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All I Want… more romance recommendations

Posted 28 April 2016 By Polly J Adams

Saved by the Outlaw: Motorcycle Club / Hitman Romance by Alexis Abbott
She was the girl that got away. Now she thinks I murdered her dad. It took me years to get untangled from the Bratva — the Russian mafia. But I’ve gotten my life together, with my Club behind me. Sure, we still operate outside of the law. It has to be like that, because we’re up against something far worse. Then she shows up, asking about her dad’s murder. She’s a fiery mystery from my past, and this time, I’m not going to let her get away. But first, I have to prove to her that we’re lookin’ for the same person. That whoever killed her dad has been hurting my club and the people I care about most. So I’m going to find the scumbag who hurt my Cherry, and my club, and I’m going to make them pay. Even if I have to turn back to my former hitman ways… A full length Romantic Suspense novel. No Cliffhangers/Standalone. Safe. On sale and contains a teaser for Abbott’s next release, as well as two bonus books! (Ruthless and Owned by the Hitman are included in this release for a limited time.)
Amazon USAmazon UK

Ash: A Bad Boy Romance by Lexi Whitlow
I married Summer to save her life, and then I was forced to break her heart. I’m back in town, and I’m never letting her go again. She’s the woman who changed me. She’s my wife, and she’s going to have my baby. // He told me he’d always protect me. Then he disappeared without a trace. Jonathan Ash is not the kind of man you marry. He’s a fierce, hard-bodied, tattooed, womanizing mafia soldier. Me and Ash? We were done three years ago. But Ash is waving around a marriage certificate that proves otherwise. He says he deserves a chance. He says he wants me to have our baby. And he’s not signing any f*cking divorce papers.
Amazon USAmazon UK

RUTHLESS HOLD (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel) by London Casey
She’s the daughter of the biker who taught him how to be a true outlaw… he’s supposed to keep her safe – not get her pregnant. When Trev took the vacant seat at the Back Down Devil MC table, he did it out of honor for a fallen brother. He then learns the man who brought him into the outlaw world had a secret affair and had a daughter a long time ago. Worse yet… she’s beautiful. And Trev is put in charge of protecting her. Eden is in serious danger. She knows little of her life other than she was given up for adoption. A mysterious letter brings her to a motorcycle club where she learns about her parents and ends up in the arms of a sexy and strong biker. The truth about Emma ignites a war within the MC. Two charters are poised to face off in an explosive war and it’s not just the fate of Back Down Devil MC at stake. It’s Trev’s life, Eden’s life, and the life they created all hanging in balance…
Amazon USAmazon UK

JUST LOOKING: A stepbrother romance by Kendra Edge and Sadie Somerton
I never planned to do it. Watch him. Spy on him. I’m not that kind of girl. Or, at least, I never thought I was. Especially him. Robbie Fulton. Arrogant and selfish. A user of women. A player. Robbie Fulton: son of my mother’s fiancé. This whole thing… it’s wrong. So very very wrong. This vacation was supposed to bring us all together. Make us feel closer. But not like that… JUST LOOKING: A story of temptation and desire. A story of voyeurism and seduction. A story of taking things too far. This is a standalone adult romance, with the emphasis on the ‘adult’. This edition also includes two free bonus stories.
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Hotwife Game by Camille White
An explosive game of chicken – hotwife style. Fantasies quickly become all too real as Tim pushes his wife’s boundaries through a series of increasingly outrageous tasks via WhatsApp. Erica is away on business and it doesn’t take long before her antics get her noticed by the locals. The game becomes increasingly one-sided as poor Tim struggles to maintain control as his beautiful wife quickly finds her hands full at the bar… It can be hard to find time to play games when you’ve got work to do. With messages across the sea, dark strangers, intense emotions as information is drip-fed, there’s the fire of a dangerous and erotically-charged game where perspective is everything. Their lives will not be the same once they’ve played.
Amazon USAmazon UK

