Tuesday teasers: more sexy one-liners

Here are some more teasers from my stories. Be warned: the stories range from romance to seriously explicit erotica!

“Good food and a blow job,” he said. “Works every time.” (more…)

a night of intense passion on the dangerous journey from riches to rags and back again (more…)

I was a successful professional woman and I figured I could handle a bit of flattery and hot pursuit (more…)

The older man’s kiss was hard and direct, his hands on her breasts hurting her, but hurting her in such a good way. (more…)

when eyes meet across a crowded room (more…)

The invisible hand still gripped him… he didn’t want it to let go. (more…)

He started to thrust and she would have cried out again if his hand hadn’t been over her mouth. (more…)

A strong man doesn’t have to be physically overpowering; he has to be in command. (more…)

Is anything sadder than a woman in yesterday’s make-up & exotic underwear being told she?s not wanted? (more…)

…intensely aware that I was in a stranger’s vast home, running from him, in high shoes and no panties (more…)

on the run with a tuxedoed guy with Trouble written all over his gorgeous face (more…)

Red-blooded werewolves, witchly enchantments, ghostly seductions… Unleashed: a paranormal erotica box-set (more…)

“Do you want to know what I just did?” “Were you bad?” “I was very bad. Do you want to know?” (more…)

some things are so wrong they just have to be right (more…)

Penises come in many shapes and sizes, so I’d heard. That night, I think I saw them all. (more…)

This was somewhere you didn’t go – especially with your tongue! (more…)

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