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The Wolves of Craigellen: The Complete Highland Shifter Romance Trilogy by Ruby Fielding
How much would you be willing to give up for the one you love? Available in one volume for the first time: The Wolves of Craigellen: Ruby Fielding’s stunning Highland shifter romance trilogy – murder, intrigue and breathtaking romance in a werewolf series like no other. // “An exciting suspenseful shifter romance… The characters are fantastic… a must read book!” Roxie’s Reviews // “This has been truly an amazing story and I have loved each and every character.” Books of Past, Present, and Future // “Just wow! Snow Wolf is the stunning conclusion of the three-part series… I highly recommend Ruby Fielding’s stories.” Night Owl Reviews’ Top Pick // “No, I’m not scared of a wolf. Believe me: there are far worse things…”
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GAME (A Bad Boy MMA Romantic Suspense Novel) by London Casey and Ana W Fawkes
To save her life, I had to win the fight. To keep her alive, I’ll have to get her pregnant. The second I see Shayna, I know she doesn’t deserve to be mixed up in this world. Innocent, beautiful… being used as a prize. She’s looking for answers in all the wrong places and I have to get her out of there. So I do what I do best: I fight and I win. When I take my prize home, my boss is waiting for me and gives me an ultimatum: get Shayna pregnant. If I don’t, we both die. If I do it, he’s going to snatch the baby away to replace his own lost grandchild. We aren’t supposed to fall for each other…but our time together becomes something more powerful than I could ever imagine. And when Shayna tells me she’s pregnant, I know one thing for sure… no one’s taking our child away.
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Bite This! (A 300 Moons Book) by Tasha Black
One magical spell. Four shifter siblings with a debt to pay. 300 moons. A brand new series of standalones from USA Today bestselling author Tasha Black. Darcy Harkness has never relied on the kindness of strangers, and she certainly doesn’t want to get involved with a professional magician. Even if he’s tall, dark and handsome. Even if he seems to show up every time the you-know-what hits the fan. Even if he turns the bad-ass she-wolf into a trembling mess every time he touches her. Finn Butler is the professional magician that all the girls fawn over. Except for one. No matter what he does, Finn just can’t get the curvy new bouncer at Stackhouse Casino to notice him. When Darcy finds herself on the wrong side of a crime ring, just as the spell that has held her wolf in check for 300 moons is waning, she might have to let Finn help her out of the mess. Now if she could only ensure that she won’t be letting him into her heart…
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Lucky in Love (Charmed in Vegas) by Bethany Shaw and Michelle Fox
Welcome to Charmed in Vegas! Come gamble with magic and bet on love in this fun new series presented by USA Today and NY Times bestselling author Michelle Fox. Misfortune is Elly’s new middle name. It follows her everywhere ever since she fled her psycho ex-boss and wound up in Vegas working as a showgirl. She’s got the worst luck in the world, and what’s worse, she’s just embarrassed herself in front of the hottest man on the planet. Laik is drawn to the sexy human from the moment he lays eyes on her. Elly is sweet and innocent, but she’s been hurt by dark magic, cursed to be clumsy by a powerful warlock. Can Laik win the enchanting human’s heart and stop the bastard who’s hurting her?
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Whiplash: A Sports Romance by Tabatha Kiss
If I’m a player… Then she’s the coach. // ELIZA: My dad doesn’t want me socializing with the team. But I’ve never been much of a daddy’s girl. Junior Morgan thinks he can flash a wink and get me in his bed. I won’t make it so easy for him. Sorry, quarterback. You want me? You’re gonna have to earn it. Let’s play. // JUNIOR: The new coach doesn’t want the team involved with his daughter. But I’ve never been one to follow the rules. Eliza Pierce thinks she’s won her little game. I’m not giving up so easy. Sorry, honey. I know what I want. You have no idea who you’re playing with. Bring it on. A handsome playboy. The coach’s forbidden daughter. College football’s Most Valuable Player has met his match!
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Dragon’s Bidding: BBW Dragon Shifter Navy SEAL Billionaire Auction Romance by Aya Morningstar
She wants to slay the dragon. He thinks she should ride him instead. Dragon shifter Serghei Nicolau is a cocky, tattooed ex-SEAL, and the billionaire CEO of Sergtech. He’s made countless enemies during his rise to the top, including his future mate. Elisabeth Sinclair is a reporter with killer curves…and a woman who knows Serghei has dark secrets. She’s digging deep to wipe that insufferable smile off his smug, gorgeous face. She never thought she’d get close enough to Serghei to take him down, but the perfect opportunity arises when she wins Sergtech’s exclusive contest. Her prize is a date with the arrogant dragon himself, and Elisabeth is ready to play with fire. She’ll do anything to knock him off his throne, including pretending to fall for him while the world watches. But when she touches his chiseled body, and when the sleeping dragon rises up, she might just find herself falling for her enemy. The world is watching, and a rival dragon CEO is closing in. If Serghei and Elisabeth don’t learn to trust each other in time, they’ll both be doing another DRAGON’S BIDDING. This is a full novel with steamy sex and a great Happily Ever After! With NO cliffhanger!
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