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Romance, erotica or erotic romance? Polly J Adams on publishing categories.

[Note: A slightly different version of this post first appeared on the One-Handed Writers’ blog.] Tell me: is it erotica that you prefer to read, or romance? This is an increasingly important question, for readers, writers and publishers alike, as it plays a critical role in the findability of books. What are the differences? Many of […]

Recommended… recommendations

Here’s a post I made in November over at One Handed Writers. I thought it worth re-posting here both because I hope it’s useful to readers, but also because I’m genuinely interested in hearing about any more sites and services people are using to help them find the good stuff. § Publishing has changed. Dramatically. […]

Pollygraph (interviews with erotica authors): Carl East

These are interesting times to be working in erotica. As both a writer and proprietor of an ebook-selling erotica website, would you care to comment on the current state of the field? We’re going through a lot of nonsense at the moment, with sites telling us that we can’t use certain words and others deleting […]

Pollygraph (interviews with romance and erotica authors): Matthew Stillman

Genesis Deflowered: equal parts holy scripture and blaspheming scandal. Why biblical erotica? I was helping my friend Jill Hamilton of the brilliant and hilarious blog “In Bed With Married Women” do some research on a piece she was writing about strange erotica. So I started digging deep in the bowels of Amazon. I found books […]

A new way to buy erotica at Carl’s Adult Books

In a world full of self-proclaimed bestsellers, you’re a truly best-selling erotica author, but now you’re launching a website (http://www.carlsadultbooks.com/) to promote not only your work but – very prominently – the work of other authors too. What prompted you to set up this site? I’ve wanted my own site for a few years now, […]

Now here’s a hot blog!

Nicole Ryan, author of Castles Burning and Home for the Holidays

Updated: How to Find Paid & Free Erotica, by Mercy Faulk now free!

UPDATE: How to Find Paid & Free Erotica, by Mercy Faulk, is now free at Amazon in the US. Hopefully Amazons in other countries will follow suit soon. More details in my earlier post.

Calling it what it is (alpha male BDSM with anal, fellatio, gangbangs and virgin babysitters)

Well okay, this post isn’t entirely about alpha male BDSM with anal, fellatio, gangbangs and virgin babysitters, so I’m breaking the first rule of the book-naming club: Call It What It Is. More specifically, we’re talking about finding the right title for erotic and erotic romance stories (although the principle that it’s good if a […]

Getting behind your favourite authors

No… I didn’t mean that! You know that thing when authors start to pick up momentum and suddenly get a much higher profile? Sometimes that’s the result of a concerted marketing effort, but more often than not it’s just a matter of an author hitting a critical tipping point. It’s the buzz that gets going […]

How to find erotica on Amazon

I posted here before about how tagging at Amazon can help authors but it’s also a really useful way for readers to find what they like, and more of what they like. It’s particularly useful for fans of erotica, as it’s one of the main ways of categorising our smutty reads. If you like crime fiction, […]

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