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Pollygraph (interviews with erotica and romance authors): Elise VanCise

Your erotic novel, Half, has an intriguing premise: “Guarding CEO Alex Blazen during a charity gala was an easy job for Valeska Gorstef…until all hell breaks loose…literally. Forced to face her own darkness, Valeska may lose her only chance to live a human life. Two sides of her soul will be at war. Which HALF […]

Look who’s talking: point of view in erotic fiction

Over on One Handed Writers: Look who’s talking: point of view in erotic fiction A post where I look at different perspectives in erotic writing: does first or third person work better? How do writers make these choices?

Pollygraph (interviews with erotica authors): Willsin Rowe

Tell us about your writing. What kinds of erotica do you write? On my own, I tend to write stuff that’s romantic without actually being Romance. So there’s often an element of the melancholy or the tragic in amongst it all. A little bit gritty on occasion, too. My collaborative writing with Katie Salidas is […]

Pollygraph (interviews with erotica writers): Brad Vance

Why erotica? I’m a writer, so I’m a very verbal person when it comes to sex, so…it made sense to start transcribing some of my fantasies 🙂 How did you get into it? Aubrey Watt did an AMA on Reddit about being a smut writer.  I thought, hmm, I bet I can do this.  I […]

Pollygraph (interviews with erotica authors): IM Telling

Why erotica and how did you get into it? I self-describe myself as a rebel because I never felt that I fit in with the mainstream during my childhood and early teen years in Middle America. The house I grew up in was just outside the reach of neighborhoods during the late 50s. Because of […]

Teaser: The Winner Takes It All, 1: Trading Down

Right now I’m working hard on the opener of a new erotic romance PJ Adams serial, and having great fun. For the writers among you: you know those times when you craft a sentence and then you sit back and think that it’s just perfect for those characters, for that story… that it sums up […]

Where do you like to do it? The perfect environment for writing smut

So where, exactly, do you like to do it? What do you picture if you ever wonder where your favourite erotica authors do their work? Some exotic boudoir, perhaps? Or sitting on the sofa in an oversized t-shirt with Jeremy Kyle on in the background? I’m sure some of us do work in these settings. […]

The Object of His Desire: a personal note

I don’t want to over-burden this blog (and therefore my mailing list, Twitter feed, etc) with posts about my series, The Object of His Desire, but I just wanted to add a brief note here about its personal impact. As I’ve already commented, the last few months have been challenging for me, with illnesses and […]

Pollygraph (interviews with erotica authors): J Strickland

Why erotica?I read many things. I love to read, and erotic romance is just one of the things I read. I write primarily erotic romance because I want to explore how people feel and react in different situations. My first novel, I Met My Old Lover…, was inspired by a dream about an old friend. […]

Polygraph (interviews with erotica authors): Marina Maddix

Why erotica?I remember devouring Harlequin romances when I was a teen. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but I could rip through three of them in a day! In college I got all cerebral and too good for such fluff – at least on the outside – but on the inside, I still yearned for […]

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