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All I Want… more romance recommendations

Posted 14 April 2016 By Polly J Adams

JUST LOOKING: A stepbrother romance by Kendra Edge and Sadie Somerton
I never planned to do it. Watch him. Spy on him. I’m not that kind of girl. Or, at least, I never thought I was. Especially him. Robbie Fulton. Arrogant and selfish. A user of women. A player. Robbie Fulton: son of my mother’s fiancé. This whole thing… it’s wrong. So very very wrong. This vacation was supposed to bring us all together. Make us feel closer. But not like that… JUST LOOKING: A story of temptation and desire. A story of voyeurism and seduction. A story of taking things too far. This is a standalone adult romance, with the emphasis on the ‘adult’. This edition also includes two free bonus stories.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Razor: A Bad Boy Stepbrother Romance by Lauren Landish
They call me Razor. 6’2″, blond, green-eyed, 185 pounds of pure muscle with an eight-inch c**k – I pull b*tch*s like a grand master angler. But laying the pipe isn’t all I do. I’m a hacker – the best there is. I work the keyboard like I work a woman’s cl*t. Fast and furious. There’s no code I can’t crack, no problem I can’t hack – that is, until I land myself right in the middle of a murder investigation. On the run, there’s only one woman who I know I can trust – my stepsister, Carly. Tempting as f*ck, I’ve had a huge crush on her for as long as I can remember, yet I’ve always known she was off limits. Being around her will only complicate matters. She’ll make it harder for me to complete my mission, but I can’t help myself. With old feelings resurfacing and a growing need to claim her body as my playground, I’ll have to decide between my freedom or letting her take the edge off this … RAZOR.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Unjustified Demands by Baylee Rose
I’ve claimed her. She’s mine and I’m not letting her go. ROMAN: I own this town. People don’t tell me no. If they try, they regret it. I live my life to please no one, but myself. One look at Ana and I wanted to play with her. To test her. To find her secrets. To make her my toy. Until I grow bored. But Ana surprises me. One taste and I keep wanting more. She submits to my demands. But with each encounter I find I want more. Now, I want her to submit more than just her body. I want her heart. And I always get what I want. Complete Stand Alone Full Length Book Warning: Instant Lust ahead. Love comes eventually. Happy Ever After inside, because every woman should have one.
Amazon USAmazon UK

MOBSTER: A Bad Boy Romance by Danielle Slater and Lacey St Claire
Following orders could secure his future … and destroy his happiness. // A notorious man … Francisco is next in line to take over as Mafia kingpin. His father wants him to settle down, but Francisco has never met a woman who made him want more than a one-night stand. Until the night of the masquerade party at Club Ecstasy — when a masked woman entrances him with her warmth, kindness, and innate sensuality. // A dedicated woman … Sarah is a hard-working nurse by day and a caregiver for her aunt at night. When she goes out for a rare evening of fun, she gets a lot more than she bargained for. The irresistibly sexy man she meets at Club Ecstasy almost seduces her right there in the nightclub. She never learns his name, or sees his face … but she can’t stop thinking about him. // A fateful encounter … The next time they meet, it’s because Sarah has become the unwitting target of a mob operation. For Francisco, family comes first. Can he find a way to satisfy his desire as well as his honor … or will his loyalty cost him the only woman he’s ever wanted?
Amazon USAmazon UK

