Winner Takes All hits the US charts now!

Winner Takes All - bestselling romantic suspenseAfter a couple of weeks of success in Canada, now Winner Takes All is hitting the charts in the US, making it my most successful book to date!

Part of this is down to a big promotional push this week, including a short-term price-cut to 99 cents. That deal is due to run out in a day or two, so if you don’t have a copy already why not hit the buy links below?

And now, please forgive the bragging, but…


Highlights include:

  • Number one in Amazon Canada’s Romantic Suspense chart.
  • Number three in Suspense.
  • Number four in Thrillers.
  • Number five in Romance.
  • And number eleven in Canada’s entire Kindle chart! (EDIT: a few hours later it hit number eight.)

Bestseller in Canada!USA

  • Really close to the top 500 overall (doesn’t sound dramatic, but that’s way higher than I’ve reached before). (EDIT: a day later it hit number 462)
  • Number 31 in Suspense, and number 25 in Suspense Hot New Releases.
  • Number 35 in Romantic Suspense, and number 22 in Romantic Suspense Hot New Releases.

Winner Takes All is available from (price dropped to 99 cents for a day or two more only):


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