to admit what it did for me, his hand there. Charlie spread out over me, pressed his whole body along mine so we were thigh to thigh, hip to hip, belly to belly. He brushed my hair back out of my face as I fought myself not to ask him to return his hand to my neck and then fuck me.

“He said what, Ace?”


Hi kissed me quiet and then said, “Tell me. Please I promise you, you can. I promise you I’ll understand. And I won’t say anything to make you feel bad.”

Boy had he nailed that.

My breath shuddered in my lungs and I finally pushed myself to say it. I did trust Charlie.

He’d never given me any reason not to.

The Accidental Cougar by Sommer Marsden

The Accidental Cougar by Sommer MarsdenWhat would be the harm in a little fling? What would be so bad about bedding a young man who could technically be my son? He wasn’t my son. He wasn’t my anything. But he could possibly, if I could unclench my ass long enough, be my lover.

My lover.

What was so bad?

The Accidental Cougar is available from:


About the author

Professional dirty word writer, gluten free baker, sock addict, fat wiener dog walker, expert procrastinator. Called “one of the top storytellers in the erotic genre” by Violet Blue, Sommer Marsden writes for HarperCollins Mischief, Ellora’s Cave, Excessica, Xcite Books and Resplendence Publishing. She’s the author of numerous erotic novels including Lost in You, Restricted Release, Boys Next Door, Restless Spirit, and Learning to Drown. Visit


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