Luster: A Bad Boy Romance by Tessa Rowan
Mixing business with pleasure turned my world upside-down… I had the key to the throne of my father’s empire with my brilliant plan. It was a really clever plan. All I had to do was find the right artist with the right talent to impress my father. It was supposed to be so easy. Just another contract with another client. Except Matthew Walsh isn’t just another client. He’s the sexiest and most infuriating man I’ve ever met, and he’s into playing games. He thinks I’m just some stuck up girl who will bend to his will. I’m not, but if I do what he wants then ultimately I will get mine in the end. Well, Mr. Walsh, I can play games too. But…there’s more to him than meets the eye. And I’m finding myself breaking all the rules as Matt breaks down all my walls. What have I got myself into? // I make no apologies for what I say or do… I lived my life. I put blood, sweat, and tears into my work and made some f***ing amazing art. And I was good at it. After everything I’d been put through, I deserved the bank I made. That contract with the swanky hotel mogul was going to send my money sky-high. But I have to throw on the brakes when I first see her. Falyn Morrissey, my new partner it seems. The one with killer body and the contract in her hand. I can’t let her off that easy…no way. I have to find out what makes her tick somehow. There’s something different about her, guarded and co
Amazon USAmazon UK

Captured by the Alien Savage: A SciFi Alien Romance by Marina Maddix and Flora Dare
Just when I think nothing else could go wrong … I see her. My crew and I are on a desperate mission hunting a villain, but he’s always one step ahead. Now we’re stuck in orbit over a primitive planet called ‘Earth’ without enough fuel to get us home. And worst of all, every last one of us is about to go into heat. That’s bad. Very bad. Our only hope of survival lies somewhere on the surface. I can’t afford any distractions, least of all a beautiful, curvy human female who my body tells me is my fated mate, my amavar. But that’s impossible! My mate can’t be human … can she?
Amazon USAmazon UK

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Trust, a London gangland romantic suspense novel

Never trust a man who says, “Trust me.” /


Love strikes in the most unlikely places, but can it really take root in a London criminal underworld threatened by Russian mobsters? And can Jess ever learn to trust a gangster like Dean?

It’s time for a fresh start. Time to make amends for all the bad things I’ve done. The mistakes. All the people I’ve let down.

But when one good deed exposes betrayals and feuds buried in my family’s tragic past it’s like pulling at a loose thread. One thing leads to another and then another, and then I’m in too deep and it all leads me to him.

Dean Bailey: part gentleman, part cold-blooded gangster, and nobody’s idea of Mr Right.

I’m sorted. I’m the man. And I’m ruthless.

She changes everything though. The girl. Jess. She just waltzes in here, poking her nose where it doesn’t belong. Some cock and bull story about family connections, but I don’t swallow any of that.

She’s out to get me but I’m one step ahead. All I have to do is give her a bit of the charm, that disarming grin, and say, “Trust me.”

After that she’s mine. They always are.

Trust: A steamy, edge-of-the-seat romantic suspense thriller from the author of Winner Takes All and Black Widow.



Trust by PJ AdamsI turned to him and he was looking at me, something in his eyes.

He put a hand to my cheek, and for a moment I thought he was going to try to clean any remaining blood away, but then…

His touch. It was gentle, almost imperceptible. Fingertips on my cheek.

His hand moved to cup my jaw, forefinger against the lobe of my ear, a sudden, electrifying touch as his fingertip tugged on my earrings. My response surprised me, my sensitivity unnaturally heightened.

The adrenaline thing, I realized. Was this the fight or flight phenomenon Dean had referred to earlier? Coming down from the adrenaline rush, the aftermath of danger… he’d said it heightened everything: responses and needs.

He kissed me.

His lips tasted of metal, that coppery tang of blood.

His hand slipped round to the side of my head, fingers sliding deep into my hair, gripping and steering me, as his tongue pressed, almost delicately, between my lips.

I pulled away.

I wasn’t ready for this. Wasn’t ready for him. A man like him.

His hand fell away from my head, knuckles brushing against my thigh. He straightened, moved back from me.

Light flashed in from outside, another car’s headlight beam sweeping across us. Our limo was following the convoluted road through this old industrial estate, one in a line of dark cars heading away from the fight.

In that arc of light I saw the tension in Dean’s jaws, the dark flash of his look. He clearly wasn’t accustomed to being turned down.


I don’t know what I’d been going to say, so I fell silent again.

