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Cuckoldry on offer!

Posted 31 October 2014 By Polly J Adams

New from Victoria Kasari:

Cuckolded at the College Reunion

Victoria Kasari (Cuckolded – My Wife on the Oil Rig) has just released a brand new, three part serial and as a special launch day offer, all three parts are available for just 99c each (also available to borrow on Kindle Unlimited). Get the whole thing at once and binge-read 🙂

It’ll be just like old times, she said. But I didn’t know what she used to do at college….

When the invitation for the reunion arrived, I figured that showing off my gorgeous wife would be the perfect way to get back at the jocks who’d bullied me. But when we got there, I was shocked to find that my long-time tormentor, Brad, was her ex-boyfriend.

I hadn’t known that they’d dated. Or that my wife had a wild sexual appetite, back in her college days…and now, it had been reawakened. I could only watch, helpless, as Brad seduced her in front of me. And that was only the start of his plans for my wife….

This epic serial (over 80,000 words in all) sees the hero’s wife in situations that involve cuckolding, BDSM, lesbian, interracial and multiple partner scenarios and bareback action.

Cuckolded at the College Reunion, Book 1 – /

Cuckolded at the College Reunion, Book 2 – /

Cuckolded at the College Reunion, Book 3 – /

Also on offer, 31 October – 2 November:

Tied to Please Her: the boxed-set by Polly J Adams

Tied to Please Her: the boxed-set by Polly J AdamsFour explicit erotic stories featuring hot wife cuckoldry, bondage, anonymous encounters, and much more.

Christina Winters has it all, but still there’s something missing. She wants to explore and try things she’s never tried before. When her husband finds this out he encourages her. His only condition is that she must tie him to the bed and tell him everything…

The Swingers’ Club
The club turns out to be exactly what Christina needs: the perfect place for multiple encounters with men and women, including the blackout room where everything is anonymous and all other senses are heightened by the complete darkness.

Unfinished Business
Christina last saw Taylor three years ago, but there’s no harm staying in touch online, is there? No harm indulging in a little chat and flirting. No harm in meeting for an innocent coffee… But when Taylor does that thing of his, making her go weak at the knees and wet most other places, should Christina back out, or should she go with it and give him just one night to remember?

All Tied Up
When Christina’s perfect online date turns out to be a man who likes to be in control, have things gone just one step too far? “He hurt me,” she tells her husband later. “He hurt me and I liked it…”

Four Play… at the swingers’ club
When the club runs into trouble Christina has to get together with the owners to try to save it, in a way only they could manage. First, though, Christina and her friend Selena must deal with the gangsters who have come to chase the club’s debts.

Price reduced to 99 cents, 31 October to 2 November:

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Finding the romance in a BDSM club

Posted 25 October 2014 By Polly J Adams

At the Swingers' Club by Polly J AdamsFirst published over at One Handed Writers:

My current work in progress presented an interesting challenge for me. Some of my most successful stories such as The Billionaires’ Sex Club and At The Swingers’ Club have featured sex clubs and BDSM, but while they’ve been plot-driven they’ve also been explicit erotica, published under my Polly J Adams pen-name.

When the invitation came to write something for a romance boxed set that features a BDSM club, it seemed a no-brainer for me to say ‘yes’ at first. It was only later that I started to wonder about how it would actually work. Romance can be explicit, of course, but the key difference is that it’s about the relationship, not just the sex.

A relationship story in a setting that, by its nature, would be explicit…? The more I thought about it, the more I realized I hadn’t actually written anything quite like this before. And what’s more, I couldn’t get my head around how I might tackle it!

The more I investigated BDSM clubs (I do love the research aspect of my job!), the more it confirmed my own hands-on experience that people tend to, erm, specialize. That’s perfect for erotica, and even some kinds of romance, but it just wasn’t sparking the ideas for me.

So I stepped back from it all and tried a different approach.

One of the main reasons I started writing erotica and erotic romance was the exploration aspect. There are a few kinks I come back to, but more than anything I love trying different things – in life as well as in fiction. My characters tend to be strong women who are faltering or who have ended up at a point in life where they realize they need to reassess.

And that’s when I hit on my approach to this new story: it’s not about a particular kink, it’s about Julie, a young woman who is exploring not just her sexuality, but her life and what she wants. She’s still dealing with the end of a relationship where she was tightly controlled: both in real life and at the Club Extraordinaire she was the sub to his dom. Now, without him, she realizes that she still wants to keep the Club in her life but now there’s so much more to explore.

All of a sudden, Club Extraordinaire came alive for me: it was the place where Julie could explore her sexuality but also it was the center of her explorations of who she actually was and what she wanted.

Nothing is simple, of course, and when she gets involved with a mysterious stranger she knows she will have to deal with how this new relationship will be affected by her other life at the Club.

