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Spotlight: The Other Side of Ruth by Giselle Renarde

Posted 22 October 2015 By Polly J Adams

The Other Side of Ruth A Lesbian Novel By Giselle Renarde Ruth loves her husband, but she keeps secrets from him. Big secrets. When a notoriously lesbian neighbour returns home to Toronto from Art School in Montreal, Ruth finds herself unmistakeably attracted. Agnes is quirky, creative, and significantly younger. Despite their age difference, Agnes welcomes […]

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Pollygraph (interviews with erotica writers): Brad Vance

Posted 4 November 2013 By Polly J Adams

Why erotica? I’m a writer, so I’m a very verbal person when it comes to sex, so…it made sense to start transcribing some of my fantasies 🙂 How did you get into it? Aubrey Watt did an AMA on Reddit about being a smut writer.  I thought, hmm, I bet I can do this.  I […]

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