“You can stay,” he said. “No strings. It’s late, and I guess you don’t have anywhere to go, right? That place I took you to before? There’s nobody stopping there at the moment. It’s a place we keep, just in case. It’s yours for as long as you want.”

That explained why the house had been so immaculate. Inside, it had felt more like a show-home than somewhere lived in. Was that really a no-strings offer?

I peered at him in the dim light. He had visibly relaxed, as if forcing himself to do so.

I couldn’t work out what it was, what he had.

Maybe it was just the adrenaline, coming down from the primitive energy of the fight. Not just Lee’s fight, but Dean’s too… the way he’d taken the Russian out with a single blow, the way it had taken three of that man Reuben’s thugs to subdue him…

Maybe it was as simple as that.

An animal response to danger.

But I knew there was more, too. The complex mix of things that made him what he was. The raw threat of his life, his choices. The protectiveness – the way he’d shielded me from the Russians before, the way he always seemed to be looking out for me, an automatic response for him – but also the chivalry. He was a man who opened doors, who stepped aside for me, who made sure my glass was filled, who made me coffee and talked me down after Russian thugs had waved a gun at me in the street.

And more than anything, it was the way he’d taken my hand back there. Me, a girl who never held hands, a girl who shied away from any kind of display of affection. It had been a protective thing, my hand in his, a sharing of strength and defiance. It had been intimate, a small thing in a big, brash setting.

It had been a statement, one he’d been willing to make in front of those men without hesitation.

She’s with me. Don’t fuck with that. Ever.

I kissed him.

It was a reversal of his kiss from moments before. It was my hand that went to his blood-smeared cheek, my forefinger that brushed against his earlobe – a brief contact, but one which elicited a brief tensing in response.

I recognized that thrill.

I recognized the taste of his lips when my mouth pressed softly against his, recognized the soft yet firm pressure of his lips.

The roughness of his stubble.

The pressing response of his tongue against mine.

My whole body responded, every sense heightened. Adrenaline or not, I didn’t care.

My breasts pressed against him, soft against hard; I felt trapped in the tight constraints of my leather jacket.

More tightness in my belly, and lower down.

He kissed back. After a second or two of hesitation – surprise? – his tongue met mine, pressed and slid.

We twisted to face each other, and his free hand went to my waist, slipping inside my jacket, pulling the fabric of the vest-top suddenly tight.

I became intensely aware of my nipples hardening, pressing against the inside of my bra. Tiny pulses of pleasure, thrilling through me at every touch, every pulling and tightening of clothes, of contact.

He pulled me to him, and I tipped my head back, breaking the kiss to release a long sigh that was almost a moan.

Instantly, his mouth went to my jaw. The scrape of his stubble was electrifying, the scrape of his teeth against the taut skin of my neck, the press of his lips and tongue…

The hand moved up across my ribcage, thumb finding the swell of a breast, sliding around the contour.

He moved to cup that breast, thumb against the hardness of my nipple through the layers of top and bra.

I was gasping now. I couldn’t remember feeling so turned on – so urgently, so abruptly.

I reached for him, trapping the hand under my moving arm so that it squashed the softness of my breast.

I found his jacket, pushed it aside. His shirt – so thin and insubstantial!

I ran the back of my hand across his ribs, the hardness of a tiny nipple; found his neck-tie and gripped the knot, pulling him even harder against me.

Just then, the car bumped over a ridge in the roadway.

I pulled away a little, turned to look forward. The driver seemed oblivious to us – either genuinely so, or he was the model of discretion.

I still had a hold of Dean’s tie, and now I pulled him to me again.