It ended up as a short novel under my PJ Adams romance pen-name, more explicit than my other romance but retaining that focus on characters and their relationships, and with plenty of twists and turns along the way. Once I had hit on the right approach, I had a whale of a time writing it, and I hope that energy comes across to readers.

Escape will be published in early November as part of the Club Alpha boxed set, along with novels by Selena Kitt, Alanis Knight, Terry Towers and nine more fabulous authors.

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At the Swingers’ Club: all four stories by Polly J Adams
How does a trip to Europe lead to running a suburban swingers’ club? A set of four steamy stories following Selena and Martin on their journey from a visit to an adult show in Amsterdam to turning their home into a club for like-minded friends.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Fertile Curves 2 by Michelle Fawkes
The dramatic sequel to Fertile Curves. Katherine and Jeff have a marriage of convenience, but it’s a convenience that might reward them with a half billion dollar inheritance if Jeff can get Katherine pregnant and she can produce an heir to the family fortune. Jeff’s brother and his evil wife Andera have other ideas, though. The fortune will go to them, if Jeff and Katherine fail and they’ll do anything to stop them. Can Jeff get Kath pregnant and will they fall in love in the process or will they go their separate ways?
Amazon USAmazon UK

What Do Lesbians Do In Bed? 21 Sapphic Stories by Giselle Renarde
Have you ever wondered what lesbians do when they get together? Is it all fingers and scissors and lips between legs, or is there WAY more to the slippery story of lesbian sex? In this hot new anthology, enjoy twenty-one explicit tales of lesbian love. From shoe fetish to opera gloves, sex in public to quiet winter mornings, from a taste of taboo to strap-on DP to extremes that shan’t be mentioned here to full-on Sapphic bukakke, even connoisseurs of fine girl-on-girl action are likely to discover a new idea or two in this sexy new collection. Whether you can appreciate this book’s title ironically or you’re authentically curious about what girls who love girls do in bed (or in parked cars or at the office or in a church basement or in a restaurant bathroom), grab a copy today and get in on the nitty-gritty secrets of lesbian sex. Giselle Renarde’s erotic fiction has appeared in over 100 anthologies, including prestigious collections like Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Lesbian Romance, Best Women’s Erotica, Girl Fever, and the Lambda Award-winning collection Wild Girls, Wild Nights.
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Dark Rebel Motorcycle Club Trilogy by Abby Weeks
These books follow the full story of Rose Meadows. They are drawn from experiences in the author’s own life and reveal a heartbreaking and painful story of abuse, degradation and humiliation. While the trilogy as a whole ends happily, terrible things happen to Rose in these pages. You’ve been warned! The story opens with Rose being kidnapped. She wakes up in a motel room, tied to the bed, and she is terrified. Never could she have imagined what the men who took her have in store. The pleasures they seek are not only sexual; they want that, but they also want to abuse her in more degrading and devastating ways. They want to humiliate her. They want to debase her. And most of all, they want to break down her trust in the one thing that can eventually set her free: Love. Start this trilogy if you are brave enough to see it through to the end. It is a heartbreaking story but it is also a triumphant one. It shows that love can be found in the darkest of places, and that sometimes it is the roughest and hardest of men who prove to be the most surprising
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Curvy Astronomer and the Cowboy (He Wanted Me Pregnant!) by Victoria Wessex
From USA Today Bestselling Author Victoria Wessex: a standalone romance with a HEA and no cliffhangers. Curvy astronomer Emily is used to life on her own. She lives on the road, making just enough from her photos to survive. But for her latest assignment, she’ll have to find somewhere that’s really, REALLY dark – some place far away from all civilization. Cowboy Troy knows horses, not the Horsehead nebula. He agrees to take the stubborn scientist out to a tiny cabin in the mountains, rather than see her get lost…but a blizzard traps them there, miles from the nearest living soul. A Wyoming winter can be dangerous: howling winds, blizzards, even bears. Can Troy protect the curvy stargazer…and tell her he’s fallen for her? And will loner Emily really want to stop running, settle down…and start a family?
Amazon USAmazon UK

Adversaries’ Lust by Ann Grech
Emma Wilson had no idea that taking on this particular case would change her life. And that’s a good thing, one that she desperately needs. Her days are running into one, exhaustion overtaking her. Desperately lonely but afraid to experience another painful and humiliating breakup, she has thrown herself into work. At 28 she has become a leading environmental lawyer. While her career has taken off, she has little time left for friends and a social life and her sex life is all but non-existent. At the end of a trial two years in the making she is just looking forward to no longer having to deal with her opposing solicitor, Nicholas Daniels. Since beginning to work as his adversary, she has clashed with him repeatedly. He is cocky, arrogant and demanding and has had to fight him at every turn. Then she meets him. He immediately sets her body on fire. Trying to put him out of her mind is impossible and she finds herself drawn to him like a moth to the flame. A steamy love affair develops between them quickly, but their passionate romance is tested by Nicholas’ fears and the two greatest challenges of Emma’s life. Will they survive?
Amazon USAmazon UK

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