It’s only polite to share: cuckoldry and hotwife erotica

noun: a man whose wife has committed adultery, often regarded as an object of scorn

More specifically, in erotic fiction, cuckoldry stories are a sub-genre of BDSM fiction. The wife is the dominant partner, exploring her sexuality; her husband is sexually inadequate, humiliated by his wife’s adulterous adventures with far better able and equipped partners.

And he likes it 😉

A variation on this is the hotwife story, where the sexual humiliation angle is far less prominent: the wife explores, and the husband gets off on her adventures rather than his own humiliation.

So what’s so hot about your partner screwing around? For the cuckold it’s a very psychological thing: it really is a form of BDSM where the wife’s exploits take the place of the paddle and handcuffs.

And for the husband of the hotwife, well, in some cases it can actually be a sub-genre of romance: a woman is liberated, while a man puts his partner and her happiness at the center of his sexual fantasies, made all the more intense by the fact that these fantasies are being acted out.

Or maybe there are other reasons.

But at the bottom line, these stories are hot, and here are some recent examples.


Cuckolded in Space by Victoria Kasari
They demanded my wife get pregnant…by any means necessary! I was prepared to do anything to get myself and my gorgeous blonde wife off the overcrowded Earth and to the colony on Mars–even lie about the fact I was infertile. But when my lies were uncovered, we were told we’d have to return home…or agree to my wife getting pregnant by another man. And not just any man. Leon, the muscled black hunk she’d been flirting with. He’d take her hard, without protection…and right in front of me. He’d give her the children I couldn’t…and I could do was watch.
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Wide Load Coming: Bareback with the Trucker by Katie Cramer
“It’s not cheating if my husband wants it, too.” Every three weeks, Alec makes the long and dangerous trip to Lightpoint Research Facility to drop off essential supplies for Professor John Coleman and his devastatingly beautiful wife, Tanya. But this time is different. This time, Alec’s services are needed for a different reason… The gorgeous Tanya wants Alec inside her, bareback and unprotected. Her husband, ready to become a cuckold, will be watching on CCTV the whole time…as long as Alec agrees to satisfy his wife in ways the Professor can’t. Asked to become their bull, Alec faces a moral dilemma. But Tanya knows exactly what she wants and is almost impossible to resist…
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Wide Load Reversing: Bareback with the Trucker 2 by Katie Cramer
Tanya has been changed forever after letting her husband watch her with another man. Eager to repeat the experience, she prepares for Alec’s return. But this time he’s bringing someone else with him… “His need to see me satisfied, to be so jealous of what he can’t achieve, is so degrading…so humiliating.” Both Alec and his colleague Joe make the dangerous trip to Lightpoint to deliver essential supplies. When they get there, they realize their truck is carrying precious cargo…something Tanya has arranged to ensure the three of them will experience something her husband could never hope to compete with… “Our marriage will never be like it was. Never.” An erotic romance featuring an alternative but loving relationship, this short story features two alpha males and a married couple experimenting in mature fantasies, lifestyles and situations.
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My Nearly Man: Confessions of a BBW Hotwife #1 by Sadie Somerton
I’ve often talked with my husband about me sleeping with other men. It turns him on, and that turns me on. But I’d never converted that fantasy into reality. Not until last night… Last night I hooked up with my nearly man, Bradley. Way back we’d kissed, we’d flirted, but we’d never gone beyond that. But last night? Last night it all became very real… A steamy and very explicit story of cuckoldry, exploration and rekindling old flames.
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Tied to Please Her: the boxed-set by Polly J Adams
Four explicit erotic stories featuring hot wife cuckoldry, bondage, anonymous encounters, and much more. Christina Winters has it all, but still there’s something missing. She wants to explore and try things she’s never tried before. When her husband finds this out he encourages her. His only condition is that she must tie him to the bed and tell him everything…
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