Ebook available from:

Paperback available from:

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All I Want… more romance recommendations

Posted 6 April 2016 By Polly J Adams

Trust by PJ Adams
Never trust a man who says, “Trust me.” All Jess wanted was a fresh start, but Dean, middle brother of the notorious Bailey Boys, changes everything – if only she could trust him. Love strikes in the most unlikely places, but can it really take root in a London gangland threatened by Russian mobsters? Trust: A steamy, edge-of-the-seat romantic suspense thriller.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Billion Dollar Bad Boy by Nora Flite
He thinks he can buy anything he wants. Even me. The package in my mail had no name, no address. Just some sexy lingerie, and a letter telling me that I was claimed. That I already belonged to him. I thought it was a mistake. No one would send something like that to a girl like me. The most exciting part of my day was getting to marathon a new show on Netflix. But the gifts kept coming. And the messages got more personal. He’d write things like, “Thinking about you drives me wild.” Or, “How will our lips feel when we finally kiss?” I won’t lie, I was starting to fall for a stranger. Then he wanted to meet. He’s gorgeous, charming, an actual damn billionaire. He’s everything a girl could want. But he has a secret. What if he isn’t a stranger at all?
Amazon USAmazon UK

Hitman’s Kiss: A Mafia Bad Boy Romance by Kate Sands
She thinks he’s more than a killer. He’ll have to kill to prove her right. // Robert: I’ve been working for Don Capelli since I was twelve. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve killed, but lately I wonder if I’ve still got the stomach for it. Not much choice, though–a man like me doesn’t get to have a nice little wife and family to come home to. And now there’s this chick. Emily. Cute, and sweet, and innocent–it’s her old man who has gambling debts. But I’m holding her hostage until her father pays up. Except he’s not paying, and the Don wants to turn Emily into one of his whores. It ain’t right — she didn’t ask for any of this. I gotta protect her somehow … and hope Don Capelli doesn’t find out. // Emily: I’ve spent my life buried in books. They’ve been my closest companions, my true friends … but they didn’t prepare me for this. I’d be scared to death except for Robert. I know he’s done awful things, but he’s not an evil man, not deep inside. And he makes me feel things that no man ever has. He’s all I’ve got since my father abandoned me. If we bring each other pleasure … is that so terrible? // When Robert runs away with Emily to keep her safe, it’s not long before the Don’s hitters come after them. Can he keep them both alive–and battle his own doubts–long enough to give their newfound love a chance? Hitman’s Kiss is a full length romantic suspense mafia no
Amazon USAmazon UK

Biker’s Claim: A Bad Boy Romance by BB Hamel
I’ve been claimed by the wrong biker. The Demons MC is at war. When my father, the president of the Demons, asks me to marry the leader of a rival gang in order to bind the two clubs together, I agree to help. Our enemies will do anything to stop us from combining our strength, including hurting me. With my life in danger, my father assigns the tough and handsome Demons enforcer Clutch to act as my bodyguard. I’ve known Clutch for years. We practically grew up together. He’s tall, ripped, covered in dark tattoos, and he never backs down from a fight. I’ve always wondered what his rough lips would feel like against my skin, but we never crossed that line. I need him to keep me safe, but I want him to do to so much more. I can’t stop picturing how he could make my body feel as he strips off his shirt to sleep on my couch. His cocky grin haunts my dreams each night. But I’m claimed by another man, and nothing can change that. That awful bastard’s name is Jetter, and he betrayed my father and the Demons a long time ago. I hate him, but I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help my family. If I give in to Clutch’s filthy looks and betray the man I’m supposed to marry, the war could spiral out of control. But every time Clutch comes close, I know I can’t keep away.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Body Lock: MMA Sports Romance by Grace Hugh
MMA fighting sensation Jans “The Dragon” will do anything to protect LeAnne… and their secret baby. // LeAnne I was a nobody. A nobody with a junkie mom and a sh*t life. I swore I’d never be like her, I was good! Until bad boy Jans rolled through like a storm, claiming my body with his dominating hands and my heart with his icy blue eyes. My mom finally did something right when she became Vinnie, Jans’ dad’s, arm candy girlfriend. Then everything went wrong. I know Jans didn’t mean to do it. He was only trying to protect me. // Jans Her innocence was like an addiction, I was obsessed from the moment I saw her. I couldn’t get enough of her sweet lips and delicious taste. My Capo father would kill us if he ever found out. He wanted to marry LeAnne off in some bullsh*t Family alliance but I had other plans. It all fell apart when I f**ked it up. Bad. Bad like a two year, federal penitentiary sentence bad. Now I’m out and nothing will stop me from doing what I have to and exposing Vinnie’s treachery to protect LeAnne. I’m 6’2″ and 220 pounds of hard, fighting muscle. I’ll battle it out in the cage and score our future. All I have to do is beat every opponent the Families send at me, no limit, in one night. Impossible but I’ll come out on top. // *Note: Body Lock is a full length novel, heavy on the steam, with a happy ever after ending and no cliffhangers.*
Amazon USAmazon UK

