Tuesday teasers: more sexy one-liners

Here are some more teasers from my stories. Be warned: the stories range from romance to seriously explicit erotica!

Do you like it rough? I think you do, don’t you? (more…)

I like cock… is that bad? (more…)

Is there a pattern here? Perhaps. Older men. Authority figures. (more…)

You like it when I hurt you? (more…)

I need cock, she said, her voice a low rasp. “I need cock and I need it now.” (more…)

It started with a lie… (more…)

eight sizzling stories and novellas from bestselling authors of paranormal erotica (more…)

They tied me with silk scarves. (more…)

‘I hope you don’t mind,’ said Christina. ‘But I thought I’d bring a friend.’ (more…)

Were we really talking bondage on our first normal date? (more…)

Like I say, I’m a bitch. A slut. Right then, I was *his* slut. (more…)

paranormal chills with the sexiest of thrills (more…)

It was a nostalgia kiss. One that worked down my neck… (more…)

from small-town girl to billionaires’ hooker (more…)

It didn’t seem at all incongruous that his trousers were open and his dick was in his hand (more…)

I stretched, and felt the dried-on semen starting to soak away. (more…)

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