Rebound – romantic thriller, pre-order for only $0.99

Rebound - a romantic thriller by PJ AdamsRebound – a romantic thriller by PJ Adams
Pre-order now, for only $0.99!

“Wow, just wow. A spy thriller, romance, mystery all mixed up in one…  Absolutely fantastic book!” Jen M

Rebound is another great book by PJ Adams. She always writes such real and deep characters that you feel you are living in the moment with the… This steamy, romantic, action thriller is definitely worth the read.” lappins678

A retired secret agent with a dark and troubled past, a scientist who only wants to save the world, and a charismatic politician who might just want to stop her… A novel of betrayal, kidnap and possible redemption. A steamy romance, a topical contemporary thriller, and the story of three people thrown together even as they’re torn apart.

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