Against The Wall by Alexx Andria
I’ll do whatever it takes to close this case…even corrupt an innocent like Ivy… Jameson – Six months deep undercover and I’ve almost forgotten I’m a cop. To take down this drug ring, I need an informant…one I can force to give me what I need. Someone like Ivy, a good girl from a bad family who needs to keep her brother out of jail. She’s meant to be just an asset. Disposable. But when I’m around her…I’m not thinking like a cop. I’m not thinking at all. Ivy ? I don’t have a choice. It’s work with a cop or see my brother behind bars. But Jameson’s more criminal than cop, more bad than good. The second we meet, there’s a chemistry between us that we can’t fight. I keep telling myself he’s the enemy but I can’t stop thinking about his hands on my body. We’re both in too deep…but falling for each other could be fatal.
Amazon USAmazon UK

His Bad Influence by CV Silk
What started as an adventure had become a trap. Curtis is a dangerous man. He’s a criminal, there’s no doubt about that. And he makes me do things… Dirty things. I shouldn’t like these things, good girls aren’t supposed to. But I can’t help it, the way he makes me feel when he pins me against the wall, when he… shares me with others, men AND women. Is going to California with him enough of a reward for how low I’m sinking? We’re riding his motorcycle from one place to another through the Southwest and at first I was happy enough just to leave my crappy little hometown. But now I’m wondering if I’m way over my head. Curtis is so powerful, enthralling. He has a bad influence on me. Don’t tell anyone but I kinda like it. It’s only a matter of time before I need to earn my keep though and it puts my life in danger… This standalone novella is raunchier than you can imagine. It’s not your typical romance. You won’t like Curtis. Maybe you’ll lust after him but you won’t like him. It’s violent and raw and will leave you panting.
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Greatest Show (A Brothers of Rock – Willow Son – novel) by Karolyn James
He knows how to be a rockstar. Now he needs to learn how to be a father. As drummer for Willow Son, Brantley knows how to rock hard, party all night, then travel to a new city to do it all again. But he’s kept a secret from the rest of the band and now it’s time to confess – he has a son. The arrangement he made years ago seemed right at the time, but now his son is sick and Brantley may be the only one who can save the young boy’s life. Emma knew the risks of hanging with a rockstar – back then and today. She thought that lying to Brantley was the best thing to do but the decision has been eating her up inside. Now she needs his help. She’s not even sure he’ll show up…but the second he steps through the door, that raw lust and deep love they once shared comes rushing back. And when she sees him with their son, the connection is instant and real. The years apart, the miles spread across the country, and the family they created during one crazy night now comes together as Brantley learns the hardest lesson of his life – fame and fortune can’t buy everything.
Amazon USAmazon UK

