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With today’s publication of Ruthless, the Bailey Boys trilogy is complete. To mark this, for a few days only each of the three Bailey Boys novels is on offer for $0.99:

  •     Trust (133 Amazon reviews at a 4.5* average)
  •     Hit Me (75 Amazon reviews at a 4.5* average)
  •     Ruthless (44 Amazon reviews at a 4.6* average)

The Bailey Boys trilogy

Ruthless: A London gangland romantic suspense novel by PJ Adams

Ruthless: A London gangland romantic suspense novel by PJ AdamsLove changes everything. Even for a monster like me.

I do not fall. I do not trust. I do not let people get close.

Damn it, Maggie, why didn’t you just walk away then, while you could? Why did you straighten up, meet my look – the look that had broken so many before you – and let me fall?

I’ll always blame you for that.

Welcome to the dark and ruthless world of Owen Bailey, retired London gangster with a price on his head and nothing to live for.

Welcome to the world of Maggie Petrauske, the mysterious young woman who challenges everything Owen has come to accept and gives him reason to hope.

Welcome to a world where nothing is as it seems, and maybe even love will not be enough.

Ruthless: a dark and headlong story of redemption and love, from the author of Trust, Hit Me and Black Widow.



His head dipped towards her, his eyes still fixed on hers.

He paused, briefly, his breath hot on her cheek, and then his lips pressed against hers, dry and hard, tense. It wasn’t a romantic kiss. It wasn’t a kiss of passion, where the first contact of lips broke the tension like a flood barrier giving way.

It was a hesitancy that shifted to something that was almost aggressive and then a moment that fled rapidly. Something raw, governed by an incredible tension.

He pulled away, and an instant later she pulled back, too. Or had it been the other way around? Had she been the first to break the contact?

She stumbled back, one arm flailing as she realized she was at the top of the stairs. Catching herself. Finding the wall and pressing her spine against it, arms before her again, the bundle of dustsheets for protection.

She swallowed, and it was as if she were trying to swallow her pounding heart.

He stepped back, put the back of his hand to his mouth, turned his body away even as his eyes remained fixed on her, his frame twisting.



She turned, moved to the first step and glanced back, and already he was retreating to his attic room.

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