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Pollygraph (interviews with erotica authors): Carl East

These are interesting times to be working in erotica. As both a writer and proprietor of an ebook-selling erotica website, would you care to comment on the current state of the field? We’re going through a lot of nonsense at the moment, with sites telling us that we can’t use certain words and others deleting […]

Extract: The Virgin and the Three Brothers

Once upon a time there was a princess who learned that she liked to have sex, and lots of it. In this contemporary fairy-tale, Jade Redfearn has led a sheltered life, but now must choose one of three brothers as her partner. Will it be athletic tennis coach Joe, shy genius Adam, or ultra-successful Luke? […]

Letting Go – a paranormal erotic tale (extract)

She went to him in the night. She heard him moving about the house, sounds drifting down from upstairs. The rush and clunk of water in the ancient pipes, the bang of the bathroom cabinet, the buzz of his electric toothbrush. She heard all of these things, her senses fine-tuned. Alone in the house so […]

Paranormal erotica, anyone?

This one kind of crept up on me, all unexpected! My main interest is writing contemporary erotica. Real people. Real places. Things that can and do happen. It’s not that I dislike other genres: I’m a big fan of traditional ghost stories, detective stories, thrillers, fantasies and more. It’s just that I hadn’t anticipated writing […]

Easy As One, Two, Three – an extract

Back in the changing room and God J’s chest and arms hurt from that last machine! She stripped, wrapped a towel around herself and took her washbag to the shower. Hot water was good, and she stood there for a couple of minutes letting it wash over her. Eyes closed, she remembered his smile, and […]

How to sell erotic fiction: four easy steps

1. Write it. Write it as well as you possibly can. Don’t write down just because it’s erotica. Don’t assume that people only want to wank to it so story and character and atmosphere don’t matter so much: no one’s going to jerk off to a story they don’t engage with. 2. Publish it. Either […]

I want to make you come

The world of erotic literature is a rich and varied place. There are stories for every taste, every predilection, every kink. There are stories that are subtle, where it’s all about the romance, the anticipation; there are stories where all of that is peripheral and it’s all about the action. What it all boils down to, […]

You – a teaser

Here’s a sample from my latest book, You: We spoke for a few minutes — although we were in constant contact, we hadn’t seen each other for several days. I was intensely aware of you as we talked. Since arriving, we hadn’t touched — I’d even kept my feet tucked back under my seat, out […]

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