Lion Fur The Baby by Aya Morningstar
He saved her life, and gave her a night she’d never forget… Curvy Allison Vinter’s career and love life are in a rut–she’s jumping from one dead-end job and dead-end guy to another. When her boss partners her with a creepy “dragon truther,” he shows her a video proving that dragons are real. Soon, powerful dragon elders want her dead, and she’s completely alone and in danger–at least until an infuriating tattooed badass leaps to her rescue. Demian Donner is an ex-Navy SEAL turned SHIFT Squad mercenary. His inner lion is roaring at him to find a mate and settle down, but he can’t turn his back on his squadmates. He sees Allison on the wrong side of a gun, and he rushes to protect her above all else. After just one passionate night together, Demian knows she can make his inner lion–and all his other parts–swell with pride. But to truly protect her, Demian has to hide her…even from himself. When fate finally reunites Allison and Demian, an ocean of secrets divides them. Allison never thought she’d see Demian again, so how can she tell him about his cub she’s been raising all alone? And should Demian tell her that the dragons who want her dead are closing in? Despite their secrets, a single touch reminds them of how good they can be together–but will their renewed passion give them another cub, or will it lead to nothing but heartbreak? This is a full, 50,000-word novel wi
Amazon USAmazon UK

The Sitter and the Sexy Brit by Kendra Edge
I’ve never gone all the way, but I’m hoping my first time will be with a sexy Brit… The single dad I sit for is the hottest man on the planet. He’s nothing like guys my own age, and that’s why all my friends have the hugest crush on him. He’s suave and handsome, but his sophisticated English accent really puts him over the top. This weekend, my plan is to pretend I’m Alistair’s loving wife. If I do everything a good wife should, I know he won’t be able to resist my innocent little body!
Amazon USAmazon UK

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Spotlight: Shrouded Passions by Faye Hall

Posted 1 April 2016 By Polly J Adams

Shrouded Passions by Faye HallIt was love at first sight when Devon Munroy first laid eyes on Lotte Higgins as she swam in the local waterhole. He wanted nothing more than to spend his future with her. He would have defied his father to do so too had she not been shot, lying bleeding and dying in his arms.

The woman he loved was dead and Devon no longer cared what was to become of his future.

Four years passed and Devon’s life had become little more than a drunken haze. All he wanted was the woman he loved back in his life and in his bed. When he reluctantly went to the local Hotel to spend the night with a woman, he didn’t expect her to look so much like Lotte Higgins. He certainly didn’t expect her to turn up at his estate as his wife’s new handmaiden.

When Lotte started work at Devon’s estate, she thought only to uncover the secrets and reveal the monster who had tried to kill her four years before. She could never have imagined the whirlwind of passion she would be swept up in with Devon Munroy, the man who still owned her heart.

Lotte knew if she were to succeed in targeting her attempted murderer, she would have to keep her true identity hidden from Devon, never revealing to him that she was in fact the woman he had thought died in his arms all those years ago. Lotte wanted nothing more than to tell him the truth, but she feared if she did than Devon’s wife, the woman whom had already tried to kill her once, would discover she had survived that night.

When more bodies began turning up around the town, all brutally murdered, Lotte knew she had let things go on long enough. She would have to tell Devon the truth about his wife and about herself and hope he loved her enough to forgive her deception.

Shrouded Passions by Faye Hall is available from and other good bookstores.



He walked up behind her, his arms going around her waist and down to the apex of her thighs, his fingers gathering up her skirts searching for the bare flesh beneath.

She struggled against him, finally pulling away freeing herself.

His stare was dark and confused. “Is my touch no longer welcomed?”

“I am not some whore for you to play with at your will!” she spat at him, her anger obvious.

Slowly he stepped towards her, again closing the distance between them. “Are you so sure of that, my dear?”

“You bastard!” she cursed at him. “You would fuck near on anything if you were given half the chance!”

Reaching out to her, he again pulled her to him, her rear pressing into his already strained mound in his trousers.

“I would fuck you…here…now…but it appears my attentions are no longer welcomed.” He whispered near her ear, his breath hot against her face, his hands holding her hips as he ground himself into her suggestively.

Pushing against him, she struggled to again free herself. He grabbed at her arm, holding her wrist, stopping her escape.

