Price drop on four romantic thrillers

Friday September 1st to Sunday September 3rd:

The Bailey Boys: The complete London gangland romance trilogy dropped to half-price!

Rebound: A romantic thriller dropped to $0.99!

All four novels also available in Kindle Unlimited.


The Bailey Boys: The complete London gangland romance trilogy

The Bailey Boys: The complete London gangland romance trilogy by PJ Adams

The Bailey Boys: The complete London gangland romance trilogy by PJ Adams“He’d never told a girl he loved her before. Not and meant it.”

The Bailey Boys. Three brothers. Gentlemen, gangsters, rogues… and not necessarily in that order.

The Bailey Boys. Three steamy, edge-of-the-seat romantic suspense thrillers that take you from the mean streets of London to the violent gangland of Spain’s Costa del Crime and back again. Three novels of love, revenge and redemption in a single volume.

Never trust a man who says, “Trust me.” All Jess wanted was a fresh start, but Dean, middle brother of the notorious Bailey Boys, changes everything – if only she could trust him. Love strikes in the most unlikely places, but can it really take root in a London gangland threatened by Russian mobsters?

Hit Me
“I think I love you. Now kill me.” What do you do when the woman you’ve fallen in love with makes the most impossible demand? Comply and you’ve lost her forever. Refuse and you’ve lost her all the same…

“Love changes everything. Even for a monster like me.” Welcome to the dark and ruthless world of Owen Bailey, retired London gangster with a price on his head. Welcome to the world of Maggie Petrauske, the mysterious young woman who gives him reason to hope. Welcome to a world where maybe even love will not be enough.

“If you love bad boy and a heart felt story you will love this one. There will be love, hurt, and betrayal. Love and friendship will be tested. Who will be left standing?” – Books of Past, Present, and Future
“An awesome storyline with fantastic characters… If you love rough and tough gangster romances with lots of suspense you will love this one. It is a must read book.” – Roxie’s Romance Reviews

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Rebound by PJ Adams

Rebound by PJ AdamsThe past… it will always catch up with you in the end.

A retired secret agent with a dark and troubled past, a scientist who only wants to save the world, and a charismatic politician who might just want to stop her…

Alex Mitchell is a man tormented by a dark and mysterious past. Until a couple of years ago he worked for the Company, a select group occupying the murky hinterland between the security services and the limits of international law. But now, as his quiet new life at a provincial university starts to unravel and his past catches up, he gets called on for one last job. For one thing will always remain true: you can never truly leave the Company.

Sunita Chakravarti never meant to spend the night with him. That kind of casual thing never held any appeal for her, and even if it did, this is most certainly not the time: her own life is turbulent, and he’s just split up with his girlfriend. The last thing Sunita wants is to be his rebound.

And then there’s Bernard Bowler, a charismatic politician drawn to Sunita and her work. A man who always gets what he wants. He offers her liberation, but what does he demand in return? And what will he do if she refuses him?

Rebound: a novel of betrayal, kidnap and possible redemption. A steamy romance, a topical contemporary thriller, and the story of three people thrown together even as they’re torn apart.

“Wow, just wow. A spy thriller, romance, mystery all mixed up in one…  Absolutely fantastic book!” Jen M
“Another amazing story from this talented author, and I recommend her work for all readers.” Wendy Livingstone

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