“You son of a bitch!” she spat at him, holding her tears at bay. “You have fucked your way through your serving staff until there is none left. You would even fuck that woman…that thing…you share your bed with…the thing you call…”

“My wife.” He finished for her.

He stood there for what seemed hours holding her, studying her. Finally he let her wrist drop from his hand.

“You should get back to work,” he said steadily, knowing he was not ready for this moment.

She stood there, a single tear falling from her eye. “You should go back and crawl between your wife’s thighs.”

Stepping towards her, his hands went to her face cupping it, his fingers lacing in her hair, his lips hungrily taking hers. Walking her backwards, he laid her on the bed behind her, one hand leaving her face to gather up her skirts. Despite having returned his kiss, she fought against him as he gathered up her skirts.

“Get off me!” she shouted at him, her hands trying to push him away as her feet kicked at him.

Struggling against her, he finally grabbed both of her wrists in his hands, holding them above her head. Looking down at her, her cheeks flushed, her breasts moving with her ragged breathing – never had he seen her look more beautiful. And never had a wanted her more.

“If I wanted little more than a quick fuck I would go to the tavern and pay for it.”

“Why not go to your wife?” she asked, her fight calming.

“My wife was a contract, nothing more. Our parents thought we’d make a profitable match.”

“Yet you will still sleep with her.” she spat at him.

He couldn’t stop his slight smile at her words. “Until I met you…until you came here…the only woman my body burned for was a girl from my youth…a girl so uninhibited and unconvential…you are so much like her…yet you are so much more as well.”

His words trailed off.

“What happened to her?”

His smile began to fade as reality returned to him. “I killed her. There was a struggle…my gun went off…and she died in my arms.”

“If you loved her so much…desired her so much…why did you marry Elizabeth? Why come to me?”

He let go of her wrists, his hands moving over the swell of her breasts. His fingers began unbuttoning her blouse.

“Since you have come into my life, I desire no other woman. You are everything I have ever wanted and more…”

“Your wife…” she reminded him.

“You are the only woman to have touched me since I shot that girl.” Unbuttoning her blouse, he let the fabric all away from her, revealing the light shift covering her, still hiding her breast from him.

“I have not lain with my wife…ever.”

She tried to stay strong. “When you can fuck your way through your servants, I suppose why would you?”

His fingers circled her nipples, hardening them, making her reveal her want for him. “If I wanted to ‘fuck’ you, I would have when I first walked in this room. I would have bent you over that table you were cleaning until I spilled myself inside you.”

She bit her lip. “Why didn’t you?”

His fingers stilled, his gaze holding hers. “I want to give you pleasure. I want to see your passion.” He held his breath. “I want to give you what was taken from me all those years ago.”

“I-If your wife comes in here…if she sees us…” she tried.

He kissed her softly. “I do not care who sees us.”

“I am not this girl from your past, Devon,” she tried to remind him.

Gathering up her skirts, he revealed her naked thighs to him. “I know who you are, Lotte…and what.”

He kissed her then, silencing her, his fingers caressing her thigh.

Shrouded Passions by Faye Hall is available from and other good bookstores.



Faye HallFaye Hall‘s passion driven, mystery filled books are set in small townships of North Queensland, Australia during the late 1800’s.

Each of her novels bring something symbolically Australian to her readers, from Aboriginal herbal remedies, to certain gemstones naturally only found in this part of the world.

Each of her books tell of a passionate connection between the hero and heroine, surrounded and threatened by deceit, scandal, theft and sometimes even murder.

These romances swerve from the traditional romances as Faye aims to give her readers so much more intrigue, whilst also revealing the hidden histories of rural townships of North Queensland.

Faye finds her inspiration from the histories of not only the township she grew up in, but the many surrounding it. She also bases most of her characters on people she has met in her life.

Faye was able to live her own passion driven romance, marrying the love of her life after a whirlwind romance in 2013. Together they are raising their 9 children in a remote country town in northern Queensland